Monday, 29 October 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 33) Mistaken Identity

When I got to my bed, after dealing with the miscreant Snipe in her office, it was approaching 6 am so Sunday for me didn’t properly begin until 1 o’clock and I didn’t feel a hundred percent.
However a shower, two mugs of coffee and some dry toast helped and I felt a lot better as I left the house at about 2.30pm.
I didn’t have to walk far as I was only going next door to Judith’s and I knocked rang the doorbell.
The door was opened by a young man.
“Hi Callum” I said “Is mum ready?
“Yes Simon” he replied “she’s just coming”
Then Judith appeared looking as fresh as a daisy and said
“See you later love” and kissed her son
Turning her attention to me she said “hello Simon, you look rough”
“Thanks Judith” I said and she laughed
Then we moved onto Victoria’s and even she looked ok considering what she put down her neck
“Hello you two” she said and continued “goodness Simon you look a little green around the gills”
Maisie came to the door and wagged a finger at me
“Bring her home sober this time” she said
“Yes mum” Judith and I said in unison
Our next port of call was the vicarage and when the door eventually opened the vicar stood before us looking like death warmed over.
“Good God” I said
“Heavens above” exclaimed Judith
“Right let’s get in the house” said Victoria taking charge.
“I have just the thing for what ails you vicar”
Victoria rummaged in her bag and fished out a medicine bottle with a dirty brown substance in it.

“I’ll try anything“ Katy said pitifully about to sit in an armchair
“No don’t sit vicar” Victoria commanded, “You need to be ready to move”
Victoria handed the glass bottle to Katy and said
“Take a good slug of that”
“And then what?” asked the vicar
“You’ll know what” Victoria said
Katy took a good long pull on the bottle and then licked her lips before saying
“That’s not as bad as it lo….”
She never finished the sentence as she turned a funny shade of puce and headed for the toilet.
The noises that came from behind the toilet door are best not described but left to the imagination.
When she emerged some ten minutes later she looked more like her old self.
Another twenty minutes after that she was fit to be seen in church.
When we left the vicarage we were running late and when we reached the village green the coach was already loaded and waiting for us.
Apologies’ were quickly made and the coach pulled away.

It wasn’t a bad service, a bit happy-clappy for my taste but it was ok, and on the coach back to the village it got mixed reviews although the general consensus was that it wasn’t as good as St Lucy’s.
It was 7 o’clock when the coach returned to the village green and after disembarking from the coach a small select group of pilgrims decided on pub grub at the Cross Keys, the vicar declined on religious grounds namely that she didn’t want any further communication with God on the porcelain telephone.
Most of those who stayed, left quite early, myself and one or two other decided to make an evening of it one of whom was the beautifully bald Dakota Browning, who I mistakenly believed to be American but was actually born in the village but was raised across the pond.
I decided to stay in the pub solely because I had designs upon her hairless body.
When I looked at her I was taken back to my childhood when I watched the first Star Trek movie, with my dad, he has always been a massive Star Trek fan and we watched it together many times.
In the movie there was an alien character, Lieutenant Ilia, onboard the Enterprise, played by Persis Khambatta and she was completely bald.
And in my adolescent sexual awakening I was smitten with the baldy alien.
For many years there after one of my fantasies was to look down on her bald head as she went down on me.
Since meeting Dakota at the Vicarage my youthful yearning have been rekindled especially after Judith informed me she was “completely hairless” after a childhood accident.
As the evening wore on and the crowd thinned out I got to spend some time with her one on one and we were getting on very well Come chucking out time I very much fancied my chances so I asked her back to mine but much to my disappointment she declined.
She was currently staying with her Aunt and Uncle and would be there for a few weeks and she was expected back and she really didn’t want to worry them.
So that was a no go and given the weather it was not really conducive with alfresco shagging so as she lived the other side of the village I did the gentlemanly thing and offered to walk her home anyway.
About five minutes after we set off it started to rain so we made a run for it and ducked into the bus shelter until the rain passed and the moment we were undercover she pinned me in the corner and kissed me and I think even if I wanted to escape I don’t think I could have she was so strong and muscular.
When she stopped she said
“Well that was ok” still pinning me in the corner
“Are you sure you don’t want to come back to mine?” I asked
“I can’t” she said with real disappointment “next time though for sure” and she kissed me again and when the rain eased we left the comfort of the shelter and carried on up the road.
Within about a minute there was the sound of a car horn and when we looked around it was Dakotas Uncle Will come to look for her.
Will thanked me for looking after her, Dakota thanked me for the company and as she got in the car she said
“Next time for sure”
Now considering it was only a snog in a bus shelter I had a serious swelling in my pants and if that was the effect she had on me after a kiss I couldn’t wait until the next time.
So with that in mind I headed home, and looked forward to shagging Dakota the first time the opportunity arose.
I was also looking forward to seeing Georgia again it was less than a week away before she would be back.
Her Dad Geoff was picking her up from University on Friday lunchtime.
Not that I would get to see a lot of her as there was the big children’s Halloween party at the club on Saturday and she loved working that day so I wouldn’t get to see her properly until Sunday.
As the crow fly’s I was probably no further away from home where I left Dakota than when I was at the pub and I was sufficiently familiar with the village and its varied short cuts that I was home very quickly and I was surprised to see my cousin Molly’s car parked out side the house, I put my hand on the bonnet and it was cold to the touch so I figured she must have been there a while.
To my shame my first thought was that my hard on would not go to waste and my lover’s balls would get some relief.
The house was in complete darkness so Molly had obviously turned in but I had just the thing to wake her.
On entering the house I went into the lounge and sat down on the sofa to take off my shoes and I woke up there 6 hours later.
Clearly the excessive amount of alcohol consumed, well excessive for me anyway, the late nights and other exertions had taken their toll.
When I awoke I still had the vivid images of naked hairless women performing every conceivable sexual act on me and as a result of what I had been dreaming I was sporting a spectacular early riser.
When I rose from the chair I was feeling a little stiff but I thought a hot bath would sort that, I was more concerned with easing a stiffness of a different kind first.
As I stood in the downstairs bathroom trying to piss, not easily achieved with a boner, I found adopting the ski jumper stance was the most effective but by no means foolproof.
Once I had finished I looked down at my proud member and wondered who the lucky recipient would be.
The leading contender was of course Molly who was A) a nice comfortable fuck and B) in the house at that very moment.
“She’ll do,” I said out loud
I quickly undressed, had a wash in the sink, cleaned my teeth and squirted liberally and then addressing my erection said
“Now let’s go for some borderline incest”
I crept upstairs to the spare room and slipped into bed, Molly was lying on her side with her back to me so I cuddled up and spooned her.
“Mmmm” she murmured as I nuzzled her neck and slid my hand on to her breast.
As I toyed and teased her teat I kissed her skin and breathed in her perfume which was an unfamiliar fragrance.
As I pushed my other hand between her neck and the pillow it quickly replaced the hand already fondling her tit.
The free hand then moved swiftly down her belly to seek out her pussy.
Molly instantly parted her thighs in anticipation of my digits arrival.
“Mmmmm” she acquiesced as my fingers crept closer and closer and then they were awash in her hot juice, slipping and sliding between her lips and I thought even by Molly’s standards her pussy was incredibly wet.
She had buried her face in the pillow so I couldn’t hear her animal grunts as I frigged her until she came.
Her hand reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and guided it roughly up her chuff.
Once I was well inside her cunny she buried her face in the pillow again as I banged into her over and over until she went rigid and I shot once then I gave her another and another until I was dry.
Molly relaxed and we lay still for a moment then I patted her arse, kissed her shoulder and withdrew.
“I’ll see you later babe”
“Mmmmm” she murmured
I slipped out of bed and left the room my cock still wet from her pussy and to my surprise I met Molly coming the other way, wrapped in a towel.
I did a double take, thinking how the hell did she get out here before me.
Molly didn’t speak at first she just looked at me and then my wet semi hard cock, then me again and then back to my fast shriveling dick.
“You just fucked Samantha,” she said accusingly
“While I was taking a bath you fucked Samantha” and then she laughed
“I thought it was you,” I said
“You didn’t notice anything different?” she asked
“It wasn’t you usual perfume” I replied
“You noticed my perfume was different but you didn’t notice the fact I’d grown a huge arse”
“That’s not a very nice thing to say about your friend,” I said reproachfully
“She’s not my friend she’s my girlfriend”
“Ah” I uttered “I just thought you’d filled out a bit”
“Filled out a bit, filled out a bit,” she repeated disbelievingly “how could you not tell I’d grown two dress sizes?”
She punched me on the arm and she was laughing again
“Her arse is much bigger than mine” she reiterated and punched me again then she looked at my droopy cock again.
“Isn’t it”?
I nodded
Molly disposed of her towel and displayed her wares
“Just to remind you what a tidy body looks like” and then she knelt down and licked and sucked her girlfriends’ juices off of me and when my Cousin and lover Molly had finished sucking me back to life she stood up and kissed me.
“Samantha told me I couldn’t fuck you this weekend” she said cocking a thumb in the direction of the spare room “And then she gets fucked”
“Well all bets are off” she said as she gripped my shaft and led me like a bull to slaughter to my bedroom.
“Now its time for the real Molly Curtis to get some cock”

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