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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 25) Taking Wood On The 18th

I always looked forward to playing a round with Pandora and I mean that both in the golfing sense and the sexual.
And that morning was no exception however the latter was not to be that day.
I might have cast a casual eye over the lovely Pandora in my professional capacity as a writer of smutty fiction, merely with the dispassionate gaze of a researcher.
But I had sworn off any form of physical contact with her gorgeous body due to my having turned over a new leaf, I was now to become the partner Georgia deserved.
I wasn’t kidding myself into thinking that it would be easy but if I passed this test I could pass any.
Pandora was a very attractive woman, a very competent golfer and exceedingly good company so if I focused on the latter two of those and pushed any thoughts of sex to the back of my mind I couldn’t fail.

It was a pleasant morning; warmer than it had been the previous few days, but as those few days were actually very cool that wasn’t really saying much.
But the skies were predominantly blue, for now, with only broken cloud but the forecast had mentioned the possibility of thunder later in the day.
The wind had a slight chill to it but was fairly light and so wasn’t expected to affect anyone’s scorecards too much and I was expecting a pleasant round.
Considering the morning’s bright weather the course was very quiet.
We tee-ed off at 8.30 with no one waiting behind us and a couple of twosomes were at least a three or four of holes ahead
I think the majority had been put off by the mention of thunder.
Pandora herself was looking as lovely as the weather, “when did she not” I thought to myself, she wasn’t wearing her trade mark large peaked cap, but had gone for a grey flat cap with her shortish blonde hair scraped into a pony tail sticking out the back.
The rest of her outfit was as ever all matching and perfectly co-ordinated.
In deference to the coolness the short flared skirt and ankle socks
Had been replaced by a more autumnal outfit, a white cotton shirt, beneath a pale blue argyle cardigan, a knee length pleated skirt in the same grey fabric as her cap and long argyle socks, Her ensemble was then finished off with black brogue Golf shoes and a pale blue glove.
Damn she looked good, “this is going to be harder than I expected” I thought to myself.
Thankfully as she retrieved her ball from the cup on the first green it was not possible to see her knickers even when she bent over at the waist, and I ashamed to say I really tried hard.
This was lucky for me because since I had started writing bodice rippers, or as my mother likes to call them, soft porn
I seemed to be permanently horny and I looked at almost every woman with a renewed appreciation if not with a pornographer’s eye.
The added complication with a dish like Pandora was that I had already sampled the buffet and the al a carte.
However my horniness aside, Pandora was not merely a very attractive woman and even if I did not see with an erotic writers eye I would still appreciate her finer points, like the way her hips moved when she struck the ball, they way her tits kept moving after the ball had gone, the way she wiggled as she walked down the fairway and the way her buttocks clenched when she was preparing to putt.
That is what I had to contend with, that and so much more.

as we played our way around the course I came to appreciate just how much more attractive she was now that I had taken her off the menu, her body was nicely toned and she had a nice shape and over all gave every outward impression of being in very good order for a woman just turned forty, and I could testify that in this case that those outward looks were not deceiving.

Due to the distraction of Pandy and my nagging and persistent horniness I had managed to card a pretty average score, my excuse being that it was hard to concentrate on your game when you have a permanent hard on.
Pandora on the other hand was having a great round but by the time we reached the 15th tee and with Pandy 9 shots ahead of me the weather began to turn.
The early sun and blue skies were quickly swallowed up by a blanket grey cloud, that cloud had since darkened and was then distinctly inky, and distant rumbles of thunder could be heard.
So using the maxim that discretion is the better part of valour I conceded the round and we decided to call it a day.
The 14th green lay between the 15th and 18th Tees so we decided to play the 18th back to the clubhouse.
This was a relief in two ways firstly we should easily make it back before the storm broke and second it meant not playing the 17th which was the venue for one of our previous indiscretions.
A further relief would come when I got home and I dealt with my troublesome manhood.

The 18th was a par five dogleg, slightly down hill to the turn and then flat all the way to the green, with two decent iron shots.
With a firm straight drive it was possible to make the turn and give your self an unhindered second stroke.
I went first as I had won the previous hole and I hit a very decent shot right down the middle that kicked on nicely and scampered off down the hill, for me it was pretty well perfect.
Then Pandy hit hers and although she couldn’t out drive me she ended up only about 30 yards behind me and also perfectly positioned.
She played her second shot before me and caught it perfectly and sent it sailing off and landing plum in the middle of the fairway.
“Great shot Pand” I shouted
I caught my second rather well and landed only feet away from Pandora’s ball but it kicked up on impact and ended up in the light rough just on the edge of some very thick woodland.
"That was bad luck” said Pandy “I think you’re safe there though”
We collected our trolleys and headed off up the fairway just as the first drops of rain began to fall.
“We should just finish the hole in time” she said optimistically
“I’m not so sure” I replied doubtfully
When we reached our respective balls mine was sitting up quite nicely so I quickly selected a 5 iron and spanked it crisply to the edge of the green.
I put my club away and prepared to watch Pandora play her ball,
Well I watched her really, the wiggle of her buttocks the swirl of her pleats and that was when the heavens opened.
I took a few steps backwards beneath the dense foliage canopy.
“Come on Pand” I shouted “make a dash for it”
She grabbed her trolley with one hand and with her club in the other she ran towards me while I just stood there watching her tits bouncing inside her blouse.
“Come on” I called “you can keep dry under here”
And I withdrew deeper into the trees as she bowled under the cover of the trees.
“God that’s savage” she said
For a few moments we stood watching the rain fall like stair rods hammering into the ground as thunder rumbled nearby
“Are you ok” I asked
“Yes” she said with a chuckle “a bit damp but fine”
Then we walked a few more yards into the wood and sheltered beneath an old oak tree.
It was at that moment that I became aware of just how damp she was, the front of her shirt was soaked and I could see one plump round breast surmounted by a well erect nipple pushing through the wet fabric.
Pandora noticed what was drawing my attention and covered it promptly with her cardigan.
“Simon!” She snapped “is that all you think about?” and slapped me playfully
I wanted to say that I had tried all morning not to look at her in a sexual way and that I wanted to be faithful to my girlfriend and I didn’t want to stare at her almost naked tit, but it was such a beautiful tittie.
“I don’t think you got me under here to keep my dry” she said “you’re more interested in getting me wet”
And then she reached up and kissed me gently in a long warm liquid kiss then she broke away and smiled before kissing me again this time more urgently more animal and while her tongue was engaged in my mouth her hand was inside my trousers groping my cock.
And all the time a little voice was nagging at the back of my mind saying
“You shouldn’t be doing this”
Then a second voice yelled
“But she’s got her hand on your cock”
“What about the girl you love?” the first voice continued
“But this one has her hand on your cock” Screamed the second
“Think about Georgia” the quiet voice said
“Georgia hasn’t got her hand on your cock” came the other one
Suffice is to say the louder voice made some valuable points.
So I relinquished any lingering resistance and decided to give my undivided attention to the woman with her hand on my cock.
Instead of my previous passive participation I joined in with relish and she responded in kind, while or tongues darted and probed into each others mouths our hands were busy elsewhere.
Pandora had completely extricated my throbbing tool from my slacks and pants leaving me bare arsed and highly aroused.
My hands in the meantime had unbuttoned her shirt and were attempting to gain access to her magnificent tits only to be thwarted by another layer of fabric belonging to an undergarment of an undetermined nature,
It was thin and not unpleasant to the touch so I satisfied myself with groping her globes and teasing her nipples through the material.
Pandora was stroking my shaft with her gloved hand which was strangely erotic and a tad too pleasurable at that juncture to continue too much longer so I slid my hands down to her waist and began yanking her skirt up one handful at a time until I was able to reach my hands inside it and get both of them on her gorgeous arse.
She had relinquished her grip on my cock and her arms were around my neck as we continued to kiss, though less intensely.
I grabbed at her knickers and tried to pull them down but they resisted. I resolved that she was wearing a one piece.
Pandora disengaged her mouth from mine and burrowed her face in my neck instead.
The storm was still raging around us as I slipped my thumbs inside her knicker legs and with my fingers tracing the shape of her buttocks they followed the lace trim slowly towards the gusset were one at a time
I popped the poppers and the last one was greeted with a great booming clap of thunder and a purring sigh from Pandy, and with the liberated flesh at my disposal my hands groped greedily at her meaty well defined cheeks.
As she nuzzled my neck my hands traversed her landscape until one hand paused on her soft belly poised to descend and as if to hasten its arrival Pandy began nibbling at my collar bone, my neck, my earlobe, and then her tongue was in my ear.
She trembled as my fingers crossed the threshold and drifted through her corn coloured bush.
She stopped licking my ear and gulped then my finger entered her creamy gash and she was well lathered up.
“ohhhh” she murmured
I thought back to what she said only minutes ago when she said
“I’m a bit damp but fine”
If this was her idea of a bit damp well….
Within seconds of my ministrations she was dripping and she started to wriggle and squirm as I frigged at her wet pussy.
As I continued she was moaning rhythmically to my touch, the tone of her moans was as hot and syrupy as her pussy.
She was gripping me hard around the neck and moaning as I continued to stroke her quim until she climaxed.
As I withdrew my now wet fingers she kissed my cheek then looked at me and smiled as I took a firm hold of rump and hoisted her up to my level.
“hello” she said cutely kissed me and then wrapped her arms tightly around me as I could feel my helmet brush the hair on her cunny and she moaned as my knob rubbed along her wet slit making her squirm and moan delightfully until she could wait no longer and her pelvis thrusted forward and slid down my shaft letting out the loudest moan of pleasure as she did so and her velvet juices immersed my member like warm honey as she moaned audibly with pleasure.
Lightning flashed as I pushed her back against the oak and as the rain pounded the earth I pounded her sweet pussy.
Her moans gave way to yelps and squeals growing ever more intense as my rhythm increased until her body shuddered and she screamed out so loud.
If there hadn’t been a thunderstorm they would have heard her come in Tollington.
I thought we might have to bring a halt to proceedings as she went limp in my arms as she purred her purr.
“Are you ok?” I asked softly
“I will be when you come in me”
To my delight she just needed to find her second wind and to gain some purchase.
Her gloved hand gripped a low bough while and her right forearm braced her weight on my shoulder this enabled her to be less passive and share some of the work load.
I knew it wouldn’t be long until she came again and I would join her this time.
Then she pushed down on me, the action accompanied by a low moan and with each successive thrust her moans grew louder and faster until in a panting moaning frenzy she came and I shot into her hot pussy and she let out a long languorous sigh.
I thrusted again, and again until my cock was twitching inside her hot comfortable cunt.
We stayed motionless holding onto the moment until we kissed and she sighed as I slowly withdrew my cock from her and lowered her to the ground.
After a prolonged hug we redressed ourselves, Pandora went behind a tree to adjust her undercarriage.
I always thought that kind of shyness was nice, keeping something private.
Then I heard her having a pee, something I always found strangely arousing.
Even while she was peeing Pandy was still periodically sighing.
I smiled as I tucked a folded hankie in my pants to make sure I got home without producing a wet patch on my trousers.
Pandy emerged from behind the tree as perfect in appearance as she had been before I shagged her brains out.
“Are you ok?” I asked
“Oh yes” she said very definitely and smiled coyly
“What a silly question”
“There is something though” she said
“What’s that?” I replied
“This” she said and planted a kiss on my lips
“Now” Pandora said quite business like, “we had better make a move, the storm has passed”
And she walked towards her trolley I could see she was a little unsteady on her feet, and when I thought about why her legs were unsteady my cock to twitched.
“Shall we have lunch?” she asked as she turned
I should have been feeling guilty I had only managed to keep my balls dry for two days and I had already broken my pledge.
But instead of feeling guilt I felt horny again.
“We could have lunch at mine” I suggested “and afters”
“I can’t,” she said regretfully
“But you want to?”
She didn’t answer, she just walked out to where her ball was laying and hit it with some venom and it landed two feet from the pin.

After we had both holed out on 18, Pandora with a birdie and me with a par, we shared something of an awkward moment.
We knew what we both wanted to happen; she wanted me to be with her to share in the afterglow I wanted her with me to share my bed.
“Are you sure?” I asked
“I’m sorry,” she said and forced a smile “I can’t”
Just then it started raining again and we went our separated ways Pandora ran towards the clubhouse and I ran across the fairway to go home.

I got absolutely soaked to the skin in my jog/trot for home and the first thing I did after putting the kettle on was change out of my wet clothes and into my dressing gown, I couldn’t believe in that short space of time that I could get soaked to the skin even my pants and the folded hankie got wet.
As the storm raged again I was sat in my kitchen drinking coffee and remembering making love to Pandora in the woods and just how good it felt to be inside her.
I drained my cup and thought a hot shower was next on the agenda when there was a light tapping on the kitchen window.
When I turned around all I could see was an umbrella, I opened the door and the umbrella tipped backwards to reveal a sodden Pandora.
“Come in, come in” I said
“You came”
“If you ask me that question later will I be able to answer yes?” she asked saucily and we both laughed.
She kicked off her shoes by the back door
“Well I think we need to get you out of those wet clothes” I advised
“You promised me lunch first” she said indignantly
“Do you want lunch first?” I queried
“No” she replied and not for the first time that day we kissed
Then I turned her around so her back was towards me and I slipped off the argyle cardigan as she looked up at me and I kissed her again as I unbuttoned her shirt.
She breathed in for me as I yanked the shirt tails from her waistband and threw it on the table, we stopped kissing and she just leaned back against me breathing deeply I glanced down and saw her breasts rising and falling as I undid her skirt.
With a little wiggle of her hips the skirt fell to the floor and she stepped out of it and turned to face me and there she stood a sight I thought I would never see Pandora Parkinson-Brown wearing an Ivory Teddy and long blue argyle socks, not stylish but deliciously cock throbbing.
The humour of the situation was not lost on Pandora and she smiled an indulgent smile. Then she undid the belt on my bath robe.
“Take it off” she ordered
I slipped it off and it fell to the floor, as it did so one hand began to caress my torso while the other took hold of my cock and tugged on it roughly.
Then she leant in towards me and kissed my skin and by the roughness of her tugging I knew it was time,
But before I had time to act her mobile went off and she got on her hands and knees rummaging amongst her clothes.
It was in the pocket of her skirt, she took it out and sat on a kitchen chair and answered it.
“Hi mum” she said absentmindedly stroking my dick
“Yes I’m still at the club”
“If you could pick them up that would be fab”
“I’m not sure how long” I held up a couple of fingers “would two hours be ok?”
“Brilliant, thanks mum, see you later bye”
“Two hours?” she said to me “what are we going to do for two hours”?
“come with me and I’ll show you” I said and led her by the hand and took her upstairs, once inside my bedroom she crawled onto the bed on all fours and I un-popped her gusset, then she pulled the garment over her hips exposing her round buttocks and her bejewelled Minge.
I quickly joined her on the bed and knelt behind her and gripped her hips and plunged into her hot juice
I slid my stiff shaft between her eager lips and as I went in up to my balls, breath left her like air escaping through a valve and the harder I pumped the courser the breath.
I reached up and yanked her Teddy forward liberating the wondrous inhabitants and once her ripe fruits were revealed I greedily groped and squeezed them as repeatedly penetrated her cunny.
Pandora turned her head and gave me a smile as I cupped her magnificent globes while I pumped in and out of her welcoming Minge.
Pandy was emitting low rasping moans in response to my penetrations as I drove on and on until she went rigid and then we came together, Pandora letting out a scream of satisfaction.
“OHHHHH” she exclaimed as my cock pulsed inside her
Then we collapsed breathless on the bed
“Can I have lunch now?” she panted

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