Friday, 13 July 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 10) Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen part two

After Pandora drove away moist lipped from the golf club I found myself standing semi hard in the member’s car park.
So I didn’t go home by the usual route across the 18th, instead I walked out of the gate and turned left to follow the path that threaded its way through the woods that bordered the 18th, In fact the opposite end of the path I was following the night I bumped into Victoria Braithwaite.
As I meandered my way along the path I heard a voice behind me.
“Wait for me Simon” it, said, “wait for me”
I turned around but I couldn’t see who it was
“Wait for me” they continued shouting a little louder this time
And then crash.
A schoolgirl came running around an oak tree and hurtled straight into me and we both ended up on the floor.
It was young Emily Gomez
“Ouch” she said rubbing her left knee, and I got a quick flash of white knicker against her dark skin.
“Are you ok?” I asked as I helped her to her feet.
“Just scrapped my knee a bit,” she said laughing
“I didn’t think I was that close to you”
She was a very pretty girl, five foot one with Jet-black hair and dark dusky skin, I think that her father was Spanish and her mother was from the Philippines what ever the origins Emily she was a beautiful colour.
“Happy birthday by the way” I said suddenly remembering “16”
Or put another way I thought to myself “legal”.
“Thank you,” she said grinning
She looked very cute in her straw boater with the burgundy and yellow band.
Emily was still wearing her full school uniform consisting of black knee length socks, a black and white plaid skirt, burgundy jacket with yellow trim, white blouse and a burgundy and yellow tie, oh and the boater of course.
“Have you not broken up yet?” I enquired
“Yes today thank God”
Her knee was still bleeding so I fished out a hankie from my pocket and handed it to her.
“Use that” I said “that will help for the moment”
Emily dabbed at it and winced
“Come on, come to mine and I’ll clean it up”
“Bad luck having to go to school on your birthday”
“Oh no it was great, I got loads of presents from my friends” she said “And we had a bit of a birthday lunch in food tech”
“Talking of friends, where’s Jenny?” I asked
Jenny was her best friend and they were inseparable they had been friends forever.
“Detention” she said “Forgot to turn her phone off”
Emily nodded sagely
We arrived at my cottage and we went inside
“Go and sit on the sofa,” I told her “I’ll get the first aid kit”
“Do you want a drink?” I shouted
“A glass of wine please” she shouted back, she had taken off her hat.
I was thinking more like a coke so I compromised and poured her a spritzer and I had a beer.
I walked into the lounge with a drink in each hand, the first aid kit under my arm and a towel over my shoulder
I handed her the drink
“Happy birthday” I said again and we chinked glasses
I knelt down in front of her and opened the first aid kit
I irrigated the wound with water and cleaned it with a cotton wool pad
“So what are you doing for your birthday?” I asked as I worked
“Mum and Dad are taking me and Jen to a swanky restaurant in Kiddingstone, and then to the Summer Ball tomorrow night, I’ve never been allowed before” she said very pleased with herself.
“This might sting a bit,” I said as I applied the antiseptic
“Ooh” Emily winced as she sat perched on the edge of the sofa
I had my right hand under her knee as I applied the plaster.
And I said “So sweet sixteen….” rubbing the corners of the plaster with my thumbs
“…. And never been kissed” she finished
“That can’t apply to you,” I said
Emily blushed
“Get away with you” I replied looking at her face
She blushed deeper and looked down into her lap.
“The boys must be mad, they should be queuing up to kiss a gorgeous girl like you, I know I would be”
“Would you?” Emily said lifting her eyes from her lap
“In a heartbeat” I replied and her dark eyes said “kiss me then”
So I backtracked a little
“But I’m not a boy, I’m a man, and you’re still a girl, a very pretty girl, but a girl none the less”
So she reached forward quickly and kissed me on the mouth, more of a peck really than a kiss and she went horribly red.
Well I wasn’t expecting that, that came right out of left field.
So I moved the hand that was on her knee up to her crimson cheek, which was burning with embarrassment and I stroked it gently and pulled her face towards mine.
“Do it like this” I said and I put my lips to hers once twice and then a third time and our mouths gently sealed on each other and our tongues engaged.
It only lasted a few moments and when our lips parted I said
“There, now you’re a sweet sixteen who has been kissed”
She gave a heavy sigh then leant into me saying
“Again please”
I put my finger up to her lips
“Too many kisses can lead to mischief,” I said
“Again” she pleaded and our lips met again this time in a longer deeper more sensual union.
When I broke away Emily sighed again
I got up and went and sat on the other half of the sofa, I wanted her now, very much, but she was only 16 and even if it was legal now she was still very young, if Emily wanted to continue she had to take the lead.
Morally it was a bit of a cop out but once the blood rushes to my dick morality blurs a tad.
But I wasn’t going to force myself on her, she was still young, and she had to be in the driving seat.
So I sat on my sofa and Emily got up and walked over to me and sat on my knee which I took to be my invitation to give her a special birthday gift, as I say morals are not my strong suit.
“You know what this means?”
“Yes” she said and put her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the mouth it was a hot liquid kiss.
This served to stir my loins and stiffen my resolve as well as my shaft.
While the kiss continued and the passion heightened and as our tongue dueled
I loosened her tie all the way and pulled it slowly from around her neck, discarded it on the floor.
I began undoing the buttons of her blouse one by one by one, at this point out lips parted and her face burrowed into my neck and I could feel her hot breath on my skin.
I looked down as I slowly undid another button then another and then another until it was opened to the waist, I tugged roughly on each side of the blouse to free it from her waistband Emily breathed in to aid me in my task.
The breaths on my neck were getting stronger as I slid my hands inside the blouse and onto her soft silky skin and they traversed her landscape like it was a sensual survey. Then they found the fastener on her bra and opened it.
Then my eager hands made the short journey inside the white lace bra and cupped the prizes I had coveted since first I spied down the front of Emily’s summer dress just a few short months ago.

I couldn’t have them then but I had them now and they were sublime, firm yet pliant, round like sweet puddings the shade of demerara, topped with muscovado coloured teats, stiffening to my touch.
Her breath was panting now interspersed with low moans and while I toyed with her delightful confections I planned my next move.
I lured her lips away from my neck and kissed her hard and hot
Then I put my right hand on her injured knee and moved my hand slowly along the inside of her thigh, she trembled beneath my touch but her legs opened up to my hands advance. I would soon reach my target inside her white lace panties.
I knew they were white because I caught a glimpse earlier when she fell and she was a classy girl so they would match her bra.
What better way was there to take away a girls virginity than to firstly remove her from matching undies.
The urgency of her kisses told me I was close even if the feel of lace on my fingertips had not.
I ran my finger slowly up her groin, never more than a millimeter from the lace until it reached her hip bone and then it slipped beneath the pristine panties across her belly and down amongst her curly pubes, I could feel her moans in my mouth now, so from her little furry Snatch I traversed her mound and slid my fingers between her lips,
She stopped kissing me and rested her forehead against mine where with her mouth open she emitted a long low
Beneath my finger her pussy was creamy wet to the touch and her cream was like liquid silk on my fingertips.
I worked her gently
“Worrrrr” she growled
I worked her harder
Her growls intensified with every stroke until the moment when her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and she drew her knees up to her chest and my frigging of her between the thighs brought her to the abyss and Emily came.
I removed my fingers from her juicy crack and slid my hand along her thigh leaving a greasy trail as I went.
I didn’t want to force the pace so I waited for Emily to initiate the next phase or to indicate the she wanted to continue.
I didn’t have to wait for long because her eager little mouth was busying it self chewing my earlobe and wetly tonguing my ear and her hand had unsubtly settled on the bulge in my trousers, which I immediately made twitch this in turn made her jump and then giggle.
Her mouth was now on mine and her hand was now stroking at the swelling in my lap.
The message was obvious to me that I had the green light to finish the job but I needed to slow her down give her time to think before we passed the point of no return so I broke away from her intense mouth and said
“Stand up honey”
Emily stood up and faced me and as she did so she was licking her lips, she then became self-conscious beneath my gaze and pulled the front of her jacket together to cover her breasts
I then put a hand on each lapel and pulled her towards me
Now with Emily standing five foot one in her stocking feet and me over six feet tall, her lips were only an inch or two above me as I sat perched on the sofa so I reached up and kissed her.
Emily released her hold on her jacket to put her arms about my neck and it fell open again allowing my hands access to her bare silky skin and more importantly those plump little tits.
And while I pawed and fondled at them my lips began their journey down her neck and throat to join them.
As I faced her dark mounds I thought of how long I had waited for this moment to be reacquainted with the delicious brown titties that she tantalized and teased me with on that warm afternoon in May.
I kissed her small globes softly, those beautiful caramels, before consuming her chocolate nipple and sucking on it greedily until it was swollen between my lips, and then I transferred my attentions to its partner as my hands travelled seamlessly from her waist to her hips to her thighs and then to her knees where they began to slowly slide up her silky thighs to finally rest on her perfect buttocks, kneading each cheek as I sucked her teat, her skinny legs trembled as my fingers reached into the waistband of her panties and pulled them easily off her tidy little arse and down her slender thighs to her shaking knees.
This was when I left her swollen nipple and looked up at her lovely face and she smiled me a beaming smile so I sat her next to me and we briefly kissed again. Before I laid her back on the sofa where I grabbed the crotch of her panties between her knees, which were sodden with her cunny juice and I thought to myself “they’re not pristine white any more”, and pulled them down to her feet and off, discarding them behind me.
I held her left leg behind the wounded knee and kissed the plaster and then I kissed every inch along the soft flesh of her inner thigh to her honey-drenched quim.
My nose was in amongst her hairy black bush and I could smell her scent
I wouldn’t dally long at the furry cup I just wanted to drink from her fresh unsullied lips before I took her.
Whether it was just a brief refreshment or not Emily enjoyed every flick of my tongue as I licked at her wet cunny.
When I came up for air her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip.
It was now time so I unbuckled my belt and began pulling down my trousers I noticed the top of my trouser leg, above the knee, was saturated with Emily’s juices just as her panties were.
I quickly slipped both trousers and pants down my thighs and released my engorged cock
I looked up at Emily and I could see her eyes were open now and transfixed on my swollen member, I took hold of my shaft in my right hand and tugged the skin back to expose my purple head.
As the purple crown emerged from its pink cocoon Emily’s eyes widened in surprise.
I took hold of her right leg, which distracted her momentarily, and we made eye contact
“Are you ok” I said and smiled
“Yes” she whispered
“Do you want to stop?”
“No” she said very definitely shaking her head a look of mild alarm on her face.
“Ok” That would do for me I thought
“All you need to say is “stop” and I’ll stop”
She nodded
So still holding onto her right leg behind the knee I slid my hand down the outside of her thigh and gripped her buttock firmly and immobilized her leg between my arm and my side.
My right hand pushed her other leg gently sideways opening her up for me.
I gripped my shaft and prodded the wetness of her with my knob
She moaned softly, eyes shut, biting her lip
So gripping my cock I pushed my pink shaft between her dark lips and I briefly felt the resistance of her hymen before her cherry popped and she was deflowered.
Emily moaned softly as my helmet breached her hole then she winced as the hymen broke and then Emily moaned loudly as I penetrated deeply into her, I withdrew and penetrated her again and she wriggled like a fish on a line
Then another length and she squirmed,
I could have just fucked her to a conclusion there on the leather couch,
But I thought more of her than that and I thought she deserved her fist time to be a tenderer affair than just a quick shag on the sofa so I withdrew from her tight little cunny
She looked up at me, a look of alarm on her face
“Did I do something wrong?” she asked with great anxiety
“I’m sorry Simon” Emily had sat up and implored me
“Tell me what I did? I won’t do it again I promise”
I put my finger up to her lips.
“You haven’t done anything wrong honey,” I said reassuringly
“I just want to take you to bed now”
She was clearly relieved and threw her self into my arms.
“I thought you didn’t want me,” she said burying her face in my neck.
I laughed and said
“I would have to be either mad or dead not to want you honey”
“So come on then,” I said “upstairs”
Emily led the way while I stripped off so I was completely naked as I followed her upstairs wearing only a liberal layer of her secretions along my shaft,
Her black knee socks no longer lived up to their name as one was around her ankle while the other clung precariously to her calf.
I was right behind her as she entered my bedroom and she came to a stop beside the bed.

I put my hands on the shoulders of her jacket and ran them down the sleeves and found her hands, she immediately grasped onto the back of them and squeezed.
Emily turned her head to look up at me and I kissed down into her open mouth as I did so her tiny hands moved my great paws up to her plump titties.
We continued to kiss for a few moments whilst I groped at her soft young tits and played with her dark nipples then I let go of her treasures, and grabbed her lapels then pulled her jacket off her shoulders where it fell to the floor.
Next I unhooked the fastener on her waistband then slowly pulled down the zip and the skirt fell almost effortlessly off her slender hips.
We stopped kissing as first her blouse and then her bra were dropped to the floor.
I pushed her lightly forward so she stepped out of the pile of clothing and I made her kneel on the edge of the bed, I knelt on the floor behind her and kissed her neck, shoulders and spine as I removed first one sock and then the other.
Then I wrapped my arms around her and I kissed her briefly on the neck.
“Lie down hon” I said
Which she did without hesitation, and I smiled because she lay flat on her stomach so I couldn’t see her beautiful body.
I threw the duvet over her and she wriggled beneath it until the top of her head appeared followed by her eyes, and that was all she wanted me to see for now.
I noticed her eyes were once more transfixed on my cock, which now bore a dewy sheen, Emily’s dewy sheen
I got into bed and I was at once facing her silky young form,
As I kissed her any doubt that she was not 100% up for it were dispelled as she gripped my cock and stroked it vigorously so I rolled her onto her back where she instantly spread herself, opening wide in readiness for me, so I climbed aboard to mount her and in a single movement penetrated her tight wet pussy again.
Emily wrapped her skinny legs around me and her hands played up and down my back as I gave her length after length and with every thrust I gave her she emitted a low rasping moan until she screamed out a high girlish scream as she came.
Emily would have been happy if that was all there was, having no benchmark, but I had more to give, so I gave it.
In rhythmic measured lengths and she squirmed and squealed beneath me until on her third girlish orgasmic scream I shot into her and she gripped me tightly with arms and legs as I pulsed my ejaculation into her cunny.
Emily was letting out a whispered gasp with each pulsing twitch of my cock and so her deflowering was now complete.
As we lay in my bed in the afterglow Emily sighed herself to sleep and I soon followed.
We only slept for about half an hour just long enough.
I woke first and I reflected on what a pleasurable interlude it had been and what a willing pupil Emily had been and I got a stirring at the thought of furthering her sexual education and developing her knowledge in the erotic arts at least for the summer.
It would be a delight to revisit the deliciously dark flesh of Miss Gomez in the coming months, coming being the operative word.
As Emily stirred from her snooze I sat up in bed and opened the draw in the bedside cabinet and took out a small package.
“Here you are birthday girl” I said to her “I have a birthday gift for you”
“I thought I’d just had my present” she said giggled and blushed to her roots and then hid her red face under the covers.
When she finally emerged she opened the little package to reveal a Gold locket and inside it read “Sweet sixteen”.
She threw herself at me and showered me with kisses
“I love it, I love it” she said and hugged me
After a moment or two she said coyly
“Can I have another present?”
“Do you have time?”
“I think so” She replied
“It’ll have to be a quickie then”
She nodded acquiescence
So I did her a second time, on this occasion in the leather armchair in my study where I took the dusky little darling from behind while she was wearing only a plaster, black knee socks and straw boater, bliss.

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