Monday, 29 October 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 35) Trick or treat

I was up early on Sunday morning despite the rather energetically satisfying session with Miss Smithson, and I stripped the bed, remaking it with fresh bed linen before I went downstairs to load the washer.
If memory served me well I’d soiled those sheets with Maisie, Jenny and Molly.
I certainly couldn’t bed Georgia on dirty sheets especially when they were dirtied by other women’s passions.
Georgia may indeed suspect my infidelity and with good reason but that does not mean I should present her with forensic evidence squirted all over the bedding.
I also wanted to wash, tumble and fold the bedding away before I brought Georgia back, just in case she put two and two together and came up with “dirty cheating bastard”.
I know I should have felt really guilty after what Georgia had said to me at lunch the day before but Jenny Smithson was such a surprisingly good fuck and I’m only flesh and blood.

I met up with Georgia, her parents and the twins outside St Lucy’s and was surprised to find once inside that the Reverend Oliver was conspicuous by her absence.
A replacement Priest in the form of a middle aged bespectacled buffoon by the name of Aubrey Brakespear, an associated Vicar from St Mary’s in Kiddingstone, who sermonized at length and the dullness of which was only made worse only by its lack of brevity.
After the service, rumours abounded about the vicars absence, I personally feared for a repeat of the over indulgence similar to the previous weekend, which may as a result have left her incapacitated.
Some spoke of an accident but no details were forthcoming although hospital was mentioned a lot.
A death in the family was a popular rumour as was a parishioner with cancer, a sick child, a crisis of faith, the truth was in there somewhere but if anyone really knew they kept it well hidden.

After we thanked the Vicar “for a marvelous sermon” and said all our goodbyes we walked the short distance to the Cross Keys and had one of Carols marvelous Sunday lunches,
Where further rumours circulated, the general tone of which was sympathetic to the vicar rather than derogatory, that couldn’t be a good sign I thought.
Afterwards I settled the bill and we all agreed that we were all so stuffed full that a constitutional was necessary to walk it off.
It was a pleasant enough afternoon for it, very sunny but a chill wind, so we opted for the west forest which would give us the benefit of the sun but shield us from the wind.
We walked the woodland for over an hour and when we reached a cross roads, the route to the Gregory’s house lay straight ahead
The path to mine was left so we said our goodbyes and Georgie and I made our way home to soil the fresh crisp bed linen.
Although I was very much looking forward to ravishing her taught young body all afternoon part of me, not the part that would be busy doing the ravishing obviously, was dreading the bits in between the action.
The periods in the afterglow when feelings and emotions are expressed, souls are bared and hearts unburdened.
This was not something I was looking forward to because there was the thorny question of her mistrust of me and what she would say, what she would ask and how many lies I would have to tell her.
My biggest fear was however that each time we talked was another step towards the deadline.
Another day closer to that dreaded moment when it ended.
How much time would elapse before she finally lost patience with me and my philandering and found someone more worthy of her love.
But the dreaded questions never came, all the talk was of the future, the distant future, the future beyond February.
Beyond the deadline in her ultimatum.
So was I off the hook?
Had I met the criteria?
Clearly not if she was privy to all the information and all the names of those I had been privy with.
Though my love was for her alone, Love has never been the issue, has never been in doubt.
I am the issue, or does she now think I was the issue, because she seemed content, with me.
Did she know I was still screwing around but was giving her tacit consent or did she actually think I was only shagging her and bashing my bishop when we were apart?
Was I now free to carry on as before without the sword of Damocles hanging over my head?
Or was it my chance to live up to her expectation?
Did this mean I had carte blanche to indulge in guilt free sex?
This was my dilemma.
After we had made love for the third time I pledged my love to her and promised to be good and faithful and then I walked her home.
I spent the three days following my declaration writing down all my indiscretions and betrayals for the titillating consumption of fat middle-aged men.
Still at least when I was sat in my study writing about it I wasn’t out and about adding to the list.
We did do some serious talking however and one of the things we discussed was her work load at Uni.
As a result she said she wouldn’t be home again until Christmas as she needed to keep focused, I promised to support her anyway I could.
I suggested she should stop the part time job and as I had such a great payday from the French publication, see it just sounds dirtier, I said I would pay her rent for as long as she wanted.
She didn’t want to say yes but it would take so much pressure off she reluctantly agreed.
We also agreed on no more Skpe video calls, because she said if she saw me she’d miss me more, and it would be hard enough as it was.
Like wise with phone calls.
So just emails once a week, and texts for emergencies, and I would drop everything if she needed me.
We felt at the end of it we had archived something and we both felt a weight had been lifted though weights of very different kinds.
Georgia wanted to spend the night with me as it would be the last one for a while but she still had to pack and such.
And she also needed to have the conversation with her parents.
So I took her home and the next morning I borrowed Geoff’s car and drove her back to Roehampton.

There were tears at the Gregory’s house and I thought there would be more later.
But eventually we set off Luckily the traffic was really light which meant even after unloading the car and carrying the bags up to her room there was still enough time to do her one last time before her first lecture started.
The location we settled on for our farewell fuck was the kitchen counter, this was made all the more exciting firstly because the house wasn’t empty and second because one of the housemates, Alison, a skinny scraggy titted girl was very OCD when it came to hygiene.
So when I lifted the knickerless Georgia off the counter it was very satisfying to see the surface looked like a pan of pasta had boiled over.
There was just enough time for Georgia to go and freshen up down below and don some clean undercrackers before I dropped her in time for her lecture.
As predicted there were more tears, after all we wouldn’t be seeing each other for two months.
When she was composed enough to get out the car she walked straight into the building without looking back.

On the drive home Georgia texted me, I pulled over as soon as I could, in case this was an emergency. But she just wanted to say that Alison was making a sandwich on the spunky counter.
The poor girl would have night terrors if she knew what we’d done there two hours earlier.
I got a stirring in my trousers just when I thought about what we did there; just remembering the sex with Georgia turned me on.
After returning home later that afternoon I parked Geoff’s car on the Gregory’s drive and then rather wasted the rest of the day, sitting watching old black and white movies on cable.
Later I consumed a rather unsatisfying evening meal before heading to bed for an early night and went out like a light.

On Tuesday I set about catching up with emails and such like, sorting through the mail and settling some bills.
When I opened my bank statement I was surprised to see just how well I was doing and the bank balance made very good reading.
Clearly there was a lot to be said for a deviant lifestyle and/or writing about deviant life.

On Wednesday afternoon, it being Halloween, I made my preparations for the evening onslaught of greedy little darlings demanding their trick or treat.
I decorated the porch with skulls and other seasonal paraphernalia, lit the jack o lantern and filled two plastic buckets to the brim with assorted sweets and chocolates and finally as the time approached I donned my Wizards costume to greet the sweet toothed hooligans.

The two buckets were both half empty by 6.30 and I wondered just how many children there were in such a small village.
I must admit after a constant stream of trick or treaters over two busy hours I was starting to flag.
I was just about to sit for five minutes when the doorbell rang again.
I sighed and put on my best festive smile and opened the door
“Trick or treat” the excited children chimed
There were four young children escorted by two much older girls who were very familiar to me.
One was dressed in the Wednesday Addams outfit I’d removed her from on Saturday night and the other was her best friend Emily Gomez who was dressed as a witch.
“Trick or treat” they all cried again
“Oh a Treat please” I said
As I held out the buckets for the children
“That’s not how it works” Emily said, “We get the treat”
“Well I’m game if you are,” I said directly to Emily
She was always the bolder of the two “former flirty virgins” on the day of her 16th birthday she sought me out for her own seduction.
She licked her lips and looked at her friend who smiled and said
“You can catch us up, come on kids, let’s go”
“Where’s Emily going?” one of the children asked
“She going to use the toilet” Jenny replied “she’ll catch us up”
Emily stepped in the house and I closed the door behind her.
She stood against the wall in her witch’s outfit, all in black except for the white stripes on her socks. And the red laces in her high-heeled ankle boots.
Emily was smiling and biting her lip
“Well come and get your treat then” I said
And she took off her witch’s hat and threw it on the floor before
The little witch kissed me and I took her firm young body in my arms.
Where as her friend Jenny’s body had matured and filled out, Emily’s had remained as it was the day I took her virginity.
I fumbled inside her cloak and quickly rummaged my way through the layers until I reached her bare flesh and moments later I had un-harnessed her plump little tits and got them both in hand.
Her hot mouth was clamped over mine as her darting tongue explored every inch of my mouth and she snorted noisily through her nose.
Then her mouth, lips and tongue kissed and licked their way to my ear as my hands were grasping hands full of skirt until my palms were touching the naked flesh at the top of her socks and from her outer thighs moved up to her buttocks squeezing the pliable cheeks until my hands were entering her knickers and dragging them off her plump cheeks as Emily slurped in my ear.
Once her knickers were at half-mast I turned my attention to the witches familiar, her pussy, my right hand moved seamlessly from buttock to hip to belly and then descended through her lush bush, to rest on her mound, she stopped tonguing my ear and looked at me earnestly before giving me one of her smiles and my finger slipped inside her crease, Her smile widened and her eyes rolled back into her head as I fingered her among the hot creamy sauce of my Halloween treat.
And there we stood Emily pinned against the wall with her knickers around her thighs as I frigged her wet gash until she came
“What shall I do to the naughty little witch now” I asked her
“I want your wand” she replied and giggled
I took her hand and led her from the hall into the lounge but due to her low-slung drawers Emily had to waddle not unlike a penguin until we reached the sofa.
I propped her against the end of the sofa and knelt in front of her and with my hands beneath the hem of her skirt I slid them up slowly from her knees to her naked thighs, taking the skirt with them until her thick black pubic triangle was before my eyes and I buried my face in it
I would have like to have given her the same thorough treatment that Jenny had received but there was no time for that this time.
While my nose took in her erotic scent my hands pulled her knickers down to her ankle,
I stood up with my hands still up her skirt and gripping her buttocks one gorgeous cheek in each hand I lifted her up so her pert arse was sitting on top of the sofa back.
I leant her backwards and her legs came up and I pulled her black knickers off her over her boots.
As she lay balanced along the sofa back with her pussy on display I dropped my trousers and readied myself and then to her delight I penetrated her tight brown pussy.
I looked down on her as I was doing her and her thick black pubic patch and I thought how beautifully hairy she was.
I knew this was going to be over all too soon and I really wished I could spend more time on her, but Emily was a game bird so I knew this would not be the last time she would be wetting my balls.
Emily knew only to well how much I liked her tits and her chocolate coloured nipples so she uncovered then and put them on display.
She wrapped her striped legs around me as I pumped her tight pussy.
My hands slid forwards and fondled her titties and her small hands grasped handfuls of my cloak as I reached the short strokes and her moans became frantic until her back arched and we both came in unison.
I was reluctant to withdraw from her because I knew there would be no second helping that night.

We had a final kiss and cuddle by the front door before I opened it and she stepped out under the porch light.
“You’ve got come on you cloak” I said
“It’s an occupational hazard for a dirty little witch” she replied and trotted off down the path laughing.

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