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An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 11) The Summer Ball part one

It was the morning of the Summer Ball the “jewel in the crown” event on the Bushy Down Golf club calendar.
The day begins at first light when the Summer Ball tees off.
Then after a full mornings play, preceding a sit down lunch the tournament concludes in the afternoon.
The Golf is normally concluded by 5.00pm and the Ball proper commences at 8.00pm with a sumptuous meal prize giving and dancing.
They certainly had a glorious day for it, I had no plans to participate in the Golf, competitions aren’t my thing.
What I had planned to do was sleep late and then spend the rest of the day writing.
I thought I had gathered some valuable material the day before deflowering the former flirty virgin Emily Gomez.
I felt I could easily achieve 20,000 words on her delicious delights alone.
However I was awoken earlier than planned, much earlier infact, by a rattling of crockery from the kitchen and the sound of water running, a kettle filling probably.
I looked at the clock and it was 6.05am and I had an unexpected houseguest, I had no idea who it was and frankly it could have been anyone.
I got out of bed with a bit of a semi on, thanks to a vivid dream about Emily kneeling on my chair in the study.
I decided on a shower before meeting my guest.
After showering I just threw on my robe and wandered downstairs as I approached the kitchen I suddenly hesitated as I caught sight of Cousin Molly sitting on the kitchen counter completely naked and fingering herself.
I didn’t want to embarrass her so I did the gentlemanly thing and watched her through the crack in the door.
The semi I had from my dream of Emily had turned to a full on boner.
Molly wasn’t phased or embarrassed as I walked into the kitchen, nor did she stop what she was doing.
“What are you up to then?” I said walking up to her and kissing her full on the mouth. “Apart from the obvious”
Molly was still fingering her crack so with her free hand she reached inside my robe and grabbed my swollen cock
“How long have you been watching?” she asked between kisses
“Long enough” I replied
“Oh yes it is” she purred and pulled it towards her pussy
But I wasn’t ready to go in her just yet so I knelt before her shaven pussy and noshed on her juicy cunt, after her delicious self abuse it didn’t take long for me to take her to climax and I was soon stood in front of her again and this time I let her plug my cock into her cunny and with her legs hooked behind my arse and her arms locked around my neck I fucked her hard, which is what she wanted, a good hard fucking.
Just at the point we both came the Microwave pinged and Molly’s breakfast was ready.

We sat at the kitchen table, both naked, drinking coffee,
“What are you doing here any way?” I said
“I was on my way to Mum and Dads for the weekend when I got really horny and I thought who do I know around here that can scratch my itch?”
I nodded
“But no one was home so I came hear” then Molly laughed; in fact she laughed so hard she spilled some coffee.
“You don’t want seconds before you go then?”
She stopped laughing took me by the hand and led me upstairs to bed were we had a much more leisurely fuck.
Molly was back on the road to her parents by 9.00am and I went back to sleep and didn’t wake again until after one.
I had my second shower of the day then wandered over to the club for a spot of lunch.
It was 2.30pm by the time I got over there and lunch had finished serving so I thought I’d ask if they could knock me up a sandwich.
I could see Georgia as I walked to the bar and I thought she’d seen me but she just kept walking, they were quite busy and I was at the bar for 5 minutes or more and I wasn’t even close to being served.
Suddenly Georgia was stood next to me.
“Hi honey” I said “Shouldn’t you be serving
“It’s my break,” she answered curtly
“I’m only after a sandwich,” I said hopefully
“Come with me” Georgia said and strode off
“Great” I thought and followed her
She led me down a corridor, through a door that said staff only, down another corridor finally arriving at another door.
“In here” she said
“She’s in a funny mood,” I thought but at least I’d get my sandwich.
As the door closed the light went on to reveal it was a storage cupboard, and all at once Georgia was all over me,
She already had her white shirt opened and she put my hands on her tits, and she had no bra on, why wasn’t she wearing a bra?
Then her tongue was straight down my throat and she was using both of her hands to extricate my prick from my trousers.
“Blimey Georgia” I said after breaking away from her mouth “What’s got into you?”
“You in a minute I hope” She kissed me hard on the mouth again
“Why now”? I asked escaping her lips again
“Because I’m so horny,” she said planting another kiss on my mouth,
“And where’s your bra” I asked indignantly
“In my handbag” she answered curtly
“Bloody hell what is in the air around here today that’s making everybody horny” I thought as Georgia had finally debagged me and released my cock.
Then she was on her knees and took me in her mouth, she normally needed encouragement to do that.
I was hoping, I thought, as Georgia got busy on me, to get in someone’s pants at the Ball tonight but if all the women are as hot to trot as Molly and Georgia have been I would need a bottle of Dr Claire’s Lazarus pills.
Georgia had sucked me up good and proper so I pushed her head back to allow me to withdraw from her mouth, she scrambled to her feet and after wiping her dribbling lips on her arm she kissed me again
I pushed her back against the door and yanked her skirt up her thighs so I could get my hands under her hem.
Gripping the hem in both hands I pulled it sharply upwards so the entire skirt was now around her waist I then turned my attention to her knickers, but she wasn’t wearing any.
“Where are your knickers”? I asked more than a little surprised
“In my handbag”
“Ask a stupid question,” I thought
Her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck and she was panting loudly in my ear so I reached around and got a firm grip on each buttock and lifted her up so her obviously syrupy fanny was at a height to receive me,
Once achieved I slid effortlessly into her hot cunny
“Ohhhhh god” she uttered
Georgia’s legs locked around my middle and I banged her against the door.
I had one hand on her hip and with the other I gripped the coat hook behind the door
I banged her again and again
Her bum cheeks slapping against the veneer
With each early stroke I put into her she responded with a long satisfied
As the rhythm increased and the stokes shortened she could only manage
Finishing with an “OH GOD YES” As I emptied my sac into her.
We stayed in that position for about a minute panting hard then she said.
“I really needed that”
“It was ok then?” I asked
“Oh yes, very acceptable”
“Good” I said sincerely “Can I have a sandwich now?”
“Definitely” she said smiling
We quickly made ourselves decent and exited the cupboard and retraced our steps down the corridor.
When we reached the staff only door Georgia kissed me and said
“I’ll meet you in the bar”
And I went through the door; I’d only taken a few steps along the next corridor when I was halted by the formidable Miss Snipe.
“This corridor is staff only Mr. Fisher”
“Yes thank you Miss Snipe I realise that now” I said “I got confused and took a wrong turn, it must be the heat”
But there was no fooling Agnes Snipe she knew I’d been up to no good she just didn’t know what or with whom.
“Will we be having the pleasure of your company tonight Agnes?”
“I will be seeing that standards are maintained and that individuals know their boundaries”
“I will look forward to seeing you” and walked passed her down the corridor and back to the bar.
I thought that whatever it was going around getting the ladies moist it certainly didn’t appear to have put any pep in Agnes Snipes pants.

I was sat down in our usual quiet corner just a minute or so before Georgia arrived with a pint of beer and a tuna steak salad.
“There you are sir,” she said putting first the beer and then the plate on the table “your reward for services rendered”
“Thank you miss” I said pompously “and do you feel sufficiently rendered”
“I believe so” Georgia replied “at least until tomorrow when I will expect you to render my arse off”
She gave a quick glance around her then lent down and kissed me tenderly.
“Well if that’s all sir? I do have other customers to service”
Then she turned away but returned in about 30 seconds
“I almost forgot” She gave another quick glance around her and then lifted the front of her skirt up exposing her white knickers.
“Just to reassure you,” Georgia said letting the skirt fall “I only take them off for you”
This was clearly meant as a light dig regarding my own philandering, which although she said she didn't mind, clearly did.

Before I returned home I decided I needed a little TLC so I went to the heath club, which adjoined the Golf club, I figured it would be quiet on Summer Ball day and I was right.
I signed up for a vitamin bath, sauna and a full body massage and I was so relaxed when I got home that I promptly fell asleep.

I didn’t wake up until 7.15pm which threw me into a blind panic I quickly got up and showered, for the umpteenth time that day and because of time constraints I did one of the things that I loathe, I shaved in the shower.
Oh well needs must I thought.
I dried, perfumed and powdered myself and changed quickly into my dinner suit complete with cummerbund and bow tie, I have to confess that with time against me I broke another of my own rules, I wore a clip on bow tie.
But I made it to the Ball with minutes to spare.
I would say that the sight of the array of stunningly turned out women that greeted me led me to believe that they allowed more than 40 minutes getting ready.
The first stunner I bumped into was Emily, the pretty young dusky maid I sullied only the day before, and she was with her best friend Jenny, a pale skinned redhead who I planned to sully very soon. They were both stunningly beautiful and wearing the expensive designer evening dresses they looked even more so.
“Hello Emily” I said, “you look beautiful”
I then leant in closer and said quietly
“Not as beautiful as yesterday though”
She blushed terribly and I turned my attention to her friend
“Hello Jenny, you’re looking stunning tonight” and by the way she coloured up so quickly I assumed Emily had told her of our encounter.
Emily recovered sufficiently to introduce me to her parents
Who seemed genuinely pleased to finally meet me.
I thought wryly that they wouldn’t be smiling quite so much if they’d seen my splitting Emily whiskers the afternoon before.
Then I was introduced to Jenny’s parents who seemed equally pleased to meet me, of course I hadn’t at that point caused any affront to the Smithson’s, but their time would come, as would Jenny’s.
I excused myself and made for the gents, this took me passed Agnes’s office just as I approached her door I caught sight of Miss Snipe with her dress pulled up almost to her waist whilst she adjusted her suspenders.
This revelation certainly moved Agnes up in my estimation not necessarily on the to-do list but… that was a definite point scorer.
Next I ran into Victoria Braithwaite who was looking very presentable, if in a rather retro fashion, but there was always more to Victoria than met the eye and I had not yet ruled out revisiting the surprising Miss Braithwaite hidden talents.
“Hello Simon” She said warmly “thank you so much for finding Maisie for me, she’s been an absolute godsend”
“I’m glad she’s been useful”
Just then Georgia arrived with a tray of drinks, Victoria took one and then I followed suit.
Just then Judith Hunt joined us, she was my next-door neighbour and all round good egg and she looked very shapely, I suspect a body shaper was being manfully employed but none the less she looked very nice.
“What are you two talking about?” she said
“I was just telling Simon what a little gem Maisie Stewart is”
At that moment Georgia whispered in my ear
“Just keep chatting up the oldies and you’ll stay out of mischief” and sniggered
I thought to myself you wouldn’t say that if you seen me nailing Victoria against a tree.
She stepped through the crowd to offer Judith and another guest a drink so I grabbed her arse and gave it a squeeze before I slid my fingers down the crease of her arse towards her box. And I felt her buttocks clench and then she moved quickly off to the next group.
Just then Dr Andrews and a rather plain looking bespectacled stick insect joined the group.
Judith ever the organiser handled the introductions
“I think you both know everyone” then doubting herself asked
“Have you met Simon Fisher?”
“Only in a professional capacity” she replied
“Hello please call me Claire” and she gave my hand a discrete squeeze before releasing it
Then she introduced her friend
“This is my colleague Olivia,” she said
I looked at Olivia and thought it’s a good job she wears glasses or you wouldn’t know which side the front was.
Then in answer to my next question
“Olivia is the practice manager” Said Claire and kind of nodded,
Then it dawned on me she’s the receptionist who said I write mucky books.
Claire could see the penny had dropped and smiled.
Well people came and went the group grew and shrank then grew again and when there were more people there that I didn’t know than I knew I decided to mingle.
I caught sight of an absolute beauty; she was a small young woman with short brown hair wearing a figure hugging knee length green silk dress,
It fitted her like a second skin and there was nothing between second and first.
No VPL in fact no visible lines at all.
As she walked her whole body moved like it was a liquid instead of a solid,
A figure of liquid silk, moving like risen bread dough being poured from a bowl.
I had no idea who she was and I only ever caught glimpses of her and I never did track her down again that night.
I hadn’t seen Pandora yet but I did see someone I recognised a little blonde in a long white dress, a highly unsuitable shade considering what she gets up to deep in the woods.
Stood next to her was the ever-dependable Judith
“Simon, Simon” she called
I went to join her
“Have you met the Carrington’s?”
“No I said, I don’t think I have had the pleasure” I looked straight at India when I said pleasure and she coloured up beautifully.
“This is Cecil” a rather arrogant looking man,
“Clemence” a clear indicator of what India will blossom into
“And their daughter India”
“Simon Fisher”
“Pleased to meet you all”
The small talk ebbed and flowed and I discovered that my initial assessment of Cecil rather missed the mark he wasn’t anywhere near as arrogant as his demeanour suggested
Clemence was as pleasant as she was beautiful and even India surprised me.
“Miss Braithwaite mentioned you knew someone hard working and conscientious who might be looking for some work”
“Yes I do, India, I’m not sure how much free time she has at the moment” I said “she’s in great demand, but I will certainly put her in touch”
It was just then I spotted Pandy in a powder blue dress heading towards the ladies so I made my excuses and left the Carrington’s but I did so safe in the knowledge that India was a land I might conquer again.
I positioned myself on the side of the room nearest to the ladies room that Pandora had frequented and drifted around on the fringes of groups not really following the conversation until she reappeared.
There she was
“Pandora! You’re looking very lovely tonight”
“Simon Darling” she said insincerely
Then she did that irritating air kiss either side of my face although on the second side instead of a kiss she said
“The answers no”
Then for general consumption she said
“I must get back still lots to do”
Well that seemed fairly definite, still plenty of other candidates for my lust.
I wandered over to the seating plan to find out who my dining companions were.
And guess who I found had got there before me? Judith Hunt
“Hello Judith we’re going to have to stop meeting like this you know”
“No chance of that I’m afraid” she said laughing “we’re on the same table”
“Really?” I said “how funny”
“Who else have we got?”
“Well there’s Laura and Geoffrey Gregory, (Georgia’s parents) Samantha and Owen Collins (friends of the Gregory’s) me and, Laurence” (Judith’s husband)
Victoria Braithwaite, you and not forgetting Pandora and Graham Parkinson-Brown”
So I was sitting next to Pandora, God had been kind
“Well that’s probably the best table in the room” I said
“I agree” Judith said proudly
“So who do you think we need to thank?” I asked her
“Pandora of course” Judith scoffed “She always does the tables”
Then she stuck her arm through mine and said
“You may escort me to my table good sir”
“My pleasure madam” I liked Judith but my pleasure for the evening was wearing a powder blue dress and she had arranged it so she would be sitting next to me.

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