Friday, 31 August 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 21) Smithsonian and Victoriana

After a surprisingly pleasurable night with Maisie and an exceedingly satisfying pre breakfast penetration I sat at the kitchen table with her eating eggs and bacon.
As she cleared her plate I mused on the depth of her appetite and she ate a hearty breakfast as well, I thought with a smile, well more of a leer really.
“You know we can’t let you live with your mum anymore”? I said breaking the silence
“I can’t live here” she said forcefully, in truth I was stung at quite how forceful she was.
“No, that wouldn’t be right at all, People would talk,” she continued
“I know” I responded, “So we need to find you somewhere to live”
A puzzled look spread across her face.
“Don’t worry hon I have somewhere in mind” I reassured her “I can’t say where yet but…”
I was interrupted by a loud banging on the back door when I looked it was the gardener Frankie, I was struck by the irony as I’d been wanting to bang on her back door for ages.
“Hello Frankie have you come to brighten up my day?” I said brightly
“Calm down Simon I’m not here for your gratification” she replied tartly
“I’m looking for Maisie, is she here?”
“Yes come in”
“Is she ok?” Frankie asked with concern as she bent down to undo her boots
“Never mind the muck just come in”
Once inside the kitchen she clucked around Maisie like a mother hen
“Oh babe, look at the state of you,” she said
“I’m fine now,” Maisie said bravely
“Fine my arse” she barked poking Maisie’s black eye until she winced
“And your mum did this?”
Maisie nodded
“I might have to kill her,” Frankie said without humour
“You’ll have to get in the queue behind “bruiser Braithwaite,”” I said
“Really?” she queried with raised eyebrow
I nodded
“Good for her” Frankie said proudly
“But seriously what are we going to do?” she said soberly
“We can’t let her go back there again”
“What about my stuff?” Maisie asked, “I need my clothes for work”
Frankie was about to say don’t worry
“And clean knickers” Maisie blurted out, and then blushed scarlet when she realised what she had said.
“I can take you home to collect your stuff” Frankie suggested “But then what?”
“Bring it back here,” I said matter of factly
“She can’t stay here” Frankie said with what I believe was a tinge of jealous indignation.
“That’s what I said,” Maisie confirmed
“I know that she can’t stay here” I was getting a bit narked at everyone’s default response being “she can’t stay here”
“I do have a plan”

Frankie drove a rather nervous Maisie to her house; she parked the van and held Maisie's hand as they walked up the path to the half open door.
When they were inside they found her mum collapsed on the sofa in a drunken stupour.
“I’ll watch her while you grab your stuff” Frankie instructed
It didn’t take long, maybe 10 minutes to gather together every thing of importance to her in one shoulder bag and all her clothes in a black sack.
“Do I really not have to come back?” she asked almost pathetically “ever”
“Not ever” Frankie replied and hugged her.
She looked down contemptuously at the prone figure of her mother and wiped a tear from her eye.

“Now go and change your knickers and get your dungarees on,” Frankie commanded, “we have work to do”
“Ok boss” she said and headed upstairs
“Are you sure she should work today?” I asked after Maisie had left.
“Definitely” she replied “it’s just what she needs”
Then with a doubtful look she added
“And it will give you time to work on your master plan, whatever that is”

No sooner had I closed the back door on Frankie and Maisie than there was a knock on the front.
When I opened it I found a very pretty young woman on the doorstep.
It was Jenny Smithson the petite and stunningly beautiful strawberry blonde I had been schooling in the carnal arts,
It was our last session before her best friend Emily returned from her holiday and they would have to share my sexual services.
Jenny was a deliciously shy creature who, since her deflowering, had come along way; well she had come a lot along the way.
She was still painfully shy when we weren’t engaged in breathless sexual activity.
Hiding her body from me post-coitally but she was becoming much more confident and less self-conscious during sex.
Today we were due to explore the delights of the 69 but due to recent events involving Maisie and the pressing need for me to find her lodgings I didn’t really have time for a lesson.
But so fragile was Jenny’s confidence I didn’t feel I could put her off and besides the fact that I was looking forward to lapping between her whiskers didn’t influence me in the slightest.
“Hi baby” I said, “have you come to play?”
She just smiled coyly and blushed
As time was very much of the essence I quickly whisked Jenny upstairs to my bedroom and stripped her for action.

She was sucking on my cock with great accomplishment while I attended to her wet pink pussy, sadly I couldn’t spend as much time on her as I would have liked so I just noshed on her, which had the desired effect.
When I had brought her quickly to climax with my mouth, I was just about to manipulate her into a suitable position to deliver the coup de grĂ¢ce
When she said
“Can I choose?”
This was a very promising development it was the first time she had wanted to take the imitative.
“Yes babe” I said
Then she crept forward along my torso, leaving something of a snail trail on the way and squatted on me in the reverse cowgirl position.
Her buttocks clenched and unclenched with each movement on my cock.
On the down stroke the flesh of Miss Smithson’s cheeks quivered and I held the girls hips to steady her while Jenny’s hands were playing with her tits.
Only when she started jiggling and bouncing around like an electrocuted rag doll did I intercede and roll her off onto her side and finish her off.
It was a very spirited performance.
“Well done baby,” I said very pleased with my pupil’s progress,

Having spent the morning playing a twosome with Jenny I quickly made my excuses and sent her on her way.
Then I made my way in a timely fashion to make up a foursome with three of my favourite ladies.
First was my very favourite choice for an alfresco dalliance Pandora Parkinson-Brown.
Second was my next-door neighbour Judith Hunt who had arranged the lunch and last but by no means least the object of my attentions that day, Victoria Braithwaite.
As we sat at a table Judith said
“Shall we have wine?”
“What a good idea” added Pandora working off Judith’s script.
I suppose this would be a good time to mention the “master plan” as Frankie put it.
In essence it involved getting Victoria a little bit squiffy on wine and persuading her to take Maisie in as a lodger.
We already knew Victoria was very fond of her and she had plenty of spare rooms and to cap it all she was lonely.
Furthermore we knew that Maisie liked Victoria and needed someone to care about her.
It was a very good plan in fact it was symbiotic.
Judith had already briefed Pandy on the plan and she played her part well.
“I’m game,” said Victoria
So that was decided

Two hours and two bottles later we had succeeded in our mission and Victoria had agreed to have Maisie as her lodger.
“I was going to suggest it myself,” she said
With the wine drunk and the bill settled Victoria insisted I walk her home so I could advise her which of her three spare rooms she should offer to Maisie.
I only got to see one
I only got to see one of them for no sooner had I stepped into the room when Victoria shoved me from behind in the direction of the bed where I finished up prostate.
Victoria Braithwaite was quite small and slim but surprisingly strong.
She was a rather plain middle-aged woman just the wrong side of 50 and was what my mother would call frumpy as she choose to dress in the twin set and tweed style, though the style was from another era.
Victoria was a sensible shoes and tan coloured tights kind of woman.
But as I found out one dark night in the woods beneath the frumpy exterior lay hidden delights.
Victoria jumped on top of me and as she did that night in the woods she kissed me full on the mouth and inserted her tongue quite expertly into my mouth and I kissed her back.
When I first moved to the village the poisonous clique who immediately gravitates towards the newcomer talked of “the prudish Miss Braithwaite” or “virginal Victoria” or “the dried up old spinster” such people didn’t know what a damn good kisser she was.
The clique soon lost interest in me when they realised I was not one of them.
While our tongues were busily engaged in oral exploration Victoria with a certain degree of skill subtly unzipped my fly and pulled out my stiffening cock through the opening.
I can tell you it went from stiffening to bone hard in seconds and she disengaged her mouth from mine and went to work on my cock with the same expertise she had shown previously. The prudish Miss Braithwaite was giving great head.
"Oh Victoria" I uttered as she worked diligently on me.
It was at this moment, on that night in the dark wood, that she stopped, startled by a noise in the wood.
On this occasion she stopped because she was ready for action.
Victoria stood up and yanked my trousers and pants down then she knelt on the floor and removed my socks.
I sat up and swung my now naked lower half so I ended up with one leg either side of the kneeling Victoria.
As I removed my shirt she took me in her mouth again which was toe curling-ly divine.
But now it was my turn to call a halt to the oral proceedings
She slurped loudly as I pulled her off my cock and she had to wipe her mouth on the sleeve of her twin set.
I stood up and helped her to her feet my erection protruding between us.
As we stood there in close proximity we didn’t say anything Victoria’s breathing was quick and shallow.
Her lips returned to mine and her hand went to my shaft and tugged on it roughly.
I fumbled for the fastener on her tweed skirt, once located and unzipped it slipped easily over her skinny hips and fell effortlessly to the floor.
I then turned my attention to her twin set slipping the cardigan off her shoulders and pulling the top off over her head.
We kissed again as I tried to unhook her bra, I finally gave up and just pulled the whole thing off over her head.
She was tugging on my shaft again as my hands slid beneath tights and knickers to grasp her buttocks she had a nice arse, soft and squeezable.
Then her kissing became more urgent and her grip on my rod more taught as I began to push her tights and pants down exposing her tidy little arse.
I pushed her backwards onto the bed and one foot at a time I untied her sensible shoes and they thudded on the floor as I discarded them.
After that I yanked down her tights and the white silk of her big French knickers quickly followed suit.
Once the tights and drawers had joined the rest of our clothes on the bedroom floor we were now both naked.
I climbed on the bed next to her and we kissed again my hands moved quickly to her breasts, they weren’t large and resembled fried eggs in fact they were scrawny little tits but her nipples were as fat as my little finger when aroused, which they quickly were.
I then ran my hand down from her tits onto her hip before sliding it down to fondled her arse again.
I soon worked my way teasingly to her generous thicket and then slid my fingers in between her juicy lips.
As I felt the creamy wetness between my fingers I thought back to the jibes about her being a dried up old spinster, if they only knew just how wet she was.
Victoria was kissing me hard and snorting in great lungs full of air through her nose as I fingered her pussy.
At the optimum moment having made her gasp out her orgasm
I removed my fingers from her honeyed lips and prepared to mount her.
She spread herself wide opening up for me and I slid into her.
She received my offering with a deep throated moan and wrapped herself around me pulling me deeper into her I went at her greedily, her legs wrapped around my hips,
Her arms wrapped around my neck and shoulders, growling out contented moans to my rhythmic penetrations,
As I pumped her harder these moans turned to guttural groans as her pleasure heightened they grew to howls, the closer to climax the higher the pitch.
Onward and onward, frenetically climbing towards the summit, until in the final crescendo she screamed out as I shot.
We stayed in our final position for several minutes, panting loudly, my cock still twitched inside her and I could feel her muscles contracting around my shaft.
She made several long pleasurable languorous sighs.
I kissed her neck and she hugged me tightly.

As Victoria and I silently walked arm in arm to my house, she wore a look of smug satisfaction on her face while I just looked knackered.
It had been a funny old day it had begun with me initiating a plan to coerce Victoria into billeting Maisie and ended with me being ensnared in a passionate trap in Victoria’s spare room.
Thankfully She had agreed to put Maisie up in her spare room even before she’d put me up herself.
Still there are worse ways of spending an afternoon than pleasuring a middle aged spinster.
I would have to make a point of notifying the village clique about the prudish Miss Braithwaite and what a pleasurable fuck she was.

When I stepped through my back door, I found Maisie and Frankie sitting at the kitchen table.
“At last” Frankie snorted
“Well hello gardening ladies” I said
“Sorry I’m late but I had to go and meet Maisie's new landlady”
I stepped aside and Victoria walked in
“Victoria” Maisie shouted and then raced across the kitchen and hugged her “I’m so glad its you”
And they both started to cry

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