Sunday, 19 August 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 18) In An English Country Garden

The day had begun with my normal commando style stalking of Frankie the gardener and I managed to get my hands within inches of her bulbous breasts before she beat me away.
I then retreated back to my kitchen to await my afternoon session with young Jenny Smithson things were progressing very nicely indeed I had her stripped to the waist, her nipples misshapen and red from my attention, her leggings and knickers around her knees and I had just got two fingers into her cunny.
Then her mum phoned to tell her she had to return home at once because of a surprise visitor.
Well I don’t mind telling you I already had a visitor lined up for her, though granted there would have been little surprise.

So sporting a rather large hard on and with aching balls I went in search of fanny any fanny.
The good news was that Georgia had the afternoon off, the bad news was she was baby sitting her sisters.
I decided I would try elsewhere first.
Well after traipsing around the village for an hour my aching balls told me I should head to Georgia’s where I might at least get a hand job.

It was a glorious day and very hot, but not as hot I thought as the love of my life and a right little cracker Georgia Gregory.
I reached over the top and opened the latch and swung opened the back gate and walked in.
It was a nice garden, much nicer than mine, but then you get out of it what you put in, and the Gregory’s put a lot in.
Where as my garden is simply functional and I put absolutely nothing into it no effort is expended whatsoever.
All my efforts with regard to the garden went into trying to grope the gardener.
The Gregory’s on the other hand loved their garden and loved working in it and the result was there for all to see a delightful English country garden.
I could see Georgia immediately as I walked in she was on the deck lying on a sun lounger wearing a pink bikini.
She had her back to me and was lying on her side reading a magazine the curve of her hip to her waist was like a mountain slope.
Her brunette hair was tied back to reveal her neck and shoulders.
She was up on the decking which was located at the bottom of the garden, which was a real suntrap.
The garden sloped from there back to the house and was landscaped to form four distinct steps the decking being the highest the patio out side the lounge being the lowest.
The second tier was predominantly herbaceous plants and the third was laid to lawn.
Georgia’s two eight year old twin sisters were jumping in and out and splashing around in a paddling pool on the lawned area of the third tier.
I walked up behind her and said
“Hi Honey”
She turned and looked over her shoulder.
“Hi babe” Georgia said with surprise
“What are you doing here?”
I gave her a long wet kiss
“I was at a loose end,” I said
“I can well believe that there’s an end involved” Georgia said suspiciously and chuckled
“Nonsense” I said and kissed her again
Longer and more passionate this time and she was responding in kind.
Then I untied the string on her bikini and slipped my hand beneath it and cupped her tit.
“No stop” she said and pushed my hand away “the girls will see”
She tucked her tittie away again.
I looked down at the girls splashing around over the trellised fence that surrounded the deck, but only I could see them clearly.
At the level Georgia was lying at she could see them through the holes in the trellis but looking up from where the girls were they couldn’t see anything of us.
“They can’t see us from there” I said and un-cupped her again
“Are you sure?” she asked as I toyed with her stiff nipple
“Positive” I said then we kissed again.
I kept glancing through the trellis to make sure the girls kept their distance.
I leant over her and sucked on her proud peak while my right hand journeyed down across her belly she grabbed my hand just as my fingers reached the fabric of her bottoms.
“Are you sure?” she asked again
She released my hand and I proceeded into her pants through her thick lush bush toward the prize beyond.
“We shouldn’t” she said but her thighs parted anyway and my fingers slipped into her creamy gash,
Georgia moaned loudly then closed her thighs on my hand, and raised herself up to see if the girls had heard, but they were still playing happily.
She lay down and released her grip on my hand and I continued to frig her.
I was positioned behind her in such a way that I could fiddle with her fanny with my right hand and play with her tits with my left and look down at her wriggling squirming form as I played with her like an instrument rather like Rick Wakeman played his keyboards.
It wasn’t long before. I brought her to climax, as she approached she grabbed the hand that was fondling her breast and clamped it over her mouth and then she came.
After she unclamped my hand from her mouth she gasped out
“Oh Simon, I want you”
“Good” I said, “just stay there”
“But how can we?” she asked “I cant take my bikini off the girls will see”
“I’ll go up the leg honey,” I told her
“Can you do that?”
“Only if you really want me too”
“Do it, DO IT NOW,” she urged
First I shuffled to my right so I was at her business end adjusting my position by 45 degrees and then I released the eager beast from my trousers.
Georgia was still on her side so with my left hand I lifted her upper leg by the thigh and bending her leg at the knee I tucked her lower leg under my right arm holding her knee with my right hand.
Then with my left hand now free I pulled the gusset of her costume down to reveal her pink moist pussy.
Using the crease between her cheeks I guided my cock to its juicy destination.
"Oh that feels so good you filthy dirty bastard,” Georgia said as I penetrated her. "So good and so dirty"
She was not the first woman to express that particular sentiment.
With my hands now occupied elsewhere Georgia had grabbed a towel to stifled her moans as I repeatedly skewered her.
Her white knuckled hand gripped the frame as she thrashed about on the lounger with each of my deep penetrating entries of her syrupy quim.
Then as I shortened my stroke and increased tempo the lounger was skipping around on the deck, rattling and shaking
Then came the tell tale chimes of the ice cream van playing "colonel bogey" in a nearby street, after all nothing says come and get an ice-cream more than "Hitler has only got one ball".
Then suddenly her sisters were running up the garden
"ice cream. Ice cream" they called
"Just a minute kids" I shouted to them a little breathless,
then more quietly I said "I have to make your sister scream first.
Then Georgia screamed a loud muffled scream into her towel and a second later I erupted inside her and everything in the garden was lovely.
I withdrew my sticky shaft and she rolled onto her back her top was up around her neck and the crotch of her bottoms was still up the crease of her arse and her curly brown pubes were clearly visible as was her pink oozing pussy.
"That was so good" she said "and so bad" she almost purred,
I crawled around the lounger and climbed slowly to my feet mindful to keep everything from the waist down below the height of the trellis rail.
I dug around in my shorts pocket and brought out two, two pound coins which I tossed over the herbaceous border and landed them expertly on the lawn a few feet from the girls.
However as I extended my arm to perform this I almost delivered my semi hard cock over the rail as well.
Georgia grabbed it just in time
"Steady boy" she said
“That was close” I said and began putting my little warrior back in his box when Georgia said
"No don’t, not yet” and took it in her mouth
“Thank you Simon” the twins chimed in unison "do you want one"
"No thanks" I shouted back
“What about Georgia?”
“No Georgia’s fine” I replied
And to Georgia I added she’s creamy enough already.
What I thought was just some post coital playfulness on Georgias behalf became something altogether different as she sucked me up good and hard.
“You want to play some more?” I said
“Yesh” she replied smacking her lips "the twins will be at least ten minutes"
The she turned around to present me her half exposed arse and a very creamy cunny.
“Go up the leg again you dirty bastard”
So then I did her on the decking on all fours while her sisters went for ice cream.
Afterwards Georgia lay on the decking debauched and dishevelled with a look of smug satisfaction on her face.
“Now that’s what I call an afternoon off,” Georgia said with a sigh

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