Friday, 13 July 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 08) The Mystery Assailant

It was after our second exhausting night of passion, when Claire Andrews and I along with her Lazarus pills were exiting the front door of the Grand Metropolitan hotel in Bristol.
We had just performed the walk of shame through the lobby causing all heads to turn in our direction.
Among our audience was an array of faces baring expressions, ranging from disgust, trough jealously to envy and then admiration.
We emerged through the door into the sunlight looking red faced and sheepish.
Having had a lobby full of eyes on us as we left the hotel we felt relived to escape into the fresh air where we turned to each other and burst out laughing
“Well Mr. Fisher thanks to you that’s another Hotel I can never stay at again” Claire said.
“Oh it’s my fault now is it?” I said indignantly
“I’m not the one who screams like a Banshee when she orgasms.”
Claire blushed to her roots and buried her face in my neck.
“Do you know just how many Hotels of that quality there are in which we can disgrace ourselves?” I asked
“How many?” Came her muffled response?
“Hundreds” I said “And that’s just in the British Isles”
“Oh goody” Claire said immerging from my neck smiling.

We boarded the train at Temple Meads and made ourselves comfortable.
We had barely left the station before Claire was asleep with her head on my shoulder.
We had met up for the second time in a couple of months
Her, me and the Lazarus pills that raise me from the dead and keep me going all night.
Claire was one of my guiltier pleasures because she was married; normally a big no-no for me, but there was always an exception or two.
Her husband was seriously disabled and incapable in everyway of pleasuring her; she remained faithful to him for nine years before I got my hands on her.
Our first get together was unplanned and unexpected but our second was anything but.
Claire was a Doctor and had a conference to attend in Bristol, so I wangled an invitation to a literary club luncheon and the rest was simple.
Well exciting, exhilarating, mind blowing and exhausting to be more precise.
We had made our own way down there but we were getting the train back together she would get off at Basingstoke and pick up her car while I would continue on to Guildford where I would change trains for Farnham and then a second change to Bushy Down.
While she was sleeping against my shoulder I indulged in a spot of people watching.
The carriage was very quiet and sparsely populated and most of the passengers were at the other end.
But there were two girls sat diagonally across the isle from us, a tall willowy blonde with outstandingly stellar legs.
She was very pretty but was very aware of the fact and she positively preened when she realized I was admiring her legs.
She crossed her legs slowly and deliberately so I could marvel at them further but then I noticed on the newly exposed inner thigh a tattoo of an arrow and beneath it were the words “this way up”.
It was like an ice cold shower to my desire.
How very classy I thought and it turned me off, I turned my attention to a quiet mousy girl sitting in the corner.
She had long straight brown hair and a rather plain, heavily freckled face, but lovely blue eyes, a cute nose and a thin-lipped smile.
She was short, body shape undetermined due to a rather shapeless baggy sweater, so it was difficult to tell which way she was facing let alone see her figure
Her legs were nice though ensconced in black shabby tights and she had tiny feet always a bonus for me.
I had trouble fixing her age though she could have been anywhere between 18 and 25.
She ticked quite a few boxes and even if the contents of her sweater turned out to be a disappointment it would be fun to rummage.
The leggy blonde on seeing my transfer of allegiance huffed quite loudly and flounced off to another part of the carriage.
I continued to appraise the mouse who seemed quite pleased with herself that she had lured me away from “legs” and that the blonde had thrown in the towel, in fact she took on an air of aloofness on recognizing her success in stealing my attentions, if she knew the reason she would be less flattered.
So myself and the mouse spent the next twenty minutes exchanging glances, mine of lechery, hers of coquettishness, in fact they continued until we were approaching Basingstoke, so I turned my thoughts back to Claire, I woke her and helped her gather her things together.
As we approached the station I got up and carried her bag to the door, she followed close behind, the train stopped; she gave me a long succulent kiss. The doors opened and our embrace followed suit.
I stepped out and put her case on the platform.
“Thank you sir” she said formerly “That’s very kind”
“My pleasure madam” I replied and got back on the train.
Our little charade over I returned to my seat and much to my disappointment the Mouse was gone, she must have got off the same time as Claire.
I settled in the corner by the window and exchanged a final smile with Claire as we slowly pulled out of the station.
I thought to myself that that wasn’t the first time this weekend that I had smiled at her as I pulled out.
The motion of the train soon began to lull me off, it was only the sound of bare feet padding on the floor that brought me back and through half opened eyes I saw the Mouse had returned minus tights and shoes and seated herself in the corner diagonally opposite me across the aisle. I was starting to close my eyes again thinking I had already surveyed her meager attributes when she did something that brought me wide awake.
Her right leg was on the seat, bent at the knee, and was resting against the seat back she drew it up towards herself while her left leg was stretched across the gap between the seats.
The mouse sat there head back eyes closed a hand on each knee and then slowly slid her hands down the inside of her thighs and under her skirt.
The fabric of her skirt slowly moved upward exposing first her bum cheeks and then her slit.
Her knickers clearly came off when her tights did.
The material kept on its upward trend and the full majesty of her hairy Minge was visible.
Then her tiny hand and nimble finger returned downward either side of her closed lips when the lips peeled open like a piece of ripe fruit revealing the soft moist flesh inside.
Mouse slipped her small digits between her open lips and began working diligently on herself while my pants bulged with appreciation for her craft.
She was good, very good; it’s always the quiet mousy girls you have to watch.
As I watched her deft fiddling fingers frigging at her fanny I suddenly became aware that however exciting this was and it would undoubtedly make it to the wank bank I thought to myself she is not going to finish herself off before the next station, that is to say that she isn’t going to arrive before the train does.
So I moved across the aisle and perched on the edge of her seat, my left hand on the inside of her right thigh while two finger of my left hand invaded her cunny her fingers continued their work while I engaged in frigging her.
Mouse’s spare hand grasped mine as it worked on her as she grew closer and closer and closer until she came and pulled my fingers hard into her cunny.
Then as her thighs came together I did something I hadn’t done for many years, I creamed my jeans.
Mouse smiled coyly at me as she released her grip on my hand.
“That was very nice ….” I began
“Doreen” she said “Doreen Clarke”
“That was very nice Doreen,” I continued
The tannoy announced the train was approaching Guildford station.
“I’m Simon” I said and kissed her on the lips before standing up and returning to my seat.
We then both got off the train together and as we stood on the platform for a moment I said
“I do hope we can share a journey together again sometime” to conclude our business I thought
“Me too” Doreen said blushed and padded off barefoot to the ladies to redress herself leaving me standing alone on the platform with sticky pants.

I arrived home about an hour later and after a long awaited cup of coffee I headed off to the bathroom for a much needed shower.
The shower was wonderful and I felt refreshed and invigorated so I threw on my toweling robe and went back to the kitchen for another coffee,
Steaming coffee in hand I walked through to the lounge, the room was dominated by a large L shaped leather sofa with a large square matching foot stool which was sitting in its default position i.e. in the right angle.
The room was quite stuffy so I put my coffee down and walked across and threw open the French doors but I left the curtains drawn as the sun was full on, on that side of the house at that time of day.
I sat on the sofa and almost immediately the long blinks began to set in and within minutes I was lying stretched out on the cool expanse of leather and a few minutes later I was fast asleep.

I had no idea how long I had slept but when I began to stir I was instantly aware that my little friend was stirring also.
I lay there for an indeterminate time drifting in and out sleep with my mind full of little erotic dreams.
I dreamt I could feel fingers stroking my shaft and tugging and teasing it to full erection.
It felt so real and my cock was so hard, then I dreamt that I felt, no not dreamt, I felt the tell tale feathering of a tongue flicking round my knob.
I lifted my head off the sofa and I could see a figure in the gloom but I couldn’t tell who it was whose lips and wet mouth had enveloped my helmet, I glanced down again but I still couldn’t tell whose head was pleasuring my cock.
But to be perfectly honest at that precise moment I didn’t really care whose mouth was around my prick and sucking me off.
Then my blissful assailant in order to take me into her throat half climbed onto the sofa presenting me with her round arse well in striking distance of my hand.
I reached out my paw and groped up the skirt of my assailant caressing her round buttocks though its firmness and fullness offered no clue to its owner’s identity.
So while she slurped on my member I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her knickers and yanked them down to her knees to expose the swollen lips of her shaven cunt.
That narrowed the field a bit further but I still wasn’t going to hazard a guess at their identity as nothing kills the mood quite like getting her name wrong during the act.
So instead I probed her creamy wet pussy with my fingers probed and elicited moans between the slurps on my shaft.
I inserted two fingers into her cunny.
In, out
Moan, Slurp
In, out
Moan, Slurp
In, out
Moan, Slurp
Then without disengaging her mouth from my swollen member
she wriggled her legs free of her panties and clambered onto my chest to present her hot ripe cunt to my waiting mouth and at last I knew the identity of my oral assailant
The heart shaped mole on my Cousin Molly’s pussy lip revealed it.
I kissed it and then nibbled the flesh of her labia making her moan and gasp
"I love your pussy Molly" I said then I noshed on her, slurping her cunny juice like nectar.
Molly brought me to the brink of tipping my load time after time as she came once, twice then three times her fanny farting in hoarse whispers.
Then Molly can wait no longer and jumps quickly off me stripping off her remaining clothes because she knew I liked to fuck her naked.
As I lay their watching her strip, my face covered in her juice I thought “my God Molly you’re such a spunker”
I was admiring her body as she climbed on me, she has the most incredible tits, and then she was impaling her eager nonny on to my waiting shaft and began pumping on me like a piston.
Her tits jiggled uncontrollably as she thrashed about wildly moaning like a beast as she rode me like a bucking bronco
Before she screamed out in orgasm and i exploded in her pumping hot spunk into her quivering quim.
Molly’s cunny spasm’s in time with the pulsing of each ejaculation of my cock.
Then we collapsed and slept where we had come to rest after our exertions my cock still inside her cunny.

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