Monday, 29 October 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 31) Horseplay

On returning home to Bushy Down from my three day Parisian romp/romantic interlude with Claire, for which I was still struggling to find the appropriate pigeon hole to place the experience in, I was left with a very different feeling than after our normal outings.
So I thought, rightly or wrongly, the best course of action was to make my way to Roehampton and reacquaint myself with the youthful delights of my girlfriend Georgia in her university digs.
I had made the decision while on the train from Guildford and Almost as soon as I arrived home I was off again, I just took the time to freshen up and throw a few clothes into a bag and off I went again.
I phoned Georgie from the station to let her know I was coming down and for some reason she went straight on the defensive.
“Why? What have you done” she asked suspiciously
“Nothing, I just miss you” which was not untrue and after that her mood softened and I was welcomed with open arms and other like minded limbs.
So I spent another extended stay with two nights of copious coupling and appropriate romancing in an attempt to redress the balance.
Which I think on the whole I achieved and I was suitably reassured of my love for her and was satisfied it wasn’t just mere lust.
I would have spent longer with her but it was clear that my interfering with her was interfering with her studies so regrettably I left her on Thursday evening.
It was wonderful being with her but I did lie to her when she asked if I was behaving myself, which in plain language meant “are you keeping it in your trousers”, I said of course.
She seemed to believe me although on reflection I think she probably wanted to believe me more than she actually did.
Also while I was with Georgia I spent some of the time dodging phone calls from my publisher, gay Gordon, who was obviously wanting to know the whereabouts of the now overdue chapters.
I would just have to tell him I had been away researching, which in a way I had.
I decided I would keep him waiting until I got home which was about 10.30pm and as I sat down with a large scotch I thought it was probably too late to call him so I resolved to call him in the morning instead and then the phone rang.

I managed to appease Gordon with the promise of a chapter or two by the coming Monday and a further three/four the Monday after that, which he seemed quite happy with.
I was very pleased as I already had one chapter ready to go which meant I could take the weekend off and just relax.
After all it had been a very energetic week.

On Friday morning I was having breakfast when the phone rang. My first thought was that Gordon had reconsidered and I would have to write all weekend after all, but as luck would have it, it turned out to be the Vicar to remind me that it was parish magazine delivery day and that I could pick my quota up from the Village hall anytime after 10.00am.
Shortly before Gerald Overend died I was co-opted onto the church committee as a temporary replacement for his wife Eleanor.
She had been at her sisters since the funeral and the evening of my rather disgraceful behaviour in Gerald’s study, and would remain there for some time yet
So my services were still required in her stead.
“No I hadn’t forgotten Katy” I lied “I was just on my way out the door”
“Oh that’s great Simon” she said with real relief in her voice “we’ll see you shortly then”
I was rather hurt by her genuine lack of faith in me, I know I had actually forgotten but that’s not the point.
I would have remembered if it hadn’t been such a hectic week.
I finished my coffee and went out the back door
I had my habitual grope at Frankie in the garden as usual and she let me have a good squeeze of her huge unfettered tits before she beat me away in feigned disgust.
It’s always been a bit of a game between us every Friday I would try and grope her and she would always beat me away before I reached her treasures.
But since the day she allowed me to split her ginger whiskers she always lets me have a bit of a fondle before she pushes me off.

It wasn’t how I planned to spend my day but I didn’t mind being out the house as it was Beryl Beamish day, Mrs Beamish is my cleaner, and she’s a very good cleaner but quite terrifying at the same time.
So being out and about in the fresh air on such a lovely day was not a chore.
My “patch” was on the Tollington side of the village and consisted of about 25 residences dotted along Tollington Lane and Updown Way, it was about a two hour round trip at an average pace
But I was in no rush as it was a pleasant day the Indian summer was still in evidence so I set off with the bag slung across my shoulder.
My mind was distracted as I made my way along the Tollington
Road delivering the Parish Magazines as I was writing the synopsis in my head for the next few chapters for which I had gathered plenty of research material in the field as it were.
When I reached the furthest most house from the village and made my delivery it started to rain and having left the house that morning without a coat I made a dash for the nearest stand of trees for shelter.
I thought it was probably only a shower but if it lasted longer I could easily amuse myself by setting down my libidinous synopses down in my note book.
The shower did indeed last longer than I thought but the time was well spent.
I headed back down Tollington Road until I reached the southerly end of Updown Way which was a horseshoe shaped road that climbed quite steeply up the hill then eased down the other side rejoining Tolling Road some ¾ of a mile nearer to Bushy Down.
I trudged up the hill and my legs were feeling it by the time I reached the top, where I took a breather and a drink.
Then I made the longer and gentler descent, making my deliveries as I went.
Halfway down the rain came again and this time there were no convenient trees to shelter under but I did see some fifty yards or so ahead a stable block and thought it the most likely source of shelter so I ran in that direction.
Once I got close I noticed the door was a jar so I pushed on it softly.
“Hello” I called as the door opened.
And inside I found India Carrington in the stable grooming her horse wearing only a baggy sweater and riding boots.
“Oh” she gasped “Simon”
“And what are you up to today?” I asked as I gave her a thorough appraisal
“I’m not doing anything wrong” she said defensively “honestly Simon”
“Really?” I quizzed “You do have form though”
Then she got anxious and tried to quickly defend herself talking rapidly.
“We got caught in the rain and my shirt and jodhpurs got wet so I’m drying them on the heater and this is the only dry thing I had to wear” she was almost breathless when she finished
“Yes well I’ve seen you in wet jodhpurs before haven’t I?” I said
“That was different” she said coyly and blushed deeply “and I only did it that once honestly, I’m not a nutter”
And then almost as a after thought
“And it made my nipples sore”
She was referring to the time I had come upon the most interesting scene, where India stood beside her tethered beast, wearing her riding hat, a white shirt opened to the waist and was rubbing her naked breasts against the horse’s neck and shoulder.
She had one hand gripping the horse’s neck and the other one down the front of her open jodhpurs busy pleasuring herself.
“You were very naughty though” I said sternly
“But not now” she said childlike
“So you haven’t done anything that deserves a spanking then?” I asked
She was about to say no but decided to leave the word unsaid perhaps she thought a spanking might be quite nice.
This might make another chapter I thought to my self.
I noticed a few hay bails stacked against the wall with horse blankets laying on them.
I sat down on the hay bail and lay my bag on the floor.
India looked coyly in my direction and putting down her curry comb walked slowly over to me with her head bowed looking at her leather booted feet.
“So you are the naughtiest girl I’d ever seen then?” I asked her
“Yes Simon” she answered quietly
I took her by the hand and bent her across my knee
I pulled the jumper up over her hips and exposed her perfect little buttocks
“I think six of the best for naughty girls” I said “you must count”
Then I gave a firm crisp slap on one cheek
“One” India said
Then on the other cheek
Then the first again
Then the second
Then another crisp slap
And a very hard one to finish
“SIX” she yelled as she squirmed on my lap and then let out a sigh.
Then I looked down at my handiwork, I looked down at her perfect little cheeks, round and white now blushed with vivid red.
Then I allowed my hand to caress the round pert buttocks, my digits stroking the red streaks left by my fingers.
From her perfect cheeks my fingers traced her shape to the top of her thigh and she squirmed again and let out another sigh
I craned my neck so I could see as my fingers explored her inner thigh and I felt her tense and she let out an involuntary murmur the moment when my finger tips touched the first coarse wispy pubes of her lush bush.
My swollen cock pressed hard into her belly as my fingers parted her labia and elicited a divine moan and when my forefinger entered her she growled and I explored the creamy wetness of her hot pussy.
I worked at her rhythmically and each stroke of slippery slit brought another exquisite moan from her, and rubbing her clit brought yet another and then I felt her body spasm as she came.
The naughty little kitten purred like a cat as she lay across my lap and I was enjoying the moment and trying to decide how I would enjoy her some more when she was startled and quickly climbed off my lap then looked intently at the door.
I turned and looked also and saw Maisie standing in the doorway looking altogether flustered.
“She’s been a naughty girl too” India said “she was watching”
“Really?” I said to Maisie and she nodded
“Well you know what that means” I said and she nodded again
Then she quickly undid her boots and kicked them off and then almost ran across the stable and as she stood before me she undid her dungarees and they fell to the ground.
I gestured to her big blue knickers with my eyes and she quickly pulled them down to her knees exposing her beautiful fluffy bush before launching herself across my knee.
“Can I count Simon” begged India who was sitting a few feet away with her back to the wall.
“Yes” I answered “six of the best again”
Then I gave a firm crisp slap on Maisie’s right cheek
“One” India said
Then on the other cheek
Then the right again
Then the left
Then another crisp slap on the right
“Five” India said with glee “now do the next one hard”
So as instructed by India I gave Maisie a very hard smack to finish
“SIX” India yelled as Maisie squirmed on my lap
Then I looked down at my handiwork and held her gently bent across my knee as She squirmed and wriggled on my knee clearly anticipating what was coming next
My cock again prodded her belly as I inspected the red bloom where I had spanked her bare flesh and without pause I instantly sort out her hot little pussy.
I watched her lying across me as my fingers probed at her juicy minge and my digits rubbed and worked on her roughly and her cunny responded with liquid acquiescence.
India leant forward so she could whisper in my ear
“She’s looking at my snatch”
I looked down at Maisie and through her tousled hair I could see
She definitely had her eyes on India’s bejeweled prize.
India self-consciously pulled her sweater down to cover her self
“Don’t cover it up” I said “open your legs wider, show her a little more”
Reluctantly India obliged and Maisie murmured and sighed
“Maisie likes what she sees” I said to Indie “its making her very wet”
“Its making me wet” India said as she spread her legs wider still.
It didn’t take long after that to finish Maisie off and after I had brought her to a climax she wriggled off my lap like a fish left high and dry by the tide and headed towards India open thighs and her head worked its way up her legs like a pig snuffling for truffles until to both girls satisfaction Maisie found the prized delicacy and feasted on it.
Unfortunately Maisie’s spasmodic wriggling on my lap on top of my already heightened arousal from India’s performance had unfortunately caused me to cream my pants.
So my further participation was ruled out as I wouldn’t be able to make any meaningful contribution to the proceedings for the next 30 minutes so I left the girls playing together.
I decided to deliver the remaining half a dozen Parish mags and then return to the stable and see what further fun was to be had.
I thought as I went from house to house that it had turned out to be another excellent research trip and would certainly provide titillating reading once I had it down on paper.

It was about forty minutes later when I returned to the stable block, just in time to see a red faced Maisie bustle through the doorway and collided with me.
“Oh hello” she said somewhat flustered
And as we stood there in close proximity she reached up and kissed me long and slow, her lips tasted of pussy and so did her tongue.
“Must dash” she said abruptly with a giggle “Frankie will wonder where I am” and off she ran down the lane to the Coopers house, I presumed as I had see Frankie’s truck parked on their drive.
Then I went through the stable door and saw India lying on top of the horse blanket with her eyes closed and a very definite smile on her lips.
But as my curled beast was reawakening I was interested in lips of a different kind.
“Well this time you have defiantly been naughty” I said standing over her.
She opened her eyes and looked up at me
“Yes very naughty” she said the smile now turned into a grin
“But I don’t want another spank” she said as she rose up onto her knees in front of me, I inclined my head to kiss her and she obliged me. India’s lips did not taste of Maisie but I suspected they would some time soon.
The kiss only lasted seconds as she had eyes only for my belt as she quickly undid the buckle and then quickly moved on to my flies,
Once she had pulled the zipper down my trousers and pants quickly followed, then she grabbed hold of my cock
“It’s sticky” India said
“You girls made it sticky” I said
And then she took it in her mouth I suspected that today had been one of firsts for her in many ways and I was almost certain she’d never given head before, she was not the most proficient but it was serving its purpose.
When she disengaged her enthusiastic lips from my bell end I sat down on the blanket beside her, my cock perpendicularly proud and the filly took no persuading to climb aboard and at the second attempt her tight pussy lips encased my throbbing dick as her slippery lips slid down to the root of my shaft.
And the satisfying moan that escaped her as she mounted me was such a primevaly sensual sound it made me grow another inch inside her.
I made her remove her sweater and I saw her glorious little body naked for the first time.
She had beautiful little tits with perfect rose bud nipples.
If she was self conscious she didn’t show it as she set about riding me to the finish line.
But it was clear that she was losing control, a horse beneath her she could control but she was riding a very different beast and was not in command.
So grasping a divine little cheek in each hand I pulled her tight onto me and rolled her sideways so she was on her back and I was on my knees.
She looked small and delicate on her back, her tits all but disappeared but the soft clear skin led down unblemished to the neat triangle of blonde hair and the narrow trembling hips.
I proceeded to finish what India had started but with all the activity on a hay bail not designed for the purpose it was being employed in, it crumbled and fell to the floor and India went along with it.
But undeterred she scrambled to her feet and climbed onto a less used bail and as her pert buttocks waivered before me I plugged into her in an instant.
I’m not sure that that was what she had in mind but she didn’t complain; in fact the only utterances from her were of the animal kind.
I toyed with her soft little tits and teased her rosebud nipples and stared at her delightful quivering buttocks as I performed repeated penetrations of her tight cunny until with a girlish scream and a satisfying shudder she came, I gave her two more extremely short strokes and I followed her.
Reluctantly, as the rain pounded on the roof again, I withdrew from the comfortable heat of her and she immediately turned around and hugged me.
“Wow” she said panting hard “this is the best birthday ever”
“Happy birthday” I said hugging her back

I had redressed and was sitting on the remaining hay bails watching India wrapped in a horse blanket and still wearing her riding boots moving around the stable gathering her clothes together
“So what are you doing for your birthday?” I asked “another treat”
“Yes” she replied “but not that kind of treat”
“Mummy and Daddy are taking me to New York” she said
“Mummy’s picking me up at four”
I glanced at my watch and then at India with a little bit of fluff showing below her blanket.
“In two minutes you mean” I pointed out.
“What?” she screamed “what am I going to do”
“Don’t panic” I said and kissed her forehead “you get dressed and I’ll keep look out”
“Ok” she said not quite convinced
I opened the door slightly looking out for “mummy’s” arrival though I would have preferred to have been outside spying on India.
I glanced over my shoulder and I could see Indie was completely naked with her back to me and I continued to watch as she wriggled her skinny arse into her jodhpurs.
Then she bent over and her breast hung seductively as one at a time she pulled on her boots.
My attention was then drawn to the sound of a car splashing through rain puddles.
When I looked closer I could see it was Clemence Carrington
“Your mums here” I called
“Oh God” she replied “I’m not ready”
“Don’t worry I’ll keep her talking” I said and headed out the door just in time to intercept Mrs Carrington.
“Clemence” I called “it’s nice to see you again”
“Hello Simon” she said with surprise “what are you doing here?”
“I was delivering the Parish Magazine” I said lifting up my bag as if offering it as evidence “and when I was caught in the rain India kindly let me take shelter in the stable”
“What a good girl” Clemence said proudly “where is she?”
Just at that moment the door opened and India emerged
“Hi mummy” she said
“Hello darling, are you ready?”
India nodded
“Can we offer you a lift Simon?” Clemence asked “we are going back through the village”
“If that’s ok” I replied
“Of course it is, we don’t mind giving him a ride do we India”.
“No mum” India answered “he can have a ride anytime”

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