Monday, 29 October 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 34) Keeping Out The Cold

On Friday morning I woke relatively early and was in exceedingly good spirits, Georgia was coming home.
Not that I was going to see a lot of her.
Next day was the last Saturday before Halloween and it was traditionally the day when the big children’s fancy dress party at the Golf club was held.
It was one of Georgia’s favourite events of the year and she would be working all day, it was one of those events, Christmas being the other one that she would work for free if she had too.
So although Geoff was picking her up that day I wouldn’t get to spend any quality time with her until Sunday, but we would make the most of the time and use it wisely.
In the mean time I planned a rather lazy morning, a leisurely breakfast, a long soak in the bath, that kind of thing.
But as I was on the way up the stairs there was a knock on the door so I turned around and opened it and when I did the postman was standing there with a parcel.
Pleasantries were exchanged and he handed me one of those plastic handsets to sign and then I exchanged it for the parcel.
“I know what that is,” I said to myself as I walked up the hall and I put it down on the hall table before resuming my journey upstairs.

After a good long soak and a close shave I walked down the stairs dressed for the day, retrieved the parcel and carried it into the kitchen.
I put it on the table and opened it and its contents were as expected.
As it was Friday and therefore gardening day I expected to see Frankie and Maisie pottering about in the garden but when I looked out through the window I could only see Maisie who was raking leaves off lawn.
I opened the door and called out
“Hey Maisie”
She turned around and smiled
“Hello Simon”
“Come inside a minute, I’ve got something for you”
“Ok” she replied “just for a minute though”
She came into the kitchen and stood on the mat.
“Where’s Frankie today?” I asked her
“She cut her hand yesterday so I’m on my own” Maisie said rubbing her hands “she needed 5 stitches”
“There’s something for you in the box” I said, pointing at the box in question, and then I put the kettle on
“What is it?” she asked
“Well have a look and you’ll find out” I said
She stooped down and untied her boots and then slipped them off before walking to the table.
She delved into the box with a puzzled expression and then a broad grin came over her face.
“Wow” she said excitedly “that’s just what I need”
“They’re not very sexy” I said
“They’re perfect” she said offering the combinations up to herself.
“Thanks Simon, Can I put them on?” she asked with great excitement
“Of course you can hon” I said, “you know where to go, I’ll make a drink”
So she quickly shed her coat and rushed off clutching the long underwear to her chest like they were something precious.
I picked up her coat and hung it on the back of a chair and then made the drink.
I was sitting at the table drinking mine when the kitchen door opened slightly and Maisie’s head appeared.
“Ok?” I queried
Maisie nodded, then the door opened fully and she stepped into the kitchen wearing the blue thermal combinations and began strutting around like she was on the catwalk.
I wasn’t expecting a floor show, I thought she would try them on and then put everything else on over the top but hey who was I to complain.
“Well I was wrong about them not being sexy,” I said and Maisie giggled
“How do they feel?” I asked
“Fab” she replied “they’re all fleecy inside”
She was clearly very pleased with them and would have gone outside in them had I suggested it.
“Come and sit down,” I said as I stood up and offered my seat
“I’m too excited to sit down,” she said
I said to myself “calm down girl it’s only winter underwear” then I thought that with her upbringing she was probably not used to having things bought for her so I chastised myself as
I put a hand on each shoulder and tried to steer her into my seat.
“Wow they are soft aren’t they?”
“They’re even softer inside” she said
Then she pulled my hands off her shoulders and down to her breasts
“Softer than these”
Taking advantage of the situation was not my intention when I asked her to come in, it really was just to give her the thermal underwear, I hadn’t for a second, thought it was going to affect her that way.
Its not as if I had just given her sexy lingerie, it was a union suit as the Americans call them, real passion killers.
But judging by the stiffness of her protruding nipples beneath my palms this indicated to me that she was clearly turned on.
I should have stopped there but I was turned on as well by then so I massaged her breasts though the fleecy fabric and she responded by turning to kiss me and rubbing her bum cheeks against the growing lump in my trousers.
It was obvious to me that Maisie had come to the boil very quickly rendering any protracted foreplay redundant so I bent her over the table and pulled open the trap door to gain access to her Minge, and I could see her lips were slightly parted so I probed her with my forefinger and found her to be lusciously lubricated.
Quickly I un-trousered my tool and with a short tug exposed my helmet before I slipped it between her dewy lips.
Maisie responded with a low animal grunt and then her hands gripped the edge of the table as she braced to receive the next length and that was also greeted with a grunt as was the next one and the next and the next.
And as the frequency of my penetrations increased so did the tone of her vocalizing.
The coffee had begun slopping out of the mugs as the rogering became more energetic and as I was giving her the short strokes she was letting out a single low moan until the point of ejaculation when she just screamed out “yes” and collapsed panting on the table beside a puddle of coffee.
As I pulled out of her and tucked my old chap away I thought
How sometimes things do not go to plan, thankfully there was no risk of Georgia catching me at it, which was one of her great fears.
But in my defense when I bought Maisie the underwear it really was as an act of kindness and not with any expectation that I was going to nail her up the trap door over the kitchen table.

When she was fully dressed for the out doors and carrying her second pair of combies in a carrier bag she gave me a very passionate kiss
“That was lovely Simon but we mustn’t do this anymore” she said chastising me
“Because you have a girlfriend and so do I now”
Then over her shoulder she shouted to me as she raised the carrier bag above her head
“Thanks again for the undies”
And off she went back to work and I thought as I watched her raking leaves that the thermals she was wearing would need to go in the wash tonight after the spontaneous cameo that would enhance another lusty chapter.

On Saturday I had arranged to meet Georgia for lunch at the club.
She had two hours in between setting up for the Halloween party and the children arriving for it.
I had only seen her for about half an hour the day before, although I was invited to eat with the Gregory’s, I declined.
I thought it was important that they should have her all to themselves and spend the evening as a family.
I would have her all to myself on Sunday so there was no need to be greedy.
I arrived at the club at exactly 1.00pm and Georgia was already sat waiting for me in the clubroom.
As I walked in I passed a skinny brown haired figure in black who peered at me over her specs and smiled as I approached
“Good afternoon Miss Snipe” I said
“Nice to see you again Mr. Fisher” she responded
I gave an involuntary shiver after the exchange of pleasantries and the smile on her lips was very disconcerting the Snipe was a very stern looking creature who never smiled.
I reached Georgia and she stood up and hugged me and then we kissed.
“Sorry, am I late?” I asked knowing full well I was on time
“No” she replied “I was early”
Then as we sat down she whispered
“Snipe let finish early because she didn’t want me to be late”
“Wow” I replied
“She’s been nice to me all morning” she continued “and she said there would be something extra in my pay packet”
“You’re kidding?” I said feigning surprise
“Because of all my hard work I did in the summer, and a pay rise, can you believe that?”
“Extraordinary behaviour” I said “it must be because of Halloween, that’s like Christmas for witches”
And we both laughed
“I’m not complaining though” she said, “I just wish I knew why”
“Oh no you don’t” I thought to myself but out loud I said
“Because you deserve it that’s why”

It was time for Georgia to return to work and as I was preparing to leave she suddenly said
“I’ve really missed you” and kissed me “even more than usual”
And she kissed me again and when she stopped she continued
“Especially since you came to see me after Paris” and she blushed scarlet
“I didn’t realize until then just how much I meant to you”
I began to speak but she continued before I got a word out
“I don’t know what happened over there but if it has that effect on you when you’re away you should do it more often.”
Inwardly I said “No I really couldn’t do it more often”
“I love you” she said and disappeared through the staff only door.
Now I felt really guilty.
She told me she loved me partly because of the attention I paid her in Roehampton.
And she thought that attention was because I missed her so much when I was in Paris, and I did miss her, but what had really taken me there was guilt
Guilt for the fact I had enjoyed my dirty outing with Claire far too much.
And Georgia was pleased that Miss Snipe is being nice to her but the reason for that is because I poked Agnes over her desk.
All that on top of the guilt I felt when after I awoke looking forward to spending time with Georgia I ended up nailing Maisie up the trap door over my kitchen table that very morning.
And I justify my actions by calling it research and laugh it off, I am going to lose her and then I’ll be sorry.

I was just musing on Georgia’s parting words and how much I didn’t deserve her because of my roving eye when my roving eye was instantly attracted to a very tidy denim clad arse.
Obviously my first thought was “I wouldn’t mind a go on that”
Then the girl turned round I saw it was Jenny Smithson and I realized I already had.
As I gave her a lecherous appraisal I had to admit that in the few months since I’d popped her cherry she had filled out very nicely indeed.
She was still slim but there were more curves to her now and I estimated her tits required a bra two-cup sizes bigger to hold them.
Just at that moment she caught sight of me
“Hi Simon” she said and tottered over to me carrying a large carrier bag in each hand
“Jen, you look gorgeous” I said and we did the air kissing thing
“What are you up to?” I asked
“I’m helping at the party” she said a little breathless and her cheeks were flushed “I have my costume in the bags”
I had seen her breathless and flushed many times and I felt a slight trouser tickle as I remembered the circumstances.
“Is Emily not with you today?” I asked
“No she’s gone up to London with her Mater and Pater”
She replied
“So who are you dressing up as?” I queried
“Wednesday Addams” she replied “I hope it’s not to sexy”
“It’s bound to be with you in it” I said flirting
She giggled and blushed
“I’m only sorry I didn’t get to see you wearing it” I added as she walked away blushing an even deeper red.

As I walked home I reflected on how happy Georgia had been,
And how she clearly thought I was someone I was not.
She was in love with the person I could be and not the person I was.
She gave me until her birthday to change and I was no nearer
Achieving that change now than I was when she delivered the ultimatum but Georgia thought I was.

When I got home I pottered around and tidied up the mess Maisie and I had made on the kitchen table when she so vigorously received my deposit.
Then I went into my study and sat at my desk and I felt heartily ashamed of my behavior since I’d been to Paris with Claire and reviewed the catalogue of infidelity.
There was the double spank and wank in the Carrington’s stables ending with rogering India on the hay and the next days jealousy inspired session in my bed with Maisie, the Wicked Witch of the West bent over her own desk, oh and not forgetting the double disgrace of Cousin Molly and her girlfriend Samantha and then that very mornings skewering of Maisie up the trap door of the combinations I had just gifted to her.
Shame didn’t really cover it but despite that deep feeling of shame it didn’t last long and it didn’t prevent me from committing my shameful exploits to paper in the most titillating way possible.

I had fallen asleep in the large leather chair in my study and I awoke suddenly to find Jenny Smithson standing in the doorway.
I wasn’t sure if it was real or I was dreaming so I closed my eyes and when I opened them again she was still there.
It must have been my heightened pussy radar that stirred me from my slumber because she hadn’t made a sound and she didn’t speak.
Jenny just stood there dressed as Wednesday Addams.
Wearing a black dress with large white cuffs and matching collar, I liked collar and cuffs to match, blacks tights, I presumed them to be so anyway and low heels but heels nonetheless to shape her legs
Around her narrow waist was a broad black belt with a large silver buckle I thought she looked very sexy which was quite perverse as the costume wasn’t meant to be sexy, and on her head she wore a brown wig with long braids,
Her complexion was naturally pale so her face didn’t require make up.
The disgust and self loathing I had felt earlier evaporated away as I began to wonder how I was going to have her.

She undid the belt and dropped it on the floor as she walked towards me and began unbuttoning the front of her dress
I could see the lace edge of her black bra appear and after another pave the whole cup was visible.
By the time she reached my chair I could see right down to the waistband of her tights.
Then she leant forward and put a hand on the arm rests either side of me to support her self allowing the full weight of her tits to hang seductively inviting in their black lace holster.
Then she kissed me in a passionate, wet, cock swelling way and I reciprocated.
When she stopped she stood up and taking hold of both hands pulled me up out of the chair, then with a shrug of her shoulders the dress was around her ankles.

I intended to pick her up and carry her upstairs but instead we performed a frantic lustful dance as we each tried to steer each other towards the stairs which must have looked like type of horny pinball as we careered off the walls.
At the foot of the stairs we lost our bearings and ended up in the kitchen where I unhooked the catch between her breasts and they briefly swung invitingly free until I gave then a thorough groping, they had certainly matured in the few weeks since I had last fondled them.
Then I pushed her backwards onto the table and sucked her magnificent erect, pink nipples, sucking on them like a hungry child.
Only the 70 denier fabric of her black tights and a pair of scanty briefs stood between me and another joyful betrayal.
Her breasts were rising and falling and I could hear her heart pounding in her chest as I suckled on her.
When I stopped sucking on her tits leaving them wet, misshapen and swollen.
Then I reached up under her arse with both hands and smartly yanked the tights from her cheeks and down her thighs to her knees, then I went up there again for her pants this time she obliged me by lifting her arse off the table and the black lace panties rolled easily off her buttocks and I gently pushed her legs back until her knee’s rested on her tits so that when I looked lustily down at her pink pussy it was inviting me to dine, So with a hand behind each knee to hold her open I plunged in to the salty rime and licked out her clamshell.
"Oh God Simon" she moan as I licked her out and one of her shoes fell off while I noshed her, it was the first time she had spoken.
She gripped the table so tightly her knuckles showed white and as I continued to work on her with my tongue she very soon came.
I stood up licking my lips and disposed of her remaining shoe before I roughly pulled her tight and knickers off over her feet.
“Do it here” she begged “do it now” and she tried to release my cock from my trousers, her bra hanging on her like a gunslingers vest.
I suddenly became fearful of being seen so I thought it would be best to take her upstairs.
Besides the kitchen table had seen enough action for one day.
“no” I said sternly as I quickly locked the door and she looked at me crestfallen until I said "bed"
Which was greeted with a broad smile and then she ran up the stairs like a rat up a drainpipe
I took more measured strides and paused to lock the front door and I even made sure the chain was on before I and my erection made a steady ascent up the stairs.
Jenny was sitting on her haunches in the middle of the bed when I entered the room.
“Hurry, hurry” she screamed excitedly bouncing up and down on her knees.
The wig lay on the bedroom floor and she had released her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and as I looked down at her Minge I thought again about how much I liked the collar and cuffs to match.
As Jenny bounced, everything bounced although my eyes focused on her tits.
“Hurry” she said urgently crawling towards me on her hands and knees.
Then she grabbed my belt and pulled me towards her and hurriedly began undoing my trousers
“Time to get it out” she said with a look of intense concentration on her face.
“There he is” Jenny said gleefully as she roughly pulled my pants down and released the beast.
Meanwhile I was unbuttoning my shirt when Jen suddenly leapt up and taking me by surprise she shoved me hard so I fell onto the bed.
“Get on your back” she commanded and I duly complied and in an instant she was on top of me and thrusting her eager cunny onto my throbbing cock.
“Oh that’s it” she moaned as with luscious liquid thrusts she skewered herself on me again and again.
I thought as I lay beneath her fondling her tits while she fucked me.
How different this girl was to the shy clumsy pupil I tutored in the summer as she expertly performed on me so satisfyingly.
Unlike the previous times she had ridden me she remained completely in control as she elicited the most sensual self satisfying moans.
Not needing to intercede I just gripped her ample buttocks as she rode me beyond the precipice and she screamed
“Oh fuck” as I shot into her.
Jenny was such a surprisingly good fuck I was in no rush to let her leave and I let her have me twice more before I finally put her in a cab.
Between her and her best friend Emily, Jen was always the shy girl, who lacked self confidence but not that night,
I didn’t know it as I watched the cab drive away that it would turn out to be the last time I got to enjoy her.

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