Wednesday, 5 December 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 38) The Missionary Position

The morning after a very memorable remembrance Sunday We were in the kitchen wearing only bathrobes eating scrambled eggs on toast and drinking chocolate milk, how decadent is that?
After we’d finished eating I cleared the plates away while Dakota sat finishing her milk shake.
As I walked back to the table she said
“Thank for letting me stay last night”
“My pleasure” I replied and leant over and kissed her bald head,
“Mine as well” she said looking up at me and smiling as she undid the belt on my robe.
Dakota reached inside and she began gently tugging on me before I felt delicate soft kisses on my sensitive knob as her tongue flicked around my helmet in quick feather light licks.
All at once in one smooth slurping instant I was in her mouth.
I looked down to see the bald head rising and falling on my cock and I was taken back to my childhood when I watched the Star Trek movie with my dad.
Dad is a huge Star Trek fan, and we watched all the films together
And in the first one Persis Khambatta played Lieutenant Ilia, a bald alien officer on the Enterprise and one of my adolescent fantasies was to look down on her bald head as she went down on me and there I was.
I could feel Dakotas fingers still caressing my shaft gently and
I looked down just as my glistening wet knob reappeared accompanied by a sucking sound, she looked up and smiled lustfully before she devoured me again with her hot mouth,
I could see the bulge of my cock in her cheek as she sucked on me.
I was caressing the back of her head and was fast approaching the point of no return so I pulled out of her mouth to the sound of lip smacking and slurping.
“I think we need to redeploy this little soldier,” I said looking down at my saliva soaked cock
“Yes sir” Dakota said standing to attention and throwing an exaggerated salute.

I have to admit I was a little sad when Dakota drove away in the back of a cab.
She was being deployed to foreign soil and it was not inconceivable that I might never see her again.
Her destination though not disclosed would be fraught with dangers; she could be blown up by an IED, ambushed by insurgents or shot by one of her own allies.
All I had to worry about was Georgia catching me wetting my balls with another woman; admittedly it could get more dangerous if she knew the owner of the beaver I was attending to.
But that was not on a parallel with Dakotas prospects.

I spent the next few days writing a rather lengthy piece on the perils of soldiering, and the role of a woman in modern warfare.
The hardships and dangers any soldier faces on active service and the impact of friends and loved ones left at home to fret.
It was a modern day tale where the women are going off to war and their men keep the home fires burning.
I thought it worked on several levels and was something of a diversion for me.
Hopefully I could get it published; Gay Gordon wouldn’t be interested unless I steamed it up a bit with some sex scenes.
I wouldn’t be doing that, since I had started work on the Overend tapes I had found a new group of publishers and I was sure one of those would be interested.

On Friday I was staring through the window watching the robust Frankie bent over picking up a pile of leaves, her dungaree’s stretched tight across her well-defined buttocks.
But I was not as is the norm thinking about banging her back door in, not at that precise moment anyway.
I was about to go outside and talk to her when the phone rang.
“Oh shit,” I said reading the caller ID.
“Hi mum, its lovely to hear from you,” I said with as much sincerity as I could muster.
“Hello Simon, every time I phone you, you say that and after all these years you should be getting better at it, but you’re not are you?” she chastised “Listen I’ll get straight to the point”
She liked getting straight to the point and then generally waffled on for an eternity.
“Andrea Devereaux is back in the country, you remember Andrea?”
Andrea was an old family friend; she was actually the daughter of my mum’s best friend Karen.
“Yes of course I do” I replied
“Andrea would like to know if you could put her up for a few days while she’s in the area” Mum continued
“She asked if she could stay here?” I asked
“Well no, I offered on your behalf” she admitted
“She’s back from the missions for about a month, catching up with old friends before she returns to China”
“Of course she can stay” I said shocked
“I seem to remember you were quite taken with her when you younger” she continued
“Yes I was, but that was a long time ago” I agreed
“You will look after her wont you?” she said firmly
“She’s one of the angels”
“I will treat her like a princess” I said
“And don’t let her see any of that filth you laughably call writing” Mum commanded
“Andrea is a holy person”
“Message received and understood” I said obediently
“I will ring in the morning to say what train she will be on; can you meet her at the station?”
“Yes of course”
“Well thank you Simon” she said “I did think you might make a big fuss like the time we asked you if Molly could stay a few days”
“That was different” I said
“And look at you two now; you’re the best of friends”
“Well not so much best friends more like fuck buddies” I thought to myself and said
“Yes we are”
“I’ll call tomorrow then, bye” and she was gone
Well that was interesting, Andrea Devereaux was coming to stay.
Andrea was my first crush and she going to be staying under my roof.
She had a lot to answer for, I got my first stalker thinking about her and I had my first wet dream over Andréa, well not over her obviously, but you get the picture.
And it was Andréa who made the first contributions to my wank bank, no that doesn’t sound quite right either, well anyway,
Andrea was, is, eight years older than me and I was smitten with her, and I think her with me, but nothing happened, apart from a kiss, one single solitary kiss that blew my mind.
But Andrea shied away after that and the relationship was unresolved and whenever we were together the air was always thick with sexual tension.
But she thought it would be a sin if we did anything.
I was too young to know what her issue was with us kissing.
So I used to track her around the house like a stalker hoping to catch her bending over, maybe see a glimpse of thigh, an errant bra strap, and cleavage even.
One memorable day I caught sight of her drying herself and I was rewarded with a tantalizing view of a nipple and a momentary sight of tufty black pubes.
I almost wanked myself to death over those image burned into my adolescent brain.
I wanted her, not that I would have known what to do I still wanted her what ever that meant and I’ve always wanted her I suppose.
Well now I might get my chance.

Just then my mind came back from thoughts of curly black pubes to the present moment and I remembered that I wanted to talk to Frankie.
I rushed to the back door just in time to catch sight of her big round arse disappearing through the side gate.
“Oh shit” I exclaimed
And rushed to the front door to try and catch her before she drove off.
I opened the door just as she was getting in the truck.
“Frankie” I called “Frankie”
She saw me and got out of the van
“Frankie, I’m glad I caught you, I…?”
“No” Frankie said
“No what?” I asked puzzled
“No you can’t have a grope of my jugs I haven’t got time” she said matter of factly.
“Or grab my arse”
“But Frankie”
“Or rummage in my pants”
“That’s not what I was going to ask” I said quite hurt
“I want you to lay a new path out in the back garden”
I said quite innocently “because I use the back way a lot”
“Yes I remember”, Frankie said
Just then Maisie appeared from Judith’s garden carrying some tools which she put in the back of the van.
“Hello Simon” she said “what are you after”
What was I after the cheeky mare.
“He wants a path laying” Frankie told her
“I knew laying would come into it somewhere” Maisie said and the pair of them laughed like drains
“What is it with you women? You’re all sex mad” I said defensively
“Talk about the pot calling the kettle black” Maisie said obviously quoting a Victorianism she’d picked up from her landlady
And they both laughed again.
When Frankie finally got control of her self she said
“I’ll pop back later and give you a quote”

Mum phoned on Saturday morning as promised but as it turned out I didn’t need to meet Andrea’s train at the station after all.
The Christian fraternity had rallied round and a rather frumpy middle-aged woman called Miranda Goodman delivered her to my door in her Morris Minor.
I invited them in and the rather frosty Ms Goodman cast an unsatisfactory eye over everything before coldly taking her leave.
I suspected there would be a distinct awkwardness between Andrea and I after all the years that had passed and the unresolved sexual tension the surrounded us, but I was pleasantly surprised.
I got the impression she was just as surprised and she seemed as relaxed I was.
She was still as pretty as I remembered, a few more lines on her face perhaps, and she wore her hair shorter, but she had lost none of her beauty or allure.
She didn’t seem as tall now but that was my memory playing tricks on me she was always 5ft 3”
I couldn’t ascertain her physical dimensions because of the loose shapeless clothes she had on, but my imagination filled in the blanks regarding, a nice arse, great legs, very decent tits and thick black curly pubes.
We spent the rest of the day talking, catching up and reminiscing.
Our paths had been very different since we last met. Hers had been one of pious devotion in the missions while mine could best be summed up as debauchery, pornography and self indulgence.
The years just seemed to have melted away.
“Its very kind of you to put me up” she said “Thank you”
“No problem” I said honestly “Are you hungry?”
“Yes I am rather” she replied
“Ok I’ll give you a quick tour, show you where everything is, and settle you in your room and while you’re freshening up I’ll cook us something” I suggested.
“That would be lovely,” Andrea said with conviction.
“Thank you again”
After I took her up I found myself behaving like my 15 year former self sneaking around trying to catch her in intimate moments and get a glimpse of forbidden flesh.
But I failed, so I went back downstairs to the kitchen.

After we’d eaten we sat and talked some more until after about an hour when she was suddenly overcome with tiredness and had excuse her self.
“I’m sorry” she said “My body clock is all over the place at the moment”
I had to admit I was quite tired myself and the only traveling I had done recently was to Kiddingstone and back, so I turned in as well.
I had to get up for a pee at about 3.00am and I was just getting back into bed when I thought I heard a noise downstairs.
I slipped on my bathrobe and cautiously crept down the stairs.
I could definitely hear someone in the kitchen, I crept to the kitchen door, which was slightly ajar, and then I breathed a sigh of relief.
It was Andrea who was making a hot drink; she was wearing blue and white-stripped pajamas several sizes too big.
The Old fashioned ones with a drawstring around the waist.
So I still couldn’t ascertain her physical dimensions because of the loose fitting PJ’s
However I was delighted to see that the fly had gaped and sprouts of black pubes were clearly visible.
Which excited me very much indeed; the problem was that once I had noticed them I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.
I knew that if I went in the kitchen I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from looking.
But I couldn’t stay in the hall and I couldn’t go back up stairs in case she saw me and I had to explain why I hadn’t wanted to go in the kitchen.
So I tried to put the image out of my head as I pushed open the door.
“Hey Andréa” I said “can’t sleep eh”
“No” she replied, “like I said my body clock is all askew”
I focused my eyes on the cupboards behind her head, and thought to myself
“I must not look, I must not look”
“I thought a hot drink might help” she continued as she checked the milk boiling on the hob.
I wanted to look so badly, and as she turned back towards me I finally gave in and stared at her gaping fly and the pubic hair escaping from it.
Almost the precise moment my eyes fixed on her pussy she looked directly at me and couldn’t help but notice me looking at her black curly pubes and she blushed a brilliant red
“Oh God” she said frantically looking around for something to cover both her embarrassment and her Minge and becoming more and more flustered every second
“I’m so sorry” I said, apologizing for embarrassing her and not being at all sorry for having looked at her errant curly tufts
“Here use this” I added as I handed her a towel
“Oh God” she said again snatching the towel from my hand and covering her snatch.
“I really am sorry” I said feebly as she bustled past me and ran out the door crying
“Oh shit” I said and sat down at the kitchen table.

It was 4.00am and I was still sitting at the kitchen table having drunk two mugs of Milo made with Andrea’s boiled milk.
And I was wide awake and cursing my behaviour.
It was going to make the atmosphere very strained for the next two days
She still couldn’t sleep either as I could clearly hear her in the shower.
I couldn’t believe what had happened, I couldn’t believe what I had done, but to cap it all I still consigned the image to my wank bank.
I was a total pig I thought to myself with my head in my hands.
Just then the kitchen door opened and as I looked up Andrea walked in still wearing the blue and white stripped pajamas.
She was biting her lip and kept looking at the floor, I smiled at her and she gave a half smile back.
And then despite everything that had already happened I had to look, it was just a quick glance at first but then my gaze lingered as to my great surprise the fly hadn’t quite closed completely and delicious sprouts of freshly showered black pubes were clearly visible through the opening and this time it was by design.
She saw me looking at her visible pubes and she knew they were visible.
Andrea blushed a vivid scarlet but made no attempt to conceal them from me as she walked towards me and instead of admonishing me she kissed me.
I couldn’t recall the number of times as a young man I had imagined that kiss as I knocked one out.
And now it had happened and it was just as sensual as I imagined it to be.
Her arms enveloped me as her embrace became more urgent as my left hand settled on her buttock and I got my first hint at the contents of her Old fashioned draw stringed pajamas when her cheek was firm to my touch.
With my left hand engaged fondling her arse there was only one place my remaining hand was going.
I pause briefly at the opening before my finger entered the gape and teased the tufts of damp pubes and though they were damp to the touch as my finger teased her curls I thought they will be much damper in a second.
As they lightly caressed her mound of Venus her kissing paused though her lips were only millimeters from mine as her hot breath fell on my cheek.
In an instant they parted her lips and slipped along her crease,
A roaring moan escaped her lips and her grip tightened around my neck,
My digits returned along her slippery crack before making another greasy descent and extracting another throaty roar from the Andrea.
And almost as an after thought she kissed my cheek.
With each subsequent journey my fingers made along her slippery slit her tone altered.
When I turned my attention to her clitoris her knees began to tremble and her lips were now by my ear so I could hear every fruity moan and murmur as I continued to frig her through the gaping crotch of her jimjams.
As my clitoral stimulation intensified her legs could no longer support her weight,
Her vice like grip around my neck was the only thing that stopped her ending in a heap on the floor.
Then I brought her to climax and she released a long low guttural growl.
I extracted my fingers from her pussy moist with her cunny juice and tugged on the draw string and her pajama bottoms fell quickly to the floor.
Now she was looking at me earnestly, biting her lip, eyes wide and eyebrows raised.
I had wanted her for 15 years and I wouldn’t have to wait much longer.
I couldn’t wait long enough to get her upstairs to have her but I didn’t want her on the kitchen floor or on the table so
I stood up and picking her up in my arms I carried her to the lounge and lay her on the sofa where several virgins had already yielded their cherries’
I looked down at her thick black triangle in stark relief against her alabaster flesh.
Andrea was still biting her lip as I undid the belt on my robe and shrugged it off my shoulders so I was completely naked and her gaze fell immediately on my swollen cock.
I knelt on the floor in front of her and with a hand on each white fleshed knee and pushed them gently apart spreading her wide open until her pink pussy opened invitingly moist amidst the black whiskers.
She drew one knee up and planted her foot against the arm of the sofa while my left hand slid down the outside of her thigh and grabbed her bum cheek I gripped my shaft with my other hand and prodded at the wetness of her with my knob.
She moaned softly, eyes shut, biting her lip
So gripping my cock I pushed my shaft between her dewy lips and I waited to feel the tell tale resistance from her hymen just before her cherry popped and she would be added to the list of the deflowered.
Andrea moaned softly as my helmet breached her hole and then again a little louder as I penetrated deeply into her, but no virginal resistance,
I had convinced myself that Andrea was pure and unsullied, I withdrew and penetrated her again and she wriggled like a fish on a river bank.
It certainly didn’t detract from my enjoyment of her as I gave her another length and she squirmed and wriggled as she received me and then she came.
I hadn’t even got warmed up yet and already she’d come and was creaming my balls.
A few more strokes and she came again, more noisily this time.
Spurred on by her audible appreciation of my efforts I fucked her harder and faster and her arse started to squeak as it rubbed on the leather couch.
As she moaned and writhed beneath me she came for the third time I was getting close to the summit myself and as I quickened my pace on her pussy her utterances were growing higher in frequency and as I reached the threshold of my own conclusion
“Oh Godddd” she screamed and with her writhing sweating body prostrate beneath me I emptied myself into her hot pulsating pussy right there on the leather couch.
Although I had waited 15 years to consummate my first crush and it was everything I could have hoped for and more, it wasn’t quite how I imagined it.
I thought she would be inexperienced, unsure and passive,
But she was none of the above, she was not the shy little angel, a timid innocent, she was a devil in disguise.
She was self-conscious, she was shy, but she didn’t lack confidence once she had determined what she wanted.
It was electrifying.
“I’ve wanted to do that for so many years” I panted as I withdrew from her and she let out a rather smug self satisfied sigh.
“Me too” she confessed
“Do you think you might sleep now?” I asked
“Mmmmm” she replied
“Ok then, do you “A” want to go up stairs and get your pajama jacket off or “B” have a mug of Milo?” I asked as I pulled her up to her feet.
“Well I really like Milo” She answered
“Get upstairs” I said and slapped her bare arse.

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