Wednesday, 5 December 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 39) SOS I Love You

It was early Sunday afternoon when I awoke; Andrea was still asleep in bed beside me.
I leant over and kissed her neck and as she stirred I cuddled up behind her.
I must have dozed off again pressed up close behind her and when I woke again her shoulders were shaking,
“Are you crying” I asked
“Yes” she sobbed
“Why?” I asked “what’s wrong?”
“We did a terrible thing” she replied
“It’s was a sin”
“Didn’t it make you feel good?” I asked
“Yes of course it did” she snapped “that just makes it all the more sinful”
“We did something we’d wanted to do for 15 years” I pointed out “it’s not like we rushed into it blindly”
“I know but I still feel guilty” Andrea said “I always feel guilty, whenever I fall from grace I feel like this”
Then almost as an after thought she continued
“Not that I do it often, I’m not a tart”
“I never thought for a moment you were” I reassured and thought for a minute before I continued
“You have spent your whole life denying yourself, a life spent helping others, putting others first, do you really think God would punish you, a good person, a godly person, for once in a while, doing something that makes your toes curl and your eyes roll back in your head”
Then I went on
“If for no other reason than to prove you are still alive”
She just lay there silently but grasped my hand in hers and putting it to her lips she kissed it.
And we drifted off to asleep again in that position.
I’m not sure how long I’d slept but when I awoke I was surprised and delighted to find Andrea was playing with my cock with one hand while the other one frigged her pussy.
“Mmmmm” she sighed as I kissed her neck and my hand crept up and fondled her breast, she wasn’t enormously well endowed but her nipples were huge and stiff, and as fat as my little finger.
Her areolas were incredibly sensitive and she squirmed and fidgeted as I toyed.
Her fingers were still busily employed between her lips as my hand moved down her belly to replace them with my own.
“Mmmmm” she acquiesced as my fingers crept closer and closer, arriving first at the thick tangle of pubic hair, a brief pause and then they were awash in her hot juice, slipping and sliding between her lips and I thought my little fallen angel had not toiled in vain by anyone’s standards her pussy was incredibly wet.
Her hand was still on my cock as her head craned back towards me so her animal moans filled the room as I frigged her until she came.
Her other hand with fingers still moist from her frigging reached between her legs and grabbed my cock from its partner and thrust it roughly into her hot cunny.
Once I was well inside her pussy she gripped the headboard with one hand to brace herself so she could thrust down onto my advance as I banged into her over and over, she was moaning then through gritted teeth until she went rigid and screamed as I shot until I was dry.
“Mmmmm” Andrea murmured as she relaxed in my arms, and there we lay, at peace in the after glow, me still inside her, until we went to sleep again.

When we eventually emerged from my bed we went downstairs and I cooked us a fried breakfast, I called it breakfast because I didn’t know what to call a fry up at 4 in the afternoon.
Whatever the proper name was we devoured it heartily.
After our repast and as we had completely slept through the Sunday service and sinned our way through matins we thought we should at least make a concerted effort to attend the evening service.
So Andrea went up to have a bath while I cleared up in the kitchen.
As Andrea was soaking in the tub I did for a moment at least entertain the thought that I might join her there but in the end I jumped in the shower.

I was sitting downstairs in the lounge wearing my Sunday best when Andrea walked in wearing her best “Sunday go to Meeting” outfit and she looked lovely.
“What do you think” she asked “Do I look suitably chaste like a Christian Missionary or like a fallen woman with a satisfied look on her face?”
“Oh I think you look like a Christian Missionary with a satisfied look on her face” I replied
“That will suffice then” she said with a smile

I had never attended the Sunday Evening service at St Lucy’s so I wasn’t sure what to expect but when we walked in there was a surprisingly large congregation.
I rather enjoyed it; there was no sermonizing it was all songs and psalms.
Reverend Oliver asked Andrea if she would do a reading and a brief talk about her Missionary work and at the end of the service the collection plate was pledged to the Mission.
Once we got home, Andrea having reconnected with God at St Lucy’s, reconnected with me in my bed.

The next morning we rose early, well I always rose early and I gave Andrea the benefit of it before she got up for a shower.
The reason for the early start was that the redoubtable Ms Goodman was collecting her in the Morris Minor at 8 o’clock and whisking her away.
Andrea was only in the UK until December and she had a fairly hectic schedule taking her all round the country giving talks to raise awareness and hopefully some much needed funds.
I for my part had found one charitable recipient for the royalties from the Overend project.
And should that fall flat then I would pay from my own pocket.

One thing Andrea said to me was that I should give more of my self and she gave me a look that said “you give too much of that already”
“If everyone gave one hour a week, what I change could be made to the world”
I wasn’t sure what difference I could make but since Gerald Overend’s death and his wife’s long absence from the village I had temporarily stepped in to fill the breech, as a result I have found myself involved in more and more events and activities and I was really enjoying it.
And furthermore I did freely and without precondition, I certainly wasn’t going to redeem myself in the eyes of God no matter what I did but that was no reason not to something.

I reflected upon the weekends events as I soaked in the bath and despite my having notched up yet another betrayal I felt very pleased with myself.
By 10 am I was on the first tee with my usual partners in crime, Victoria, Judith and Pandora and we spent a pleasant day, in congenial company trying to beat the common enemy, the golf course.
At the nineteenth hole the evidence of our score cards told that on that day we all came out on top.
We were in high spirits as we sat in the bar celebrating our days work, all the while knowing that on another day we would be drowning our sorrows.
I was on my third drink when my phone rang I wrestled it from my pocket and accepted the call.
“Hello?” I said
“It that Simon?” a female voice asked
“Yes, Simon Fisher here” I said rather pompously
“Hi Simon, its Tilly” she said
“Oh hi” I said rather feebly
“Listen I have made some progress on the recordings, do you want to come in and see what a genius I am?” she asked
“Yes I’d love to” I replied “I don’t often get the opportunity to spend time with a genius” I was looking at my companions who all made very un-lady like gestures at me,
“That’s great” she said “how about tomorrow afternoon, lets say 3 o’clock?”
“Perfect” I said “I look forward to seeing you then”
I disconnected and returned my attentions to my companions who were all mimicking me in conversation.
“True geniuses” I said

The next afternoon I was on my way to the station so I made my obligatory visit to Mahajak’s but Shula was nowhere to be seen and there was only Anjuli in the shop and she was talking on the phone.
So I paid for my paper and left the shop.
Just as I was entering the station I spotted Geoff Gregory coming the other way.
“Hi Geoff” I called
“Hello Simon” he said a little distracted
“Is everything ok?” I asked I could tell he was not so I added
“Have you got time for a coffee?”
We sat at a table with our paper cups of over priced coffee and he said
“I’m worried about Georgia”
“Georgie?” I said surprised “Why?”
“She’s cut her self off from us” he said with real concern
“Is it drugs?”
Then he put his cup to his lip but without drinking he continued
“Do you think its drugs?”
Still he didn’t drink
“I think its drugs”
He took a sip this time and pulled a face before lowering the cup and pushing it away form him.
“Of course she’s not on drugs” I assured him “she’s to sensible for that”
I looked at him earnestly
“You and Laura have raised her well”
He didn’t look reassured
“She just needs to focus for the next few weeks and then she’s over the summit”
“We miss her” he said “I miss her”
“l caught Laura crying again this morning” he added
“I miss her too” I said truthfully

I think he was in a slightly better frame of mind when I left him and so was I.
As luck would have it a train pulled in just as I walked through the barrier, I got in the nearest carriage and made myself comfortable, Just as the train was leaving the platform my phone bleated at me informing me that I had a text.
I fished it out of my pocket and I saw it was from Georgie.
I selected read message immediately and it said
“SOS I miss you”
It threw me into a panic, I had just spent 20 minutes reassuring Geoff everything was ok and then I get a text to say that it was clearly not.
After a few moments I replied
“I’m on my way”

Once I’d arrived in Kiddingstone I bought another ticket and waited for the train that would set me on the journey that would eventually lead to Roehampton.
While I waited on the platform I phoned Sound Bite
“Sound Bite Studio” the tinny disinterested voice said
“Hi, can I speak with Tilly please?” I asked
“Name?” she demanded
“Simon Fisher” I replied
Then without warning the line suddenly went dead.
Then a moment later
“Hi Simon” Tilly said cheerfully
“Tilly? I’m so sorry but I can’t make it today” I said “a family emergency, can we reschedule?”
“Yes of course” she said “I’m sorry to hear you can’t make it, nothing serious I hope”
“No nothing serious” I confirmed
“It will have to be the end of next week” Tilly explained “I have to fly to Frankfurt tomorrow night”
“How about next Wednesday then” I suggested stepping aboard the train.
“Fine I’ll see you then, bye”

When I reached Roehampton station I hailed a cab and headed to Georgia’s digs.
After paying my fare I walked up to the front door and rang the bell.
The door was opened by one of the housemates, Alison.
“Hi Ali” I said
“Hello Simon” she replied “Go straight up, She’s in her room”
I made my way up the stairs and went straight to Georgia’s door and knocked twice.
“Come in” she called and I opened the door.
And when I looked in I saw Georgia wearing the lovely yellow summer dress she had worn on that hot day in May when I first made love to her, and being the kind of man I am I immediately wondered if she was wearing the bra and knickers from that day as well.
“Hello gorgeous” I said and smiled
“Oh Simon” she said and threw herself into my arms.
“I’m so sorry Simon” she said and started to cry “but I missed you”
“Don’t cry hon” I said, but it didn’t help
She was sobbing hard on my shoulder and I could feel her tears soaking my shirt.
I felt rather useless and just held her to me and made encouraging noises.
Eventually she calmed down enough so she could explain what was wrong.
“The work is going really well” she said and forced a smile
“And I’m really confident that I’m ahead of the curve”
Then she started to cry again
“I’m sorry Simon, but I just miss everyone so much, I miss talking to mum”
“Then why didn’t you call her?” I said
“Because it was my idea” she replied “and everyone is sticking to it without a problem”
“Everyone else is missing you like crazy” I said and I told her about meeting Geoff that day and about him catching her mum crying.
And she burst into tears again.
Georgia had been in turmoil, she had wanted to call but was afraid of breaking our agreement, afraid of being a quitter when it was her idea.
She wanted to be strong and independent.
When I had calmed her down I persuaded her to phone her mum and dad, persevering with the isolation was just making her unhappy.
If keeping focused on her studies was paramount she could still stay in Roehampton until Christmas but she needed to phone Geoff and Laura regularly.
Georgie dialled the number and waited
“Hi mum it’s Georgie” and then the tears flowed unrestrained

After the phone call Georgia looked across at me with a smile on her tear stained face.
“I love you” she said and walked over to me and kissed me
“I love you too” I responded and kissed her back.
“So why are you wearing the yellow summer dress in November?” I asked “why do you even have it with you?”
She hugged me tightly and hid her face from me.
“I have it with me because it reminds me of that day” she said “and I wear it when I’m lonely”
We stood there holding each other for about five minutes when she finally broke the silence.
“The answer is yes, I am”
“What was the question?” I asked puzzled
“Is she wearing the yellow panties” Georgie answered
“Then lets make some more memories” I suggested
“Yes” she said looking at me coyly.
“You’re so beautiful Georgia”
I breathed in her intoxicating perfume as it enveloped me and I kissed her.
She immediately responded pressing her mouth hard against mine and darting her tongue in my mouth.
Her arms were still wrapped around me, holding me so tight.
My hand moved from the small of her back up to between her shoulder blades and slowly unzipped her dress.
Still kissing me she released her grip on me and stepped backwards to allow the front of her cotton dress to fall forwards exposing her breasts.
I cupped one of her titties in my hand relishing the weight of it and she sighed, then as I toyed with her stiffening nipple between my thumb and forefinger she snorted air in deeply through her nose.
I disengaged my mouth from hers and she immediately tried to reattach but I broke away again as I had other plans for my mouth and I started to kiss my way down to her nipple which I instantly consumed, Georgia was trembling as I sucked her teat just like she did that first time.
All the while tugging at the folds of cottons and dragging the cloth over her hips and leaving that special dress in a heap around her ankles.
Now with Georgia wearing only those sexy yellow panties I stood up and she began undressing me and when she had finished I carried her to her bed and we made love like it was the first time having removed her from the yellow dress and underwear from the day of her desecration and we fell asleep in each others arms.
It was a funny day beginning when I awoke with Andrea in my bed and ended with me falling asleep with Georgia in hers, such was the complicated web I had woven.

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