Thursday, 26 July 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 16) Georgian Bathroom

I felt suitably refreshed after having two showers in fairly close order either side of the lovely Miss Gomez’s display of versatility by giving a fine oral performance on my instrument.
Despite the rather lengthy ablutions and the felatio I got to the Gregory house about ten minutes ahead of schedule to find Geoffrey, Georgie’s dad, had started loading the car without me and Georgia hadn’t arrived home from work yet.
“Hold on Geoff, you should have waited for me”
"Hello Simon" he said "I just thought I’d make a start as Georgia’s running late"
"Come on then I'll give you a hand"
We had it all loaded and were sitting in the kitchen by the time Georgia got home.
"Sorry I’m late" She said "The Snipe was being a right pain in the arse"
"The Snipe" she was referring to was Agnes Snipe, Georgia’s boss at the Golf club.
"Don’t worry darling" Geoff said "Simon and I have the car loaded"
"Really?" She said "my heroes" and kissed us both.
She then joined us in a cuppa before going to get changed she was only gone about half an hour and when she came back she was wearing a short denim skirt and a pale blue short sleeved shirt, low cut to show off her lovely tits, and not forgetting blue and white ankle socks.
Her bobbed brunette hair was still wet from the shower and left damp splodges on the shoulders of her top.
"Do you want something to eat" Laura asked, Laura was Georgia’s mum
"No thanks mum" she answered "We're eating there"
She looked up at the clock then turned to me and said
"We need to get going"

The fact we were an hour late leaving didn’t hamper us in any way in fact because the traffic was lighter we got to the house only ten minutes later than we had originally planned.
They were just taking dinner orders as we arrived so I let Georgia choose and I started unloading the car.
It was slightly harder work getting it out of the car and into her room than it was getting it loaded back at her house.
Still a couple of the other lads lent a hand and it was soon done and with perfect timing just as I closed the boot down the pizzas arrived.
Georgia and I took the last two remaining places in the lounge, which were in the window.

There were nineteen people sitting in the lounge drinking wine and eating pizza, not my favourite fast food I have to say, of which I was the oldest by almost a decade
There were the six housemates and partners plus an assortment of friends,
It wasn’t a bad sized room with three large sofas in it but it was never intended to accommodate nineteen people.
Georgia and I were seated on the deep windowsill in the bay window.
With a gap of about two feet between us and the back of one of the sofas.
This afforded me a great view down the tops of two girls seated on the sofa one of the was a skinny braless girl with tits like roof tillers nail bags while the other had a fine pair contained in a green lacy number about two sizes two small and definitely not up to the job.
The cups were so small that both areolas were clearly visible above the line of green lace.
Georgia suddenly slapped my thigh
“Are you looking at my friends tits?”
She whispered in my ear, I’m not sure why she whispered it; the room was so noisy she could have used a bullhorn and no one would have overheard her.
“Yes of course, what a stupid question” I replied above a whisper
“You’re a dirty bastard,” she said laughing
Then she put her hand on my lap and started stroking my sleeping soldier who was already half awake.
“Already?” she asked wide-eyed
I shrugged nonchalantly, and she continued stroking.
A few minutes later Amy, the girl with the big tits and the small bra, turned round and spoke.
“Here George look at this”
Georgia leant over the sofa between Amy and the scraggy titted girl looking at something on Amy’s Blackberry.
They were all three of them laughing as I slid my hand up Georgie’s skirt and she didn’t bat an eye lid, not even when I pulled her knickers off her buttocks and half way down her thighs, nor again when I fondled her cheeks.
Only a few moments after my fingers parted her lips did she call a halt to my mischief and sit back down.
Then she smiled a saucy smile at me and took her knickers all the way off before stuffing them in my trouser pocket.
“I don’t think I’m going to be needing them” she said and placed my hand between her knees.
We were seated in the perfect place for our purposes. We could see everyone else but they couldn’t see anything of us below the chest, unless they were stood directly facing us and if anyone did that we would stop.
While my hand slid purposefully between her thighs, hers had now returned to my growing erection and she stroked my cock through my shorts.
As my hand neared its destination I felt the hair of her bush brushing the skin on the back of my hand.
Then my fingers homed in on her pussy, when she was standing bent over the sofa she was deliciously moist too my touch but when I returned to the seat of her moistness I found her creamily wet and she let out a little gasp as my finger went in her. No one heard it; it was still far too noisy in the room.
But I couldn’t take her too far because even with the decibel level as high as it was in that place, they would certainly here miss Gregory come.

It was just when I was getting her well lathered up that the lights suddenly went on and the music stopped and some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to raise a toast to there new abode.
Georgia tutted and pulled me out of her and closed her thighs tight.
“Cheers” she said smiling falsely.
The moment the chinking of glasses was over Georgia was on her feet saying
"Come and give me a hand with those boxes then"
Now its all very well when you’re a woman and the fun has to stop, because when leaving the room she merely has to contend with sticky thighs.
I had my shorts filled with a huge boner, standing up was difficult and painful and so was walking, but the main problem was concealment.
Behind the sofa it went unseen in a crowded room it was almost another person.
I tapped Georgia on the shoulder
"What?" she said impatiently
I indicated my predicament with my eyes and she looked down and smiled.
She then picked up our empty pizza box and put it in front of my bulging shorts.
"Can we go now?" she said sarcastically
I nodded and then gingerly followed her out of the room.
Once in the hallway I dispensed with the pizza box and pursued her up the stairs she was unhindered by a swollen organ so was taking the stairs two at a time, my progress was a good deal slower and when I reached her room she was removing her bra through her shirt sleeve, I loved it when women did that, having already removed her skirt and
She was standing in the room her nipples pushing proudly through the fabric of her top and her lush brown bush clearly on display.
“Come here” she beckoned “let me make you more comfortable”
Making me more comfortable involved her undoing my shorts and yanking my cock out and playing with it.
“You’re very eager miss Gregory” I said and kissed her
“I’m not going to see you until Sunday” she said
“Its only two days” I was playing with her tits now teasing her nipple through the fabric
“Exactly that’s why I need it now”
“What are you going to do when Uni starts?” I asked
“You’re not the only one with a wankbank you know” she said
If I hadn’t been rock hard by then that would have done it.
“I want you so bad” Georgia begged as she pulled of my shirt.
“There’s no room on the bed” I pointed out
“You didn’t need a bed the first time you forced yourself on me”
“I don’t remember needing to be particularly forceful,” I reminded her
“Oh Simon Please, don’t stop” I mimicked
“Just shut up and fuck me”
I looked around the room and there really wasn’t anywhere.
We looked at each other
“Bathroom” we said in unison
We quietly open the door and crossed the landing Georgia first, wearing her blue top, ankle socks and showing off her very hairy bush
I followed wearing sports socks but my cock beat me there by a short head.
Once inside I bolted the door and sat her on the shelf and positioned her just the way I did the first time I penetrated her tight cunny.
I pulled her top off over her head and played with her tits as she steered my cock towards her pussy and rubbed my knob between her wet lips then she left it poised, I twitched my shaft and my head danced lightly around her hole, the she grasped my buttocks digging her nails into the flesh and pulled me into her
“Oh Simon” she moaned
Being inside her was like wearing a liquid velvet sheath
She was so hot and she was so creamy it was like bathing my shaft in warm treacle.
As I pumped into her she let out deep rasping moans
“Simon, Simon” she panted
Then her breaths became coarser and her moans deeper
Her thighs were holding my hips like a vice and her ankles were crossed beneath my buttocks and holding my inside her.
I could only give her short measured stroked but with each one
Just one more stroke
“Ohhhhhhhhh” and she came and I followed
Then she kissed me
“God Simon it just keeps getting better”
“It was ok then?” I panted
“You know damn well it was cocky”
We stayed conjoined for a few minutes as she milked every last drop from me.
Before we had to cross the landing back to the room almost naked looking quite rightly like we’d been shagging in the bathroom.
Luckily no one saw us but we were definitely overheard judging my some of the looks we got as we were leaving.

When I got back to the Gregory’s it was quite late so I was planning to just park the car and pop the keys through the letter box.
But just as I was about to post the keys through the door opened, it was Geoffrey.
“Ah Hello Simon I thought I heard the car door” he said
“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you,” I said apologetically
“No I hadn’t turned in yet come in for a nightcap and tell us the tale”
So I spent the next half an hour telling him about the house and her friends, which was a quite uncomfortable experience for me, on one hand because I didn’t know how much Georgia would want me to tell them about her student life while on the other because inside my sticky underwear some of my pubic hair was stuck to my thigh.

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