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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 42) Christmas Bizarre

It was about 10.30 on Saturday morning when Pandy had finished having her way with me for the second time that day.
We had discovered soon after her first salacious advances were rendered that we were snowed in which meant we would be spending another night.
While Pandora availed herself of the spa I trudged off into the village, about a mile from the hotel, in order to try and purchase some replacement clothing, in particular socks and pants, I wasn’t that hopeful.
When I left Bushy Down I was only expecting to be gone for the day.
Pandora on the other hand, the sneaky bint, having planned to kidnap me and take advantage of me had packed an overnight bag.
It took about an hour to reach the village which to my great surprise did have a number of shops, all open for business though not fully staffed.
It being located in the Chilterns and it being a popular area for the casual walker, one of the shops, a kind of General Store, did sell clothing, outdoor clothing mainly, but they did stock a small selection of boxers.
I wasn’t a boxer short man myself but needs must.
I also bought a pair of walking boots and some thick socks for the walk back.
The trainers I had on were soaked through to the point that the skin on my toes had gone crinkly.
I put on the socks and boots and with my other purchases in a bag and I trudged my way back to the Hotel.
It took a little longer getting back because the sun had come out and the light was so blindingly bright that I walked most of the way with my eyes shut.
When I did get back it coincided nicely with a gap between Pandora’s treatments, so we had lunch together before she went off to be smeared with yogurt or some such.
I myself spent the afternoon watching Rugby on TV I needed to build up my strength before another night of Pandora.

On Sunday morning the thaw had well and truly set in and we would be going home after breakfast.
I was up early and showered first leaving Pandora sleeping.
As I showered I reflected on the weekends events and was thinking what a delightful interlude it had been when I thought I would go and wake Pandora up with the erection I was now sporting.
I would gently fuck her awake and when she was wide awake and feeling the benefit of my swollen member I would fuck her to a conclusion as a lusty appetizer before breakfast.
So I got out of the shower and hastily dried myself and was just about to open the bathroom door and put my plan into action when
The door burst open and Pandora rushed in
“Morning Darling” she said and kissed me
“Hi Babe” I replied and she bustled me out of the door and closed it.
I heard the toilet seat go down and then the sharp release of some early morning wind.
I walked away disappointed at not being able to put my plan into action, then before I was out of earshot the gushing sound of her peeing like a horse came through the door which did nothing to diminish the size of my hard on.
I dried myself off and with the towel wrapped around my waist I sat on the bed with my cock uncomfortably bulging from my lap
My discomfort had abated slightly as the mound diminished as I waited for the object of my desire to emerge clean and fresh.

When she finally appeared pink and pristine from the bathroom wrapped in towels she said
“Are you not getting dressed?”
“In a minute, I’m just watching the news” I lied as my eyes surveyed her every curve beneath her toweling sarong.
As she stooped over her overnight bag and fished out a pink bra and matching knickers the bulge returned with a vengeance.
I walked up behind her and as she stood up she gasped and leant back in my arms,
“You made me jump” she panted
“I thought you might want some help” I lied
“Help with what?” she asked suspiciously
“To get you dry of course” I said innocently
“You don’t want to get me dry” she said
“You just want to get me wetter”
“You are such a cynic,” I said as if massaged her tits through the towel
“I know it’s a character fault,” she said as I teased her nipples until they protruded like pencil rubbers through the damp toweling,
Pandora breathed sharply in and out through her nose as I un-tucked the sarong and it fell open to expose her plump beauties with their darkly aroused nipples pink and proud
I took her great globes in my hands and squeezed the ripe fruits and she murmured in response to my touch.
Still holding her titties I turned her towards the bed and she crawled onto it on all fours,
The towel was draped loosely over her flanks like a horse blanket over a skittish filly.
I pulled it quickly off her like a magician doing the table cloth trick exposing her round pink buttocks and her bejeweled pink Minge.
I knelt on the floor behind and looking between her thighs I could see her great globes hanging from her and beyond them her face buried in the duvet.
I returned my attention to her moist Minge as she waited for me I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs to reveal their hidden succulence and tasted her juice.
Pandora’s hands grabbed handfuls of duvet and as I flicked my tongue along her gash then Pandy bit down on the bed cover as I noshed on her freshly laundered pussy.
Very quickly I joined her on the bed and knelt behind gripping her robust hips and plunged into her hot juice as I slid my stiff shaft between her eager sticky lips.
As I went inside Pandora’s pussy up to my balls, breath left her like air escaping through a leaky valve and the harder I pumped the courser the breath.
I reached up and grabbed hold of her wondrous hanging fruits and groped and squeezed them as I repeatedly penetrated her cunny.
Pandora turned her head, still biting the duvet, and gave me a smile as I cupped her magnificent globes while I pumped in and out of her welcoming Minge.
Pandy was emitting low rasping moans in response to my penetrations as I drove on and on
Finally she went rigid and we came together, Pandora screaming satisfaction into the bedding.
“OHHHHH” she exclaimed as my cock pulsed inside her and we collapsed breathless on the bed and just laid there, spent.
“Can I have breakfast now?” she panted
“You’re always thinking of your stomach” I replied, “You have a one track mind”
As we lay panting and glowing on the bed we suddenly realized the time so we had to jump in the shower together to wash away our lust so we could make breakfast in time.
And Pandora after having been thoroughly ravished was now incredibly famished and so was I.

We made breakfast by the skin of our teeth and you could see the disappointment etched in the collective faces of the staff as we walked in.
Their moods didn’t improve one iota when they realized we wanted everything, having satisfied our sexual appetites we now needed to satisfy our hunger.

It was pretty quiet as we drove home, Pandora was still wearing a smug expression on her face and I suspected the self satisfied smile would still be there at Christmas.
I could only guess what she was thinking.
I was remembering the conversation I had with Georgia on Friday night when I phoned her to say we were snowed in.
During the course of the conversation she asked how I got to High Wycombe and I said
“I came in Pandora’s Mini”
I wouldn’t be telling her in our next conversation that I had been coming in Pandora’s Mini all weekend.

When she pulled up outside my house to drop me off we couldn’t kiss goodbye as we would have liked to, we could only air kiss but as we did so she was holding my hand.
I moved my spare hand between her denim clad thighs towards her fanny, she snapped her thighs shut
“I think you’ve paid that more than enough attention already this weekend” she chastised
“I don’t remember you complaining” I rebuffed “I do remember you moaning a lot”
Pandora blushed and smiled and opened her legs I gave her mound a stroke
“I will be back soon,” I said
“I hope so” she replied

When I got up on Monday morning I could barely stand.
My right knee couldn’t bear my wait.
It was the knee I had surgery on the previous year and I guessed I had over done it over the previous few days.
So I made an appointment to see Dr Andrews but I couldn’t get in until the evening.

I had to retrieve my old walking stick from the back of the wardrobe to assist me on my walk to the village.
I was the first appointment and there was only one other patient waiting.
When I went into Claire’s office I was a little surprised to find her somewhat standoffish and not her normal warm flirty self.
It was the first time we had been alone since Paris and I was expecting something a little less Doctor/Patient.
I tried conversation but she was completely unresponsive.
And when she spoke it was flat and emotionless and when she smiled it was clearly forced.
After examining the knee she said
“I will give you a cortisone injection and you will need to rest it,” she instructed, “so stay off your feet and definitely no golf”
“Well I need to see the Vicar in the morning” I said “I can’t miss that”
This statement alarmed her rather to the point that she almost dropped the tray containing the injection.
“Are you ok” I asked with concern
“Yes” she replied flatly “it’s been a long day”
After she had administered the injection, which hurt like hell, I put my trousers back on and asked again
“Are you sure you’re ok?”
”Yes, yes” she said impatiently and forced another smile as she wrote me a prescription “I’ll call you”
“Ok” I said “bye then doctor”

I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up my painkillers and then on the journey home I replayed the consultation in my head.
I concluded that it was obvious that everything was not ok but I was at a loss to know what was amiss, and if I didn’t know what the problem was I couldn’t try and fix it.
What I did know was that my knee hurt as much on the walk home as it did on the one to the surgery.

The next morning after a painfully restless night I awoke to find there had been some improvement.
I knew I should have stayed at home to rest it but I had to go to the church hall and meet with the vicar.
I was replacing Gerald Overend as Santa at St Lucy’s School Christmas Bazaar and as he was a bigger man then I, on many levels, some adjustment to the suit and the padding was necessary.
So the Vicar and a small team of ladies were on hand to affect alterations, well the team of ladies obviously did the work and Katy looked on with a worried frown.
Much concern was shown when I arrived with the support of a stick but they were suitably reassured.
“Dr Andrews gave me an injection last night,” I said accompanied by a crash behind me
“So I’m on the mend”
I looked around to se Katy Oliver had dropped the box of toys she was getting out for playgroup.
I tried on the suit and measurements were taken by women muttering to one another with their mouths full of pins.
It was agreed it would be ready by Friday with out fail and I returned home to take the weight off my knee.

On Friday morning my knee was well on the mend, I still carried the stick though when I returned to the village hall.
But before I could get in the door the Vicar burst out of it.
“It’s a disaster” the vicar blurted out “Colin Bright has appendicitis”
“Oh no” I said “is he ok?”
“What?” the vicar said as if confused by the question
“Colin” I clarified “is he ok?”
“Oh shit,” the vicar exclaimed, “I never thought to ask”
“So what’s the disaster then?” I enquired
“Colin is the chief Elf to your Santa,” she explained
“So what’s the problem?” I said “can’t we find someone to fill his shoes?”
“It’s not his shoes that are the problem” Katy explained
“He’s a six foot stick insect with a bum like a twelve year old”
“Oh” I said unhelpfully
“We can’t get anyone else with their own costume at this late stage” she went on
I went to speak but she was in full flow and cut me off
“No! We can’t hire a costume they’re all gone, and if we put one of the volunteers in Colin’s costume they will just look ridiculous”
“Don’t you think a six foot Elf is ridiculous anyway?” I suggested
“He’s a very good Elf” Katy said indignantly “and he supplied his own costume”
“So we need someone six feet tall, stick thin with an arse like a 12 year old boy?” I asked
“Yes” Katy replied crossly, “That’s why it’s a disaster”
“I know just the person,” I said
“Really?” she asked doubtfully
“Really” I said and taking out my mobile phone I got up my contacts list, scrolled down and hit dial
“Tilly? What are you doing tomorrow”?
The vicar paced up and down like an expectant father while I spoke to Tilly and when I had finished and I put the phone in my pocket she just stood and stared at me.
“Well”? She asked eventually
“Sorted” I replied
“Thank you God” she said looking to the heavens and crossing herself “and thank you Simon” and Katy kissed my cheek before going off to belatedly enquire about Colin’s state of heath.
I followed her into the hall and the ladies swarmed around me like they were preparing Cinderella for the ball.
After the ladies had done their thing, I returned home and rested my knee for the remainder of the day because Saturday was going to be very busy.

On Saturday morning I rose early and was pleased to find my knee the best it had been all week.
I took no chances though and wore a support bandage on the knee.
I treated my self to an extra close shave, much closer than usual in order to accommodate the beard.
As a result when I applied the aftershave it stung like hell.
So I arrived at St Lucy’s school sweet smelling and red-faced at about 11.00am to find the vicar fussing around like a mother hen, uncharacteristically wanting things just so.
And I’m not sure why it was after all just a village school bazaar.
When I told her to slow down
“We’re making Christmas memories” Katy said “and it’s my last chance…”
Just then Tilly came through the door behind me
“Hi Simon” she said brightly and kissed me
“Ah Tilly” I said “This is Katy”
As I introduced her to the vicar
“Hello Vicar” Tilly said taking Katie’s hand
Katy gave her an appraising look and declared
“You’re perfect”
“Hardly” I whispered to Tilly who then punched me
“Come on Tilly, the costume is through here” said Katy and she lead her away to one of the offices.
The drama teacher Maria Cherry-Thicket showed me in to the grotto.
“I’m your dresser Mr. Fisher” she said “I will help you with your wig and beard”
“Ok” I said
“I’m in amateur dramatics you know” she continued pompously
“No I didn’t” I replied disinterestedly

I was fully regaled in the red velvet suit and as I sat in the throne, Maria applied the finishing touches to my beard and placed the hat on my head and pinned it to the wig.
Just as Maria stepped away to admire her handiwork Tilly appeared, and being tall and flat chested she was dressed as Bernard the Elf, from The Santa Clause movies, wearing Colin Bright’s costume.
Which consisted of a rather expensive looking fitted tunic, in brown and green with gold brocade decorating the front and back.
Thick deep red tights and pixie boots with turned up toes.
Tilly’s hair was tied up and hidden under a matching hat and to all intents and purposes she looked like a boy.
And quite inappropriately I got a trouser tickle.

The grotto was in one of the classrooms; I’m not sure what subject as all the wails were hidden behind red velvet drapes, decorated with tinsel and coloured lights.
The huge throne was in the furthest corner surrounded by Christmas parcels.
Leading to the throne was a snow covered path and on one side of it was a festive tableau of snowmen and reindeer and on the other side Santa’s sleigh was parked.
To get to the grotto you had to enter via an adjoining classroom, also festively decked out which acted as an anti room where a small number of children and accompanying parents waited their turn, where Maria Cherry-Thicket, for some reason dressed as Robin Hood, kept order.
And out side in the corridor was the queue.

The grotto opened at 1 pm and was pretty well non-stop until 4 o’clock.
Tilly/Bernard escorted the expectant child in from the anti chamber, who would then climb on my lap, the child not Tilly, I would then have a quick chat give them their gift, and then Daniel Casey the Verger would take a photo.
Tilly/Bernard then escorted the child back out to their parents
This went on for 3 hours and when Tilly/Bernard escorted the final child back to their waiting parents the Verger followed them out.
Leaving me knackered and alone.
By the end of it my knee was aching like hell and I was suffering from the seasonal condition of Santa’s lap.
I was gagging for a drink; I had nits in my beard and a damp patch on my trousers.
But I had thoroughly enjoyed the job and I hoped I had done Gerald Overend proud.

When Tilly returned from showing the last little darling out of the door she came over to me and said
“That’s definitely the last of them”
“Excellent” I sighed
“I locked up to keep out any nosy kids” Tilly continued “Daniel has gone to upload the pictures and Robin Hood has gone to the hall clutching her raffle tickets”
“So there is just one more customer for Santa” She said and sat on my knee.
“I’m almost certain that you’re on the naughty list little girl” Santa said.
“I’m on the nice and naughty list” Tilly said and giggled
“I don’t think I have any presents left” I said
“Oh please Santa I’ll be really good” she said and began groping at my crotch.
“I’m sure you’ll be good but you’ll still be a naughty girl” I said as my hand explored up beneath her tunic and was surprised to find the crotch of her tights were already damp.
Tilly tried to kiss me but the beard kept getting in the way
“I think Santa has a present for you” I said
“Oh goody” Tilly said excitedly “where is it?”
“I think you know very well where it is” said Santa as she vigorously stroked my cock.
We stood up and I bent her over Santa’s throne and yanked her red tights off her arse enough to expose her tiny schoolboy cheeks and her heavily whiskered lips, I unbuttoned my trousers enough to release my cock and I plugged into her tight went cunny.
“We need to do this quickly” I said
“Not too quickly” she panted as I banged her hard from behind
A few minutes later I became of aware of a rustling behind me and as I glanced over my shoulder an unknown woman’s head appeared from behind the curtain.
Seeing what she imagined to be Santa buggering one of his Elf’s over his throne.
“Oh my god” she yelled and disappeared “oh my god”
“Damn” she said “I was enjoying that”
“Me too” I said as I pulled out of her “now pull your pants up Bernard” and I slapped her cheek which wobbled deliciously
“What do we do now?” she asked as she stood up and put her hairy chuff away
“You go off to the loo for ten minutes” I suggested
“Ok” she said crestfallen
“Never mind” I said “you can empty Santa’s sack later”
Tilly rushed off through the anteroom to the toilets and I wrestled the present sack onto the throne and assumed a similar stance to that which I had adopted to poke the Elf.
I stood there for about five minutes before I heard a posse of voices approaching before a small group burst through the door lead by the vicar who was accompanied by Daniel the verger, Maria the hood and the unknown woman.
“What is going on?” asked the vicar “where’s Tilly?”
“Tilly?” I asked “I thought she went to the hall with Maria for the raffle”
Maria shook her head “no she wasn’t with me”
“Oh” I said “I don’t know then”
The vicar looked at me suspiciously
“Daniel?” I said “Can you give me a hand? I’ve been trying to get this bloody sack off the throne for about ten minutes, I think it’s wedged in”
He came to my aid and sifter about a minute we had it freed, it would have moved sooner if I hadn’t been pushing instead of pulling, but I had to give the illusion it was stuck fast.
“There you are” the vicar said to the unknown woman “that’s what you saw”
But the vicar gave me a look that said
“I know what you were doing”
Just at that moment Tilly returned
“Oh hello” she said to the crowd
“Where have you been?” I asked brusquely
“I’ve been to the loo” Tilly answered defensively
“He’s been a real grumpy git” she addressed the crowd “just because his knee is hurting”
“Oh dear” said the Vicar “is it ok?”
“Yes, yes” Tilly said before I could answer for myself “but I think I should drive him home”
“Yes indeed” Agreed the vicar
“She’s very good” I thought

Tilly drove me the short distance up the road to my house in her van.
“Are you coming in?” I asked her
“I thought I might” she replied with a smile roughly approximating a leer
I lead her up to the front door and once inside
“Let me get out the Santa suit and we can finish what we started” I said
“No, no” she replied
Which I must say disappointed a little
“I want you to leave it on” she continued
So I took her into my study and bent her over my leather chair where for the second time that day I pulled down her Ho Ho Hose.

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