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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 36) Remember, Remember

Since taking Georgia back to Roehampton I had had plenty of time to think about the time we spent together and more importantly the implications of our conversations.
The fact that Georgia wouldn’t be home until Christmas and we had agreed to keep contact to a minimum meant no lies and no broken promises.
All the time Georgia and I had been together, in fact ever since she set her cap at me back in May she had me heart and soul exclusively but not so my body.
But since she delivered her ultimatum, the threat of losing her love had been hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles.
Now I couldn’t believe it, I was off the hook; I no longer had to curb my appetites, as there was no apparent consequence to my actions.
So could I relax? Did I have to change? And if I didn’t have to change, could I change.
Well the lack of apparent consequences resulted in my treating myself to some Halloween over indulgence.
Following on from my Halloween hat trick with Jen on Saturday night I got to have her best friend Ellie on Halloween itself.
Traditionally it has never been my favourite holiday, as the Americans would say, however, never before have I been able to enjoy two such choice candies as Jenny and Emily, who certainly both did the trick and were a real treat.
I didn’t know it at the time but that Halloween was the last time I would get to enjoy the pleasures of Jenny Smithson though the little witch Emily Gomez would remain a frequent flyer.
But after having Emily I’m not sure I didn’t feel guiltier with the ultimatum suspended and not being under scrutiny, than I did when I was under threat.
Of course I always felt guilty after such lustful interactions, and this occasion was no different, and I always swore to myself not to do it again, again this time was no different.
But at the time, I perform my philandering betrayals without a second thought for the woman I love, and love her I most certainly do.
But with every pleasure there is a pain I just haven’t felt it yet.
So after mulling over everything for the umpteenth time I had decided that I would treat the temporary separation as an amnesty.
I could spend the next two months shagging everything with a pulse and I wouldn’t have to worry.
I wouldn’t be seeing Georgia so I wouldn’t have to lie to her so
I could do what I wanted or who I wanted between Halloween and Christmas
But I decided that I would not go looking for crumpet, I would not frequent pick up places, I would not hunt for wenches, but if some suitable choice titbits fell across my path who were in playful mood they would be considered fare game and sin free.
I made this decision knowing full well that the chance of me getting to Christmas with my balls dry was remote at best.
There were always opportunities of available skirt come December or put another way there were always plenty of chances to come in December with the available skirt.
Then in January it would be a case of New Year new me.
So with my old chap still tingling at the thought of my Halloween recollections I thought to myself.
“I hope Guy Fawkes Night goes with as big a bang as Halloween”

Since I first transcribed Gerald Overend’s tapes I had rather let things slip it was now the first day of November and a month had elapsed since the grieving widow entrusted the tapes to me.
So I determined my task for November was to begin in earnest my efforts to fulfil my promise to Eleanor.
I had already roughly transcribed the tapes a month earlier and now decided to choose one story and hone it into a something that was as credible and colourful as Gerald’s spoken words, and yet suitable for publication.
It was the first piece I had written for some considerable time that was not tantamount to pornography.
I spent considerably more time on this one story that I ever did on my own creations and when it was edited and polished I emailed it to my publisher Gordon Bramstock.
Gay Gordon replied later that day to say he enjoyed the story very much but it wasn’t something he was interested in, he preferred more salacious material, however he did give me the names of three publishers who might be interested.
So I called my agent Lionel Blum intending to put him to work, but he was meeting another client in Godalming so I left him a voice mail.
When he returned my call we arranged to meet for a drink in Guildford the next day.

As I walked towards the station, I checked my watch and found I had plenty of time to call in to Mahajak’s, the village shop and see the lovely Shulah.
The shop was owned and run by Omid although it was his young wife Shulah and her Aunt Anjuli who did all the work.
He was a surly old goat and old enough to be her father in fact he was old enough to be my father.
Shulah and her Aunt though were both lovely, Shushu was a few years younger than me, tall and slim but her thick back-combed hair made her look even taller.
She was a Skinny girl but not in a boney way she just had a skinny frame I was sure she would be extremely flexible in the clinches.
Her eyes were big and almost black and she had a huge toothy smile, which lit up the whole shop if not the village.
The rest of her figure was concealed beneath a loose fitting robe affair, but I knew what pert little breasts she had hidden under there after a close encounter in the unisex changing room at the swimming pool, where I had a delightful taster of what might be, when my hands explored inside her costume.
I had hopes that I might become better acquainted with her treasures.
I have always flirted dreadfully with her and her aunt and they always flirted back.
That day was no exception Shula was in the shop I brushed passed her very closely.
“Morning Shula” I said and she instantly got very flustered
“Oh, oh, good morning Simon” she said and moved awkwardly to the counter
“Hello Anjuli” I said to her aunt who blushed and giggled
As usual when it came time to pay, on this occasion for a newspaper, there was a lingering exchange where our hands almost touched but didn’t quite but then I caressed her hand with my thumb and brushed my fingertips against hers and she smiled a broad toothy smile and blushed.
“Bye Shushu” I said and winked at her and turned and walked away to catch my train.

When I was on the train Lionel rang me and said he would pick me up at the station.
We found a nice pub in Godalming and over a drink I explained what I wanted to do, but I made it perfectly clear that he would only get half his normal commission, as the proceeds would be going to charity.
Despite his having to take a cut in commission he cheerfully agreed.

I got home mid afternoon and had just sat down with a drink when the phone rang.
I was a little fed up, it was like they knew, as if there was a sensor in the chair and as soon as my arse hit the cushion the phone would ring or the doorbell would sound, it was a conspiracy.
“Hello” I said abruptly
“Hello Simon” said a hoarse voice “its Laura”
It’s just as well she clarified because I would never have recognised her voice.
My initial anger at being disturbed melted away when I realised Laura had the flu.
“Hello Laura” I said, “you don’t sound too good”
“It’s the flu I’m afraid” Laura said, “Could I ask a favour”?
“Of course” I replied
“Geoff has to work late and the twins are desperate to see the firework display tonight”
“And you would like me to take them”? I interrupted
“Would you?” she said
“What time would you like me?”

I picked the girls up at six and Laura couldn’t thank me enough for stepping in.
Lisa and Julie were incredibly excited in that way that only eight-year-old girls can be.
The firework display was to take place in long field, which ran between the railway line and the main road on the other side of the tracks from the village proper.
Apart from the fireworks and the obligatory bonfire, there were also the usual assortments of amusements, darts, shooting galleries, bingo that kind of thing. And I think the girls where looking forward to them as much as fireworks themselves.
By the time we had to take up position for the display they had both won something on their own and I had won them both a cuddly toy on the shooting gallery when we decided there was just time for one more hotdog before the fireworks.

By the time it was all over, between the games and the food I was pretty much cleaned out.
But I hadn’t had that much fun with my clothes on for a good long while so it was worth every penny.
I had taken some good shots of the pair of them on my phone playing various amusements and they took some of me and I got them to send them to Georgia.
With the smoke from the display still thick in the air I walked the twins to their house and as we were approaching, the front door opened and Geoff was standing there waiting.
“Dad, Dad” they cried running up the drive “look what we’ve got”
I didn’t know where they got the energy from but I was knackered but eventually the excited twins went inside
“Don’t wake mum” Geoffrey called to them before turning to me and shaking my hand
“Thank you so much Simon, Laura really isn’t well”
“It was a pleasure” I said “I’ve really enjoyed myself, and I’m not just saying that”
“Will you come in for nip?” he asked
“I won’t if you don’t mind, I’m shattered” I replied
“Another time then” Geoff said

I wondered on my way home if I should have gone in for that drink, when I thought about it I was left with the impression he may have wanted to talk about something.
Just as I was walking past the station and I had resolved to pop round for a chat with him over the next few days I noticed the lights from Mahajak’s village store.
As I got close I was delighted to see the lovely Shula closing up and Geoff somehow faded from my thoughts.
“Hello Shushu” I called as I approached
“Oh Simon” she said flustered, not quite knowing what to do or where to look.
“Where is everyone?” I asked, I knew Omid was in hospital though I didn’t know why
“Anjuli is visiting Omid at the hospital and I let Maisie finish early to see the fireworks” Shula said, “she works very hard, so I’m closing up on my own tonight”
“Let me help” I offered
“Thank you Simon,” she said smiling coyly
Between the two of us we soon made light work of it and when the last stack of plastic goods went in through the door I stood in the doorway and said
“Well that’s everything”
“Thank you Simon” she said and beamed a beautiful smile
“If there’s nothing else to do I’ll be going” I said and the smile left her face
“No, no” she said “come in, come in”
And she pushed me forcefully aside so she could close the door
“You must have a hot drink” she insisted, “You must be very cold, come, come”
This was a side of her I had never seen.
She led me behind the counter and through the bead curtain to the inner sanctum, which consisted of a small kitchen and a sitting room with two armchairs on one side and piles of boxes on the other, a rather dull and dingy place to be perfectly honest though brightened considerably by the lovely Shula who was at the sink filling the kettle.
I didn’t think she wanted a hot drink anymore than I did so I walked up behind her and put my hands where I approximated her waist to be and breathed in her perfume as I kissed her ear and neck
“Oh Simon” she sighed
I was standing so close behind her that her pert buttocks were pressed against me
“I don’t really want a hot drink,” I said
“Ok” she said and put the kettle down before turning to face me
“Perhaps you would like a soft drink or a beer” she suggested
I ignored her and before she could speak again I kissed her and the moment my lips touched hers she locked onto my mouth like a limpet and her arms gripped me around the neck like a bear trap.
It was a warm liquid kiss with hot tongues of passion.
My hands caressed up and down her skinny frame repeatedly searching the landscape for obstacles before both hands ended up on her tight little buttocks.
I had often perused Shula and her garb, which appeared to be seamless and attached in someway to her lower legs. I had absolutely no expertise of the kind of garment she was wearing and I didn’t know my way in so I maneuvered her towards one of the armchairs and as I sat down I pulled her down with me,
Because she was so tall her head was above me, kissing down into my mouth, her tongue like a striking serpent in and out of mine, lips still locked limpet like on mine, nostrils snorting in air.
I now had one arm around her shoulder and the opposite hand on her waist which I slid slowly up to her breast; she drew in a sharp sighing breath through her nose as I fondled her titty through the fabric of her robes and the bra beneath and the moment my palm cupped her plump fruit our mouths disengaged briefly and she gave me a toothy smile before locking onto me again.
I fondled her little tit for a few minutes, which felt really nice but I wanted more.
So my hand left her breast and went slowly down to her thigh and knowing what was coming she wrapped her arms tightly around me and buried her face in my neck.
Her body stiffened as my hand progressed but she didn’t resist or halt my progress as my hand disappeared inside the folds of her robes between her thighs I could feel her firm thigh through the cloth before I moved quickly upward until I could feel her prominent mound then I slid my finger down and frigged her roughly through the fabric and she let out a little “Hmmm” of pleasure at my touch.
But abruptly sat upright, before reaching down to the hem of her robe and after a few moments grabbed handfuls of cloth and dragged it up to her now naked knees.
Shula looked at me and smiled coyly before nuzzling my neck again.
I moved my playful hand down from the seat of her heat to her naked knees and her body stiffened as my hand progressed up her inner thigh.
My fingers then disappeared beneath the massed folds of her robe until they reached the top of her thigh.
She squirmed on my lap and murmured as I entered her panties and my fingers were amongst the coarse hair of her Minge.
She moaned softly as they explored her bush and dallied on her prominent mound and when my digits descended into to the abyss of her creamy cunny she let out a hoary growl as I fingered her hot syrupy slit and stimulated her clit she let out a little
“Ohhhhhh” of pleasure at my touch and grabbed a cushion to bury her face in to stifle any further exclamation, of which there would be many so I stopped stroking her gorgeous wet pussy and took the cushion from her and discarded it.
She looked startled
“I want to hear every sound you make Shushu” I said and kissed her
“Every moan and murmur”
Then she looked at me and smiled as I resumed stroking her juicy cunny I looked at her face and delighted at every moan and grunt she made as each stoke of her clit brought her closer and closer to orgasm until finally she screamed out as she came beneath my touch, so loud that even the cushion wouldn’t have suppressed it,
Her thigh’s closed on my hand at the point of climax trapping my hand but my fingers were still between her lips and I stroked her clit again and again and her thighs opened and closed on my hand then she screamed again and kissed me on the mouth.
Then with no hint of the shyness she showed earlier she stood up and taking my hand almost dragged me towards the stairs.
I paused briefly on the bottom stair
“Are you sure?” I asked knowing the answer
“Yes, yes, yes” she said through gritted teeth and began pulling me up stairs
I followed her up the stairs at pace and on arriving in the upstairs accommodation I was struck with the luxurious contrast from the downstairs, but my mind didn’t dwell on the decor as all the blood from my brain had long since journeyed to my cock.
Shula continued dragging me until we were in her bedroom and after a quick glance at the double divan I determined it to be the marital bed.
Now a philanderer I might be and I may also occasionally shag married women but I do have standards and I never do it in the husband’s bed.
At that precise moment the massed folds of cloth that had prior to that moment cloaked her skinny frame dropped to the floor leaving her wearing only a white bra and panties, sandals and a crucifix around her neck.
And I thought what the hell it’s not a hard and fast rule,
I stared at the white of her underwear and marveled as it showed in stark contrast with her chocolate coloured skin
At that moment Shula's slim fingers reached up to unfasten the catch on her bra and my hands reached around to replace the lace and cupped her beautiful chocolate confections.
And as my hand groped her naked breasts and played with her hardening nipples I kissed her neck and as I looked down I could see them quivering before my libidinous eyes like little brown muffins topped by the now swollen dark chocolate nipples.
When I began tiring of her titties I let one hand drift down her belly and I slipped my fingers under the waistband of knickers and bypassing her substantial thicket I began frigging her juicy pussy once more and before long as her legs began to buckle she screamed again as she climaxed.
Shula turned around and kissed me and rubbed the lump in my trousers with her long boney fingers.
I started undoing my belt and she stepped back and stood licking her lips as she watched.
“Knickers off Shushu” I told her and she complied immediately without a second thought and no hint of shyness and then she resumed her libidinous sentry duty.
I let my trousers drop to the ground and then pulled my pants down to expose my swollen cock and she stared at it with her big black eyes as she sat down on the bed and as I pulled on my shaft to expose my purple helmet they almost popped out of her head.
I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and she eyed me up and down appraising what she was about to receive.
“Are you ready?” I asked and she just nodded wide-eyed and open mouthed
I did think about slipping my cock into her half open mouth but I was ready to go and we could save that for another day.
So instead I leant down and slipped my tongue into her mouth instead and as we kissed I picked her up and then threw her gently onto the middle of the bed and before she’d finished bouncing I was there between her skinny legs and pausing for just a second to push her skinny thighs further apart my cock was inside her.
And she was blissfully tight and I thought as I thrust into her up to my balls that Omid must be hung like a mouse not to have stretched her pussy by now but I wasn’t complaining.
Shula was loving every stroke and she made no attempt to stifle or muffle the grateful moans and screams.
I raised my torso up so I could look at her gorgeous body writhing beneath me.
Her head thrashed from side to side but this did not distract me from staring at Shushu’s tits separated by her crucifix, which rolled back and forth in synch.
Her big black eyes never left my naked torso until I raised my self up higher so I could look down at her wild black bush and she lifted her head off the pillow to watch my pink prick repeatedly penetrating her tight brown pussy.
Then she looked at me and smiled but I knew I had to finish her with my shaft very soon because Aunt Anjuli would soon return from the hospital.
So I mercilessly pumped on her faster and faster until I couldn’t tell when one moan ended and the next began until she let out one almighty scream as she came and then two more stokes and I release my hot load into her.

As I was dressing I watched as she redressed her lovely body in her white robe, the fullness of her titties hard to disguise and her chocolate nipples were clearly visible thought the fabric.
When we were back downstairs in the shop we had an affectionate farewell kiss and I had another good grope of her tits.
“No more” Shula gave me a playful slap and said “tomorrow” which was both a statement and a question
We kissed once more before I opened the door and headed home.
I had only gone about fifty yards when a taxi passed me with Anjuli in the back.
“That was close,” I said out loud

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