Sunday, 14 October 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 23) Playing Cat And Mouse

Following a boozy lunchtime session with of all people the Vicar, Katy Oliver; I managed to sleep the afternoon away on the sofa.
I woke about six o'clock a little groggy and un-refreshed after a fitful sleep interspersed with erotic snippets of the Reverend Oliver in various states of undress and debauchment which left me semi aroused.
A hot shower refreshed me and cured the grogginess and brought me back to the world but also turned my semi arousal to a full blown erection.
I did think to tame the beast and save it for Georgia but in the end I chose to deal with it in the shower as I was sure I could conjure up another one for Georgia later.

When the door bell chimed at 7.30 I was showered, shaved, scented and spanked off.
I opened the front door not knowing who to expect and was surprised to find it was Georgia.
“Hi babe” I said with surprise “Did you forget your key?”
She stepped inside and we kissed, her coat was soaked, I took it off her shoulders as she slipped her woolly socked feet out of her wellies.
“No” she replied, “I just don’t like using it”
Georgia was wearing a denim skirt, a pale blue blouse and a white cardigan.
“Why not?” I asked but she just shrugged
When we were sat on the sofa I produced a takeaway menu from the draw and she produced a handful of DVDs from her bag.
“I brought a selection” Georgia said
“That’s not what I had in mind when I suggested a night in” I said
“Nor me” she replied “but you have been beaten to the prize by the cotton mouse I’m afraid”
“Bum” I said
“Absolutely not” she snapped

We had greedily dispatched our Chinese takeaway and were cuddled up on the sofa, half way through the credits of a Sandra Bullock movie called “The Lake House,” I definitely would by the way, when Georgia suddenly said
“Do you remember a few months ago when I said I didn’t mind you shagging other women”?
“Yes” I said cautiously “but…”
“And I know you still are so don’t bother trying to deny it” she said sternly
I went to speak but she stopped me
“I don’t know who, though I have my suspicions”, she said flatly
“And I don’t think I want to know but I know you’re sleeping with other women” she paused
“And as I said last time I don’t mind”
She paused again
“For now, but there will come a time in the not to distant future when I will”
“I love you and I’m certain sure of that, and I know you say you love me but I’m not so sure of that”
“But I do love you” I said taking her hand
“But you don’t love me as completely as I love you” taking her hand away “you are enough for me, but clearly I’m not enough for you”
I tried to speak again but again she stopped me so I got up and paced the room
“So you have until January to sow your wild oats or to curb your appetites or whatever it is you do”
“But by my 21st birthday I need to feel your commitment“
I went to speak
“And no that’s not a euphemism” she said without humour “you need to want me and me alone”
“And that’s all I have to say” she said, I was cleared to speak now but I didn’t know what to say I wanted to say don’t be silly you’re the only one for me but I knew I was a dog.
I knew that I was getting plenty and I was liking that but if I wanted to keep the girl I loved it was obvious I would have to change.
“Is that why you don’t use the door key?” I asked
Georgia was on her knees removing the DVD and I perched on the arm of the sofa just watching her almost in a daze.
“Yes” she replied without turning round
“Because…” she began but couldn’t finish
“You don’t want to catch me with another woman” I finished her sentence
She carried on what she was doing slowly and deliberately.
I was a little shocked. firstly because and I know it sound silly but it never occurred to me for a moment that I couldn’t have my cake and eat it, and secondly although I knew I loved Georgia more than I had ever loved anyone I didn’t realise quite how much that was until that moment when I realised I could lose her..
The prospect of losing her stunned me and I knew I had to make changes in my life.
It occurred to me then that the Reverend Oliver’s drunken invitation to party that afternoon was clearly a test and I had passed with flying colours and that, I thought, is how I must approach each temptation, a test which must be passed.
Georgia finished putting the DVD in its box and switched off the TV
“Don’t look so glum” she said as She stood up
“I’m not giving up on you yet”
“We’ve dealt with the serious bit,” she said slipping off her cardigan
“Now we get to do the fun stuff”
And she walked towards me unbuttoning her blouse as she did so until by the time she was stood in front of me her pert unfettered tits were in my face.
“I thought you had a visitor?” I said before taking one erect nipple in my mouth
“I lied,” she said sucking air in between her teeth
I stopped sucking and ejected her nipple like a babe spitting out its dummy
“Why?” I said indignantly before returning to my task.
“Because I wanted you to hear what I had to say before all the blood left your brain to feed this,” she replied sliding her hand down to my crotch.
She squeezed around the folds of denim in the general area of where my erection should have been.
“Where is it?” she said and began undoing my trousers.
Once she had both unbuttoned and unzipped them she fell to her knees and began yanking my jeans and pants off before discarding them behind her then she knelt in front of me looking at my timid little soldier who lacked enough substance even to be a semi.
“I think someone is reluctant to join the party” Georgia said and began to encourage its participation orally, and I don’t mean she was talking to it.
It didn’t take very much effort on Georgia’s part to rally the troops, one good slurp was enough to be honest then Georgie pulled on my shaft, dragging the foreskin back to expose my purple helmet and before long my little soldier had risen through the ranks from Private part to Major hard on.
“Oh yes Georgie” I gasped out as I looked down at her brunette haired head moving expertly on my shaft while she played with my balls.
My cock was throbbing now and there was an ache dwelling deep in my balls
georgia obviously felt my growing arousal and disengaged her mouth from my cock with a distinct slurp and she wiped her mouth on the sleeve of her blouse
Then she hitched up her denim skirt and she climbed onto my lap exposing a good portion of her fluffy brown bush
“You have no knickers on” I said “again”
She just chuckled as she unzipped her skirt so she could hitch it further.
“You’re making a habit of not wearing any drawers” I said
“If I put them on you have them around my ankles in seconds” she said innocently
“Anyway you know you like it you dirty old man”
She looked down at my cock still moist with her saliva and standing tall and proud due to her oral attentions.
The front of her blouse was open to the waist and this left her beautiful breasts exposed nipples standing proud for me to caress.
Then she gave me a smile as she slithered down on me before letting out a long breathy sigh.
She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and then rode me hard, pounding her velvety wet pussy on my shaft, her pelvis pumping on my piston frenetically.
My hands gripped her firm buttocks as they rose and fell on me her squeals and moans in my ear through gritted teeth growing in intensity as the pace quickened.
Then she missed a beat as her foot slipped and she lost purchase.
But instead of resenting herself she kissed me and smiled
“if you want more you’ll have to catch me”
And she slipped off my shaft and was away out the door heading for the stairs
I leapt up from my prone position in chase but she had a head start on me.
But as she turned to go up the stairs she lost traction on the laminate floor in her stockined feet Which gave me sufficient time to close the distance.
Georgia was giggling As she began to scramble up the stairs crab like and she squealed as I grabbed her left leg by the knee and halted her progress.
This gave me the chance to grasp her firmly by the hips and pulling her towards me I penetrated her hot cunny.
She moaned loudly as I deeply speared her and as stroke followed stroke her cunny came to meet each penetration.
Until the moment when I was distracted by the pitch and volume of her pleasurable moaning, and instead of thrusting onto me she pulled away and made a bid to escape before I knew what was happening, I tried to grab her but only managed to grab a hold of her denim skirt which she managed to wriggle out of as she scampered up the stairs.
She was sitting triumphantly on the top stair wearing only a pair of knee length socks and an unbuttoned blouse.
“come on then, if you think you’re man enough” she said taunting me as she slipped her blouse off her shoulders
Then she spread her legs wide and I could see her juices glistening on her moist lips even before she slipped her finger down her crack.
This had turned into a game of cat and mouse where Georgia was both the mouse and the pussy.
She was still fingering herself with one hand and holding her blouse in the other when she raised it above her head and prepared to throw it at me and as she launched it at me I took my chance and sprinted up the stairs before she had a chance to reset herself, even so she nearly made it, I only just managed to grasp her ankle and prevent her escape.
She wriggled and squealed as I pulled her back to the top stair by the leg. Until her buttocks rested on the brow
I was kneeling on the second step with her cunny now at cock height and I wasted no time in urgently penetrating her juicy pussy and Georgia exhaled a low animal grunt And she grunted louder with each successive length I gave her.
My hands were on her hips but I moved them to her beautiful titties.
I knew she was going nowhere as Her legs locked around my body and she continued to grunt, squeal and yelp.
The length of stroke was shortening and The squeals were turning to deep moans
I thrusted Quicker and quicker
Her moans became more urgent, more guttural, and more animal
Faster and faster I pounded
Louder and louder she moaned
Writhing and wriggling
Gasping and panting
Quicker and quicker
Louder and louder
And then in perfect symmetry as Georgia’s whole body seemed to go into spasm she came with an animal yell as my cock pulsed and twitched as It ejaculated into her.
We held that position with her pussy hugging my cock for a few minutes.
“God that was the best yet” Georgie said and then let out a fruity chuckle which flexed her grip around my shaft as if she was milking the last drop from me.

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