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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 40) Sound Biting

I awoke early in the darkness to the sound of the Beach Boys emanating from the clock radio, I could just make out in the half light a long bony finger reaching out and silencing it.
Then I thought I don’t have a clock radio so I tried to figure out where the hell I was and who the owner of the long bony finger was.
I tried desperately to identify some point of reference in the room, the problem is that the brain processes what you can see and then fills in the blanks with things from your memory bank.
I.e. when your eyes become more accustomed to the darkness a sleeping dog on the floor becomes a dressing gown discarded the night before, or a sleeping child on the chair becomes a sweater dropped haphazardly.
I was still struggling to identify any point of reference that would identify my location but to no avail, after all I had woken up in a good many bedrooms of the years.
But just then a head emerged from beneath the duvet and Shula kissed me on the chest.
And it all came flooding back to me she had ridden me like a whirling dervish and when she collapsed on me in an orgasmic heap we must have fallen asleep.
And there she lay still draped across me sighing with contentment.
Shula looked up at me and smiled and then the penny finally dropped she gave me a shocked wide eyed look, not unlike the one when she first saw my aroused cock, as she realised that we were in her husbands bed together and his sister was in the next room.
“What do we do now?” I whispered “Will she come in?”
“No” she replied “she never does”
“You keep watch and I’ll sneak down stairs when it’s clear” I suggested
“No, wait until she goes in the shower” Shula said
“Ok” I acquiesced
Doubtless spurred by the element of danger and with its usual bad sense of timing my cock went hard, very hard.
“Not now” I thought to my self
Just then we heard Anjuli’s bedroom door open and we both held our breath.
Then another door opened.
“She’s in the bathroom” Shula said “you need to go”
I slipped out of bed and picked up my shirt and was just pulling it on over my head when I felt a moist warmth spreading slowly along my shaft until it engulfed me.
I looked down to see Shula sitting on the edge of the bed with my cock deep in her mouth
"oh Shushula you naughty little shopkeepers wife" I said to her as she went about her task with relish.
I had one hand caressing her shoulder and the other on the back of her head as I was nearing the threshold
"oh Shushu do you want me to go or do you want me to cum”
She gave me one more full length suck then looked up at me with a broad toothy smile then turned and knelt on the bed with her skinny round arse in the air.
Her tidy pussy lips clearly on display, and ready to receive with her head and shoulders under the duvet in an effort to suppress her vociferous enjoyment of what was to come.
Standing proud behind her pouting lips and poised for entry I reached across and picked up the top pillow and lay it beside her
“I think you might need that as well” I said and a skinny black arm shot out and dragged the pillow beneath the duvet.
In truth I wasn’t sure that would be enough either she was a very noisy partner which was evident as I penetrated her right up to my balls and she let out a muffled scream.
God it felt so good and all the more exciting because of the risk of being discovered.
I think she was relishing this final taste, as Omid was coming home from hospital later that day so I wouldn’t be enjoying her wares for a while and she wouldn’t be enjoying mine.
I could hear her moaning beneath the duvet as her tight pussy continued to receive me.
Shula had eagerly accepted me in her husbands bed again and again and I had left her labia a little looser than they were I first introduced myself to them.
But by all accounts Omid would not be loosening them further.
In fact it was to be the last cock Shula would get for a while because Omid played for the other team, he had only shagged her once, and that was on their wedding night to consummate the marriage, she had been satisfying herself ever since with her long bony fingers, until me, Simon Fisher writer and philander.
Shula’s hips were swinging slightly from side to side as I gave her another length and she tried to wriggle deeper under cover because she knew just how much she was enjoying my cock repeatedly spearing her.
I went into her again and she squirmed and squealed, then again, shorter and shallower this time, then again and again, bringing stifled moans this time, like low rumbles from inside the duvet,
Quicker and quicker I went, louder and louder she responded, shorter and shorter the strokes, I was on the edge, close, she was beyond it and she screamed loudly, I pushed on and on until I exploded in her.
I stood behind her with my hands resting on her hips savouring the moment, my cock still twitching inside her quivering quim as it oozed around me.
I stroked her perfect brown smooth buttocks absentmindedly committing every moment of that spine tingling encounter.
Reluctantly I withdrew from her comfortable cunny and she collapsed in a spent sighing heap, most of her still hidden beneath the covers.
I kissed the small of her back and slapped her buttock playfully.
“I need to get out of here” I said and began to get dressed she was still purring, mostly out of sight as I slipped on my shoes.
I threw back the covers and she rolled onto her back and smiled broadly at me and simultaneously spread her legs wide.
The tableaux shouted out “fuck me again”
“No time for that now Shushu” I said “not that I don’t want to as much as you do”
She just lay there looking unconvinced.
“Anjuli will be out of the shower any minute now” I entreated
“Oh god” she said “I forgot about Aunty”
The wide eyed look of panic was back on her face and she leapt out of bed
“Oh god, oh god” she repeated and paced up and down, “what can we do”
I grasped her firmly by the shoulders and looked into her eyes
“Well as gorgeous as your body is” I said appraising every inch of her “putting something on would be a start”
She looked down at her self and jumped in surprise at what she saw she grabbed her dressing gown off the back of the door and put it on and giggled.
“Now go and see where she is” I said and opened the door, Shula nodded and slipped out onto the landing and returned a moment later
“She’s still in the bathroom” she whispered
“Ok” I said “I’ll go first and you follow me down”
She nodded and I kissed her then I turned and opened the door.
I tiptoed across the landing with Shula right behind me, I had just stepped down onto the first step when the bathroom door opened, I pressed myself flat against the wall, and when I looked back towards Shula she looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
“I’m finished Shushu” Anjuli shouted
“Ok Aunty I’m just going to put the kettle on” she replied and then her bedroom door closed.
And we both let out long synchronised sighs.
We exchanged a relieved smile and proceeded cautiously down the stairs.
At the bottom I turned right and went through the bead curtain and she followed.
At the shop door she hugged me
“Will we ever do it again?” she asked
“Oh yes” I said
“Really?” Shula asked and looked straight at me
I kissed her and slipped a hand inside her dressing gown to cup her breast.
“Do you think I wouldn’t want to play with these again” I said squeezing her titty
She murmured
Then my hand descended quickly brushed through the coarse hairs of her bush and slid my finger down her crease.
“And this?” I added and she moaned softly as I removed my finger from between her lips she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck.
And after a kiss she opened the door and let me slip out into the darkness of another Monday morning.

I had something of a lazy day after that to be honest, I had intended to play golf with the ladies but changed my mind on account of the weather, of which there was a considerable amount that day, most of which was bad, but I did decide to go over to the club for lunch.
Just as I was leaving the telephone rang and I was in two minds whether or not to answer it.
In the end good manners prevailed and I picked it up.
“Ah Simon” the voice said with some relief, it was Georgia’s dad Geoff.
“I’ve been trying to catch you”
“Is everything ok?” I asked with concern
“Yes, yes” he replied “I just wanted to thank you”
“Thank me?” I said “for what”
“Convincing Georgia to call home” Geoff said surprised by my question
“She didn’t really need much convincing” I said
“Nonsense” he continued his voice cracking “we will never forget what you did”
And then he hung up.
Quite peculiar I thought Geoff phoning me up to thank me like that when all I did was comfort her, listen to her and then shag her arse off for two days.
This was on my mind as I took a turn around the village to work up an appetite before lunch.

First I walked town to Mahajak’s to buy a newspaper and flirt with the lovely Shula perhaps still moist from this mornings interlewd.
But alas she was absent and I was surprised to see Maisie in the shop on her own.
“Hello Maisie” I said surprised
“Hi Simon” she replied brightly
“What are you doing here during the day?” I asked
“Shula and Anjuli have gone to get Omid so they asked me to run the shop for the day” she replied proudly
“Good for you” I said as I paid for my paper “I’m proud of you”
And I kissed her forehead.

On my way back towards the club I bumped into the vicar, Katy Oliver, who I was pleased to see was looking much more like her old self and seemed to have fully recovered from what ever malady had afflicted her.
Katy was on very good form and managed to rope me into playing Santa at the village school bazaar without my even realising what I had agreed to in fact I think I volunteered.
Gerald Overend was normally Santa but since his sad demise it had prove difficult to replace him.
I also “volunteered” for something called “Roving Angels”
I had no idea what it was but there was training in the Church hall on Thursday night.

I walked into the golf club and immediately saw Pandora and the girls in our customary corner.
During the course of our lunch Pandora asked if I was interested in a St Andrews golf day.
Was I ever, I had always wanted to play The Royal and Ancient.
“When?” I asked
“This Friday” Pandora replied
“That soon?” I said “when do we leave?”
“We will have to leave Bushy Down by 7 o’clock” Judith replied
“That will give us time to have a hearty brekka before we tee off at 10 o’clock” Victoria chipped in
I was a little confused, Scotland was more than a three hour drive away, had I missed something? And then the penny dropped, Friday was St Andrews day.
“So where are we going exactly”? I asked
“High Wycombe” Judith stated
Once I realized that a St Andrews golf day actually meant a St Andrews Day Golf game, we got down to the finer details of the trip.

That evening I Skyped Georgia, since the crisis we had agreed to Skype at least every other day so as to ovoid a repeat of the SOS call.
I must admit that I found myself looking forward to them every bit as much as she appeared to, even though they left me burdened with guilt.
Guilt that I craved the contact with Georgia yet could not overcome my desire of other women, more guilty perhaps because I didn’t really want to.

On Tuesday I concentrated on my writing, and spent the whole day and most of the evening at my computer.
By the end of the day I was very pleased with the results, it wasn’t high literature but it paid the bills.

Having locked myself away from the sinful world for the whole of Tuesday and much of Wednesday it was something of a treat to get out of the house, and when I emerged from my home on Wednesday afternoon I was greeted by a much brighter day than the one I closed the door on two days earlier.

I called in at Mahajak’s on the way to the station on the pretext of buying a newspaper but really to flirt with the lovely Shula but instead of a coy knowing smile when she looked at me there was sadness in her eyes.
When she held out my change I took hold of her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze and in response she wrapped her long fingers around mine.
“Are you ok?” I asked
“Very well thank you Mr. Fisher” she answered and her expression changed and there was a hint of the smile that generally played about her lips.
As I left the shop and proceeded to the station I hoped the change to Shula’s demeanour was merely due to her having tasted the forbidden fruit and being unhappy now she was returned to her usual rations, because one of the alternatives could be that her infidelity had been discovered.
Another of course could be borne of the frustration of not knowing when she might sample my fruit again.

Once I had disembarked in Kiddingstone I took the first cab on
The rank and we quickly headed towards the Sound Bite Studio.
When we pulled up outside I was still not at all impressed with the drab and dingy premises.
I paid the cab driver and walked towards the unimpressive front entrance.
I pushed the buzzer on the intercom and in response the speaker crackled and a tinny voice said
“Simon Fisher to see Tilly” I shouted at the wall
“Come up” the voice said and the lock buzzed
Gloria’s manner hadn’t improved since my last visit, I thought as I went up the stairs.
I was still struck by the almost lavish interior with everything trimmed with shinny chrome and bright lights everywhere illuminating all the hi-tech equipment, it really was such a stark contrast to the outside.
“You can go straight through” Gloria said as she packed away her laptop, her enormous tits, rather too big for my taste, were hindering rather than helping her efforts.
As I left reception I glanced at my watch and thought she finished early.
When I reached Marcus Crossfield’s office he was stood by the hat stand putting his coat on, he paused briefly and gave me a wave, I waved back and continued down the corridor.
When I reached the door to Tilly’s office/studio I knocked on the frame.
“Come in, it’s open” a voice called
I turned the handle and pushed on the door Tilly was stood among her computers and mixing desks clearly dressed for the evening.
She was wearing her shoulder length brunette hair down so it danced around her nape as she walked to greet me, in a knee length emerald green dress that hugged her figure, well what figure she had.
Tilly was a tall girl; stick thin, with no visible bust line at all, though her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.
She had no hips to speak of and an arse like a boy, nice legs though clad in black.
Her shoes were also green to match her dress and because of her height they had low heels, and I hadn’t noticed before but she had very big feet for a girl.
Tilly smiled as she approached and I held out a hand but she went straight into the double air kiss.
“Wow you look fabulous” I said “are you going out?”
“Oh this” she said dismissively “this is for later”
It must have been a hot date because she’d scrubbed up very well and had been very liberal with the perfume which was very pleasant.
“Come and sit and I’ll show you have clever I am” she said smugly
I followed her instruction and sat next to her.
“The first one you will hear is the original and then I will play the same passage but the enhance version” she said adding “Ok” to make sure I understood.
When she had played both versions I just sat open mouthed in a stunned silence for about a minute.
“That is just amazing” I said shocked at just how good it was the clarity of his voice was truly amazing.
“I told you that you could trust me” Tilly said smiling
I had been a little uneasy about handing over the tapes to a complete stranger, but she had convinced me that I could trust her and I took a gamble but I only gave her a small quantity of the originals.
I fumbled in my bag and said
“You’d better have these then” and handed over the remainder of the tapes.
“Now let me hear more” I said “you little genius you”
“Is that all of them now?” she queried
“Yes” I replied
“So you trust me?” Tilly asked
“It wasn’t that I didn’t trust you, I just didn’t know what you were capable of” I replied “But yes totally”
“That’s good to hear” she said “now hang on to your hat”
An hour and a half later when Tilly had elaborated to me all the methods she’d employed in achieving the quite frankly staggering results I had listened to.
And I think all the time she was demonstrating her cleverness she was flirting with me.
So after we had covered all the technical stuff she’d done so far she detailed rough time scales for the remaining tapes,
“its impossible to predict exactly how long it will take until I’ve examined them, the length of the recording, the quality of the media, and the type of device it was recorded on all has a bearing on time scales” she explained as we drank coffee.
“Well I do believe you are in danger of sounding like you know what you’re talking about Miss Bushe” I said pompously
“In fact I would like to put on record that Miss O..”
“Don’t say it” she interrupted
“What I was only going to say O...” I continued
“Don’t you dare” she interrupted again “or else”
She had a cross look on her face but her eyes were laughing so I said it as she had me by the lapels.
“Ophelia Bushe”
“Oh go on them, seeing as you asked so nicely” She said and kissed me quite forcefully pushing me back in the chair and invaded my mouth with her tongue.
“What about your plans?” I asked between kisses
“This was my plan” she replied and stuck her tongue back in my mouth.
This was not how I envisaged the meeting going and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to proceed in this new direction.
She had pushed my chair back against a rack of equipment.
“She’s not your type” a voice in my head said
“Who are you trying to kid, she’s breathing isn’t she?” I answered myself and returned her kiss with interest.
She climbed onto my lap and now she had me trapped, so I did the noble thing and resisted no more and decided to adopt a more hands on approach and got one hand on her braless meagre tit and the other on her surprisingly tender bum cheek.
On its way to her arse it surveyed the landscape and found the dress was seamless.
As my other hand toyed with her seriously aroused nipple I thought even a skinny Minnie like Tilly couldn’t pull on a garment like this on over her head, so how the hell do I get into it.
And as if she had received my question telepathically she sat up right on my lap and reached down to the hem and unzipped about 12” of it along the side seem giving the appearance of a slit.
As she resumed her previous position I thought I was sure that zip would go a lot high that that.
Once we had settled back down to the comfortable kissing we had been indulging in my hand left her nipple and travelled to her knee, which if I was not mistaken trebled slightly beneath my touch.
I slid my palm from her knee along the top of her thigh exposed by the open zip and passed it as my wrist reached the top of the slit it moved another inch.
I withdrew my hand and found the zip with my fingers and moved it slowly upward higher and higher and higher until it came to a stop just below her armpit.
I could see a shard of pink flesh stretching from her stocking top to her ribcage.
I was in a quandary then, I had ease of access to her breasts and her Minge and pondered briefly whether to go for the appetisers that were her tiny titties or go straight for the main course which would serve both our appetites.
In the end I thought I was going to get the house special anyway so it would be churlish not to have the starters.
So from the end of the zip my hand disappeared inside the gape and settled on her naked flesh, she adjusted her position slightly as my hand found her soft little tit surmounted by needle sharp nipples, they were supersensitive because she gave a little snort and winced at my playful touch.
I quickly tired of these morsels and my hand descended sharply to her bush, and what a bush it was, it was so thick and curly that it momentarily distracted me from my purpose, her pussy.
She had stopped kissing my now and sat eyes shut mouth open
With her forehead resting against mine.
In anticipation of my arrival Tilly had swung one leg as close to me as possible and crooked it like she was sitting side saddle on a horse and the other she stretched out and braced her foot against the neighbouring desk.
Reluctantly leaving her glorious bush my fingers slipped creamily between her lips, her face distorted and she growled in my face.
I stroked her gash again with the same result, and then I repeated it once more before I plunged two fingers inside her hole and she was like a purring lion.
“Oh simony” she uttered as I frigged her creamy cunny until she came.
Tilly jumped up from my lap and immediately extricated my now throbbing cock from my jeans and then yanked the denim down to my ankles and off over my feet
“What about the staff?” I asked “wont they hear?”
“They’ve all gone home” she replied
She deftly discarded the remnants of her dress.
“You sent them home early?” I queried as I looked at the hairiest beaver I had ever seen, it formed a huge triangle occupying the whole of her pelvic region thankfully not extending down her thighs
“No we work 7 till 3” she replied climbing on top of me and sliding her hot pussy down my shaft.
Once I was plugged in to her the acoustic harmonies coming out of her were something else as she rose and fell on me.
Her long stockinged legs were wrapped around the chair with her big flipper feet hooked behind the legs and she was gripping the equipment racks behind me and banging down on me like a jack hammer
All I could do was hang on to her little boyish arse and add to the cacophony with my own moaning until that moment when in almost operatic tones she noisily came and milked every drop from me.
As I sat in the chair beneath her I thought I would definitely like to reprise that performance.
“Now you know what I’m capable of” she said panting and sliding her wet cunt off my wilting cock.
Tilly gave me a kiss and stood up and as she stood in front of me I couldn’t take my eyes off her beaver
“You’re bush is magnificent” I said awestruck
She looked down at the hairy beast and said
“I have to maintain a hairy beaver otherwise you wouldn’t know which way I was facing” and she laughed so hard her tiny little tits jiggled and I joined in as I reached out and held her hand.
When she stopped laughing and her tits stopped dancing she asked
“Do you want a drink?”
“Yes I’d love one” I replied
“Good” Tilly said “Let’s go to my flat”
“Ok” I said and started putting my trousers on
“You don’t need your clothes” she said wearing only her stockings and shoes and Tilly pressed a button and a hidden door sprang open.
She disappeared through the opening and I quickly re-trousered myself and followed.
When I arrived the other side it was very luxurious.
“Wow” I said “Marcus must think a lot of you to let you stay here”
She had kicked off her shoes and slipped on a robe and was just coming from the kitchen with a glass of wine in each hand
“Ah I may well have misled you about that” she confessed “It’s my company, Marcus works for me”
“Really?” I asked wondering why she would employ someone as sleazy as Marcus
“Marcus is a good business man, don’t be fooled by the used car salesman look, he’s good” she said
“He handles the day to day, the marketing, the networking and lets me get on with doing what I love doing”
“So his “Mr Car Boot Sale” act?” I wondered
“Is just a front” she confirmed
“Much like Gloria” I suggested
“Ah Gloria, I know she’s a rubbish receptionist but she’s family” she said and when she saw my expression she laughed
“Do you really think I would keep her on just because she’s family?” Tilly asked “I’m not a business woman, but I’m not stupid”
“She’s not all tits and bad attitude” She added “Gloria designed the website, and maintains the blog, she writes all my beta test reports, she is like an iceberg, there is more to her than meets the eye”
“So why is she on reception?” I asked
“We can’t afford another full time member of staff” she replied “yet”
We sat drinking wine in her luxury apartment
“Are all the staff either family or friends?” I asked
“Pretty much” she replied “I like having people around me that I know and trust”
“My work is my life” Tilly told me “for now anyway I enjoy my own company, and I’m not really a sexual being”
“I can’t say I noticed that” I pointed out
“Well every now and then I get an itch that I need someone else to scratch” she confided
“And the rest of the time”? I asked
“The rest of the time I do my own scratching”
After another glass or two of wine she elaborated
“When I first met you I knew instantly that you were a man who wouldn’t be looking for ties and I found that very attractive”
I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or not, I thought not in the end
“I’m not looking for a life partner, just a friend with benefits”
She drained her wine glass and taking me by the hand she said
“Now I think I would like another go with your scratcher”

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