Sunday, 19 August 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 17) Jennifer Freckles

Unlike the eager self-confident Emily Gomez, her best friend
Jenny Smithson had not yet come to see me to receive her special birthday gift.
Even though I knew, from Emily’s pillow talk that she wanted to every bit as much as her friend had.
So that was why Jennifer Smithson was still a virgin nine days after her sixteenth birthday and I was beginning to think the whole summer would pass before I split her strawberry whiskers, so imagine my surprise when one bright august afternoon the lovely red haired Jenny crossed my path.

I had spent the morning playing a foursome with three of my favourite ladies Judith Hunt, Victoria Braithwaite and Pandora Parkinson-Brown.
Alas no opportunities arose for any alfresco dalliances but a very pleasant morning was spent nonetheless. Afterwards I lunched with the ladies at the club.
As we sat at a table Victoria said
“I can’t be late home today, Maisie's coming to help me tidy the attic”
“It must be important” Judith said, “If you’re going to cut your lunch short”
And we all laughed.
The Victoria said, “If truth be told I do rather look forward to the days Maisie comes to help me, she’s really such a nice girl and very good company”
Then Georgia came over to serve us
“Good afternoon ladies” and said to me
“Its nice to see you keeping such good company for a change” then to the ladies again “I hope he’s not leading you astray, he has such a lot of bad habits”
Victoria blushed and Pandora gave me a knowing smile.
Georgia then gave me a look that said just stick with the old birds and behave yourself.
What she didn’t know of course was just how badly two of these old birds could behave given very little encouragement.
So after a very nice lunch in very pleasant company, and feeling a little over indulged, I decided to forgo my usual short stroll across the 18th and headed off in the opposite direction for a constitutional.
Since moving to Bushy Down in January I had completely immersed myself in
Village life, apart from the Golf Club and the Church I was also persuaded to sit on the parish council, which I thought might be not unlike a scene from the “Vicar of Dibley” but in reality it was nothing of the sort and was actually quite rewarding.
I have also been press ganged into giving talks and live readings to the Women’s Institute, the Round Table and the Rotary Club et al.
I helped at the Summer Fete, numerous Fund raising events and Quiz nights and I had already been penciled in for duties at Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas.
I had taken to village life and the village seemed to have taken to me and not just the women and I always enjoyed my village walks immensely.
On this particular occasion I took a longer than usual walk owing to the larger than usual lunch I had consumed.

My extended walk took me right around the village and after about forty minutes I headed towards home.
Very soon I was approaching the old cart lane that led to the back of the cottage and that was when I saw Jenny coming the other way.
She had her strawberry red hair tied up which was mostly hidden beneath a broad floppy hat.
She was wearing a green bikini top and had a beach towel draped around her shoulders.
On her lower half was a floral sarong, which I presumed was hiding the partner to her bikini top.
And Jenny was clutching a garishly patterned bag to her middle and she was looking at her sandals as they were shuffling and scuffing down the lane.
To be honest she looked lost and lonely without her sidekick Emily.
Emily was the outgoing bubbly girl and Jenny rather lived in her shadow.
In many ways they were chalk and cheese, the dark skinned dusky and exotic Emily and the pale skinned peaches and cream Jenny.
I know I shouldn’t compare them but I find it hard not to.
Being that they came as a pair and were both of the same tender age.
They were after all the “flirty virgins” who teased and titillated me so well on that hot Sunday afternoon in May.
Arousing me to the point that I popped Georgia’s cherry on the patio table.
Emily was ultra confident, self-assured and pretty and she knew it.
Jenny was shy, socially awkward and full of self-doubt she was also pretty but had no idea of the fact.
Emily was the driving force in their friendship, bold and bubbly.
Being with her made Jenny feel more confident, daring to do things she would never do alone, living life on her coat tails and without her friend Jenny floundered.
Which was evidenced but the rather pathetically forlorn creature who was ambling towards me.
So it was then that I called out to her.
“Hi Jenny” I said
She almost jumped out of her skin
“Hello” she said blushing as she tried to catch her breath.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” I said
“Its ok, I was miles away” Jenny said
“Are you missing Emily?” I asked
“Yes” she sighed “and she’s only been gone a few days”
She looked quite sad but hopefully from this chance meeting I might put a smile on those pale lips.
Jenny was fresh faced and make up free so I thought it truly was a serendipitous meeting which I had every intention of taking full advantage of.
Which is another way in which she differed from Emily,
Em didn’t do things by chance and if it had been her walking down that lane towards me it would be because she had planned it that way.
Not, by all accounts, that Jenny didn’t want it as bad as her friend did she just didn’t have the know how or the gumption to get it.
“But today fate has taken a hand” I thought to myself
“So what have you been up to?” I enquired
“A BBQ at aunt Jane’s” she answered, “I left early because I caught the sun a bit”
She lifted the towel off her shoulder so I could see.
“Oooh” I said “have you put something on it?”
Jenny shook her head
“That’s going to burn if you don’t,” I told her “come to mine”
“Ok” she said more cheerfully
And I took her back up the lane.
“You have the wrong complexion for sitting in the sun” I said
“I know,” she said with resignation
“With your lovely pale skin you need to stay in the shadows” I said.
She blushed at the compliment.
Although I was thinking that hopefully I could bring her metaphorically from the shadows to bathe in the light of lust.
I didn’t think it was going to be as easy as it was with her friend but it would happen.
I apologize again for the comparison but Emily came and sought me out on the very afternoon of her birthday, made up, perfumed and wearing special “bought for the occasion” matching lingerie.
I thought it would take a little more guile this time but faint heart never won fair maiden.
When we arrived at the house I showed her into the lounge, she’d never been in the house before.
I gently took the towel from her shoulders and threw it down on the sofa “lie down on the towel while I get the aftersun”
When I returned she was lying face down on the towel with her head and torso on the sofa and her legs stretched out on the footstool.
I knelt down on the floor next to the sofa and perused her pale young body.
Jenny had her head turn to one side and was facing away from me.
The sunburn was nowhere near as bad as it looked but I didn’t tell her that.
“This might hurt a little, but let me know if you want me to stop” I said
“Ok” she answered meekly.
I wondered at that point if she knew what I had in mind for her.
I squirted some cream on her back and began to gently rub in the lotion.
“How does that feel?” I asked
“Cool” she replied
I wasn’t trying to get her cool I wanted her to get her hot.
I rubbed some more.
“I need to undo your bikini top sweetie,” I said innocently “so I can properly apply the lotion”
“Ok” she said her voice breaking slightly
So I undid it and pulled it softy away from her skin and then I slowly rubbed in the surplus lotion until it was all worked in to her pale freckled skin like a long relaxing massage.
Then I squirted some more onto her, only this time instead of the middle of her back I deposited it on her shoulder blade so I would run down her side.
“Oops” I said and then followed the drip with my fingers, not trying to catch the drip, but rather following it or chasing it as it dribbled down her side and sought out her breast my hand pursued and I very quickly found my quarry.
Jenny let out a soft murmur as my hand reached inside her cup then she rolled her shoulder towards me giving me clear access to her plump little breast and I played with her rosebud and she murmured again, louder this time as I teased her nipple to erection.
When I had toyed and teased her nipple to distraction I returned my attentions to her torso.
I massage the lotion all the way from her shoulders down to her hips.
I loosened the knot on he sarong and uncovered her, and I was right about her bottoms they did match.
I continued the charade by massaging all the newly uncovered flesh from her hips right down to her ankles.
By the way she was fidgeting I knew it was time to pull down her bikini bottoms which I did slowly and deliberately her body stiffened and she lifted her hips ever so slightly off the sofa and the green fabric moved easily off her buttocks.
I had them off over her feet seconds later she uttered no protest.
Once I had her bottoms removed I slid my hands up her legs and massaged her tight firm buttocks then I pushed her legs slightly apart and slipped my fingertips into her moist crevice, again she uttered no protest.
Jenny wasn’t as vociferous as Emily she just buried her face in the towel and let out a series of low muffled moans and gasps but her lathery lips told me she was enjoying my fingering.
Then I pushed her thighs wide open until she was completely accessible to me and then I sipped from her fresh pink clamshell.
She squirmed as my tongue explored the petals of her pussy.
Had I not felt Jenny’s body go rigid or seen the evidence on her lip I would have known as even with her face buried in the folds of her towel I clearly heard her come.
I couldn’t then turn her over onto her back to deliver the coup de grace because of the sunburn.
So I supported her legs with one arm and pushed the footstool away with the other, then I lowered her legs, bending her body at the waist in the process until her knees were on the floor.
This presented her round white bottom to me, and more importantly the moist pink lips of her cunny.
Now it was time to release the beast in my shorts and when I had the swollen stalk in my hand, helmet exposed ready for action I thought to myself that hiding her face in her towel wouldn’t disguise her moans when this penetrated her.
So I grasped her hips firmly and pulled her onto me until my cock was deep into her tight young pussy and Jenny gave a little squeal of delight as I added another cherry to my collection.
It didn’t take long until she had come again as I gave her one long satisfying stroke after another.
And by the time I had got onto the short strokes Jenny squeaked on each inward motion until I brought her to her final climax when I shot.
Jenny lay there, my cock still inside her, quivering and sighing repeatedly through her towel.
She sighed even louder when I withdrew from her pussy.
Jen wouldn’t get up and dress with me in the room even after I’d defiled her so I left her to sort her self out and went in the kitchen to make a drink.
As I sat there in the kitchen I thought to myself Jenny wasn’t a natural like Emily was and she would require a lot ore tutorage but it would be worth it in the end because she had a fine body in several ways better than her friend.
Jenny shuffled into the kitchen still doing up her sarong and I could see the dark green patch on the crotch of her bottoms, “better put those straight in the wash” I thought.
When she finally looked up at me she went immediately scarlet and turned away.
I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me and she buried her face in my chest and held onto me like a vice.
“I can’t believe you’re still shy” I said “after what we just did”
Jenny didn’t answer
“Well you’ll have to come out if you want a kiss,” I added
“A kiss?” Came a muffled query
“I must have a kiss” I insisted “As a reward”
Reluctantly her head emerged from my chest but she still didn’t raise her eyes to look at me.
I put my hand on her chin and lifted it up and then I put my lips to hers and so began a rather lengthy and surprisingly enjoyable kiss. In fact in that regard she was definitely better than Emily.
“That’s better” I said “very nice”
Jenny blushed and giggled.

As we sat and drank our tea I said to Jenny
“I think while Emily is away we should try to do something to keep your mind occupied, which might also help your shyness”
She giggled
So it was agreed that rather than mope about missing Emily we should do something a little more productive.
Jenny would come to the cottage every afternoon at 2pm to further her sexual education.

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