Sunday, 19 August 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 19) Last Train To Clarksville

I had been to Swindon, God what a depressing statement that is when you say it out loud.
A wet miserable Wednesday in Swindon, a town famous for… what was Swindon famous for?
Now if that’s not enough to have you reaching for the Valium then this will, I had been to Swindon to attend a literary awards dinner.
I had been nominated in two categories and my agent insisted I should attend
“It’s a very good idea to go,” he said
“It will enhance your profile,” he added.
So I went but he was conspicuous by his absence.
Suffice is to say it was as boring as hell and I didn’t win.
I would ordinarily take full advantage of being away from home and ensconce my self in a decent hotel for the night with one of my favourite bedmates.
However on this occasion I was not able to accommodate any of the usual suspects so faced with the prospect of watching the porn channel while knocking one out or getting a train home and sleeping in my own bed.
I decided on the latter, I snook out of the dinner after my second failure to secure an award on the night and got a cab to the station.
It turns out, thanks to a poster in the waiting room, that Swindon’s only claim to fame is that it is the home of the Bodleian Library's book depository.
So the evening wasn’t a complete waste, Swindon was famous for housing someone else’s library.
Once on the train I knew that one of two things would happen, I would either fall asleep within minutes of the train departing the station or the motion of the train would give me a hard on.
As it turned out I got a hard on and then fell asleep, it was a fitful sleep full of erotic dreams, lusty dreams and just plain dirty dreams. The result of this was that I had a much larger erection when I awoke than when I dropped off.
The good news was that we were only about five minutes from Reading, I checked my watch and we would easily make the connection for Guildford.
Then we stopped at a signal and waited there for what seemed like an eternity.
When we eventually got going again it meant meeting my connection was going to be a very close shave indeed.
As the train pulled into Reading station it was raining hard, very hard.
Luckily the connecting train was still there on the adjacent platform but I heard whistles blowing so a quick sprint was necessary before I was on board and out of the damp again and with only seconds to spare before the train pulled out.
I was in the last carriage, which meant I would disembark at Guildford on the uncovered section of the platform.
This was easily remedied by walking through to another carriage further along, but I couldn’t be asked.
I made myself comfortable and was quite confident that I would sleep and dream away the thirty-five minute duration of the journey.
When a rain soaked figure in a blue hooded cagoule appeared dripping water everywhere including over me, which is when I turned into my mother and tutted loudly.
Then realising what they had done the figure turned round.
“I’m so sorry did I get you wet?” the figure said then continued with surprise
“Oh Simon”
I tried to recognise the owner of the voice but there was only a small circle of face visible and that had hair plastered to it and drops of rainwater dripping off their eye lashes.
It was definitely a girl, small and wet, I suppose it could equally have been a small, wet effeminate man but I didn’t think I knew any.
I didn’t have a clue who it was so I did the only thing left open to me.
“Hello” I said feebly
The figure unzipped their cagoule and removed the hood.
It was a short girl with straight brown hair and a rather plain, heavily freckled face, but quite lovely blue eyes, a cute nose and a thin-lipped smile, body shape undetermined due to a rather shapeless skirt and a baggy sweater.
The ensemble was completed by shabby black tights, which disappeared into scuffed size 3 shoes.
“Doreen” I said, “I didn’t recognize you”
I was going to say “so wet”
But I had seen her oh so wet once before on that very train.
When mousy little Doreen Clarke had pleasured herself in full view of my libidinous gaze.
She threw her wet cagoule down on the seat and was about to sit next to it when the train jerked and she fell into my lap but she quickly pushed back against me with her buttocks and scrambled to her feet which I took to mean she wasn’t in the mood to play on this trip.
“Sorry” she said and as she did so I was unable to detect the aroma of alcohol, which pervaded my nostrils on our last encounter.
Then the train lurched once more and she again fell against me.
Again she scrambled to her feet.
“Sorry” she said once more
Then again the train lurched and she fell into my lap
This time as she scrambled I tried to aid her ascent by grabbing her arse with the intention to push her up but instead I started caressing her arse feeling every inch of its curve then suddenly a renewed attempt to escape.
“Sorry” she said again
“Stop apologizing girl” I chastised her
And I sat her on the seat beside me
“I’m not sorry in the slightest; you have a very nice arse by the way”
“You shouldn’t say things like that,” she said blushing
“Why not? It’s true,” I said
Then I leant over and kissed her which at first she reciprocated with interest.
Then she stopped abruptly and looked around the carriage, it was much busier than our last meeting.
“Too many people eh”
She nodded
I stood up and led her around the bulkhead away from prying eyes and kissed her again a long deep liquid kiss with darting tongues, so much more electric than before and while my lips busied themselves my hands made in roads inside her sweater where I found another layer to contend with this time a cotton vest.
I must confess that I hadn’t come across a lot of vests; it is one area of apparel I had to admit that I lacked experience in.
But get “in” I had every intention of doing so quite undeterred my hands sought out her tits and found them braless and aroused beneath the cotton.
I was still figuring out how to get on the other side of her vest when the driver announced we were approaching Guildford station.
“That’s my stop,” she said
“Mine too” I said then added, “I don’t want to stop”
Doreen didn’t say anything but blushed scarlet which told me she didn’t want to stop either.
We returned to our seats and donned our coats.
Then as we were waiting for the doors to open Doreen said.
“I mustn’t miss the last train to Farncombe”
“Ok” I said resignedly
“It leaves in half an hour,” she continued with a sideways glance.
And I knew just what to do.
It was still lashing down with rain and added to that there was a violent thunderstorm accompanying it.
As soon as the doors opened everyone scurried for cover and the exit, except Doreen and I, we ran a little slower than the pack staying at our end of the platform.
Where around the corner of the first building, out of site and out of mind, was to be found the disabled toilet.
Normally we wouldn’t have made it unnoticed but with the weather being so bad only the station staff that absolutely had to be outside did indeed venture out and for the shortest possible time.
I opened the door to the disabled loo and once inside I closed and bolted the door.
The second the lock snapped I heard the rustle of Doreen’s cagoule as she threw it in the corner and then she began debagging me from behind and I had my trousers and pants around my ankles and her hands on my cock before I could blink.
I was still slipping out of my coat as Doreen steered me around so I was facing her where she could kiss me and grab my cock at the same time.
Mousy little Doreen had taken complete control of the situation, which was something I was quite unaccustomed too it was quite refreshing.
Nonetheless I reclaimed the initiative by lifting the diminutive Mouse up off the floor until she was standing on the toilet seat where she continued to kiss me while I yanked her shabby tights and cotton knickers down to her knees.
I slid my hands up the backs of her thighs until I reached the fleshy cheeks of her buttocks, which I caressed and kneaded before I seated her on the disabled handrail so I could completely remove her under things.
Then I sat on the toilet seat and that placed me perfectly between her white bony knees and I was about to sip from her furry cup when she pushed back my head.
“No time for that” she said taking the initiative again this time by climbing on to my lap.
She kissed me hard on the mouth as she impaled her hot cunny on my cock, her hot breath filling my mouth and she slid down on me.
I instantly set about getting in-between her and her vest, which only took a few seconds once I had tugged the vest from inside her waistband and I was soon rewarded for my efforts when I cupped her lovely breasts.
Doreen by that time had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and was going about her task with relish, her mouth was now by my ear and she was moaning hoarsely.
All I could do at that point was to grasp at her buttocks and hang on for dear life as she pumped up and down, faster and faster, on my shaft.
“Oh Simon” Doreen whimpered as she moved towards the abyss.
I moved my hands up to her hips to control the rhythm.
She then gripped the support rail behind my head and through gritted teeth her moans grew louder and louder and louder
“Ohhhh god” she screamed and throwing back her head she pumped on me again and I came in her.
Again she pumped and again milking me of every drop.
“Ahhh” Doreen exclaimed as she wrapped herself around my neck again and kissed me.
We stayed like that for a minute or so then she was on the move.
“I have to go,” she said as she was climbing off of me.
She had all but released my cock from its syrupy tomb with my helmet barely encased between her lips when she slid back down me again.
Doreen repeated this joyful exercise three more times,
Each one accompanied by a wistful sigh, before she finally released my cock.
Then she leant forward and kissed me
“We will do this again, wont we?” she asked with a furrowed brow
“God yes” I replied instantly
Her plaintive frown was immediately replaced with a huge grin followed by a crimson blush.
I took hold of her pulling her face towards me and I kissed the eager lips in a long and tender embrace.
Then we quickly redressed and as we stood by the door a train pulled in to the station, I turned off the light and opened the door slightly as the passengers disembarked and there was just time for one last kiss in the darkness before emerging into the rain to join the end of throng of soggy scurrying passengers.
Once we reached the ticket barrier we were to split up, I would head through the barrier towards the taxi rank and she would take the footbridge to the next platform for the Farncombe train but as we reached the parting of the ways I said.
“Excuse me miss”
Doreen turned towards me with a startled look on her face
“I think you dropped this” I said and handed her a folded piece of paper.
“Oh yes thank you” she said taking my phone number with a smile before hurrying away.

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