Thursday, 26 July 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 14) What Maisie Knew

The morning after Georgia’s in car entertainment she had to be up early for work so after briefly spooning her I gave her the benefit of my early riser then she left me in bed, showered and went to work.
My work involved keeping my publisher steadily supplied with bawdy chapters, fortunately I was ahead of the game, so I went back to sleep.
I woke up suitably refreshed at 2.30pm, very decadent I know but there you have it.
I got up from my pit and walked over to the window where I threw open the curtains to let some light in.
However it was such a dark dismal afternoon it made little difference, the rain was absolutely lashing down.
I went and showered then threw on my towelling robe and went downstairs for breakfast well perhaps not breakfast, not even lunch let’s be generous and call it a late lunch.
When I got downstairs I turned on the kitchen light, picked up the kettle and walked to the sink to fill it.
As I looked out through the rain spattered window I could see a figure moving about in the garden.
I couldn’t make out who it was at first, and then I recognized the gawky gangling gate of Maisie Stewart.
I finished filling the kettle and put it back on the counter and flicked the switch.
Then I went to the back door and opened it.
“MAISIE” I shouted
At first she carried on picking up the weeds she had collected.
“MAISIE” I shouted again
This time she stood up and looked in my direction and waved.
She looked like a drowned rat her hair was plastered to her face and her short waterproof coat just served to divert the expelled water down to her dungarees, which were soaked up to the thighs.
“COME HERE” I called to her accompanied by a gesture.
She stopped what she was doing and trotted up the path to the back door.
“Hi Simon” she said her rain soaked face smiling, and then she shivered.
“Come inside, you’ll catch your death”
“Ok” she said, “have you got the kettle on?” She asked as she stepped onto the mat
“What on earth are you doing working in this weather?” I said crossly
“Where’s Frankie? I can’t believe she’s making you work in this”
“Frankie finished for the day” Maisie said “she said it was too wet, and that I should go home”
“So why didn’t you, you silly girl?” I asked squeezing her dungarees until water dripped out.
“I didn’t want to go home”
I realised then just how bad her home life must be if she would rather be outside working on a day like this.
“Right in there” I said and marched her into the utility “no more work today”
I told her to get her coat and boots off and put them on the drainer then I opened the tumble dryer.
I took out the dry towels and a bathrobe; it was the spare one that I kept for my female “guests”
It had been washed and dried because Molly got it more than a little bit spunky on her last visit.
I handed Maisie the clean robe and said
“Take off everything you have on that’s wet, pants as well if necessary, and put them in the tumble dryer then put on the robe and come into the kitchen Ok?”
Maisie nodded. Then I went out and shut the door behind me.
By the time she emerged from the utility I had made soup for us both and taken it through to the lounge where we ate it with bread rolls off trays on our laps.
As we were eating I asked her
“Why didn’t you just shelter in the garage if you didn’t want to go home?”
“I didn’t want to” she said meekly “in case you thought I was trying to steal from you again, after everything you’ve done and all”
“Well just so we’re clear in future you can go in there whenever you want”
“Thanks” she said and shivered
“Talking about jobs, I bumped into India Carrington at the Summer Ball, and she’s asked if you were available”.
“Is she the snooty cow with the horse”? She asked
“Yes” I said “I don’t know what work she has it might be shovelling muck”
“Oh I don’t mind what I do” Maisie said
“Good for you, now go and have a shower and get warmed up, you must be chilled to the bone”
“Would you mind very much if..”?
“If what?”
“If I had a bath instead, we only have a shower at home”
“Of course you can” I said and smiled
I took her upstairs and showed her to the en suite bathroom in my bedroom, as it had a larger tub and would better accommodate her long gangly legs.
I showed her where the bubble bath and lotions and potions were and I gave her some fresh towels and left her to it.
“Enjoy” I said, “Soak for as long as you like”
“Thanks Simon, for everything”
“What do you mean?”
“Getting me all the jobs and everything, recommending me”
“I believed in you that was all” I said, “You did the rest”
I smiled and closed the door, what she didn’t realise was that my actions in helping her were driven by guilt.
I went down stairs and went to my study and decided to write for a while even though I had met my commitment for the month.
After about half an hour I went into the utility room and checked the contents of the tumble drier.
I had no idea what was in there as Maisie had already loaded it then I merely switched it on.
So firstly I took everything out, socks (still a bit damp) dungarees (still wet) tee-shirt (dry) Knickers, big and blue (dry) and that was it no bra, maybe she kept it on, unlikely I thought more likely she was just copying Frankie as she had the rest of her outfit.
I put the dungarees and socks back in and closed the door to finish them off.
I then took the tee-shirt and the big knickers into the lounge. I had already put her wet boots and jacket by the wood burner to dry and they were steaming happily.
I then draped her tee shirt over the clothes airer in front of the stove, it was dry, and I just wanted her to be able to slip into something warm when she got out of the bath.
Then I prepared to do the same thing with her pants but as I handled the big blue cotton knickers I got that tell tale stir, I was going to say in my own pants but as I wasn’t wearing any so it wasn’t appropriate, neither was the stirring or the accompanying thought that it was I who wanted to slip into something warm.
I dismissed the thought at once, it could never happen, it must never happen.
I had given my best effort, ever since that day I caught her in my garage and came within a hairs breadth of raping her, of helping her and I had helped her, and I planned to carry on helping her.
It was driven by guilt of course, for what I could have done to her but I had no ulterior motive and had, correction have no plans to help myself.
I could have taken her that night by force but I didn’t, I could have had her later that night with her consent but didn’t, even though she offered it to me on a plate.
Despite my countless character flaws and lack of morals I have done the right thing by this girl and now my cock was stirring.
I draped the big blue knickers on the dryer next to the tee-shirt and went back to my study.
It was about half an hour later when she finally came downstairs
“Simon” she called
“I’m in the study,” I answered
The door opened and her mousy mopped head appeared around the door, her face was all pink and shiny.
“I accidently dunked the bath robe in the bath” Maisie said with a giggle “so I borrowed one of your shirts is that ok?”
She stepped from behind the door wearing one of my denim shirts like a dress, she had the sleeves rolled half way up her spindly arms and the shirt tails almost reached her knees, her legs and arms were also pink from her hot bath.
In my shirt she looked even more of a tomboy and with her damp pixie cut hair quite delicious.
I tried to push thoughts of her pinkness from my mind with great difficulty.
“Your tee-shirt and panties are on the dryer in the lounge” I told her
“The rest is still in the dryer”
Then inexplicably I said
“Big knickers?” I said “very sexy”
She thought I was joking
Maisie pink cheeks went red
“Frankie recommended big knickers for freedom of movement” she said before adding
“And because she says you’re a sex maniac”
“That’s a foul slur on my good name” I said indignantly
“That’s not what I’ve heard, you have quite a reputation,” she said
“Anything in a skirt apparently”
I was about to say something wittily diverting when she said
“Except me”
I was about to protest but I did treat her differently to Emily and Jenny
It was wrong with them but I’d already had Emily and Jenny would very soon follow.
“Why don’t you want me?” she said sadly
“I didn’t say I didn’t want you Maisie,” I said “I’ve never said I didn’t want you”
“Then why haven’t you…”?
“That night in the garage I was an inch away from taking you against your will and that’s rape in anybodies language”
“But afterwards when I wanted you to, you wouldn’t” she said tearfully
“Even under those circumstances it would have been wrong”
She turned away crying, I went to hug her and she buried her face in my chest
Then through the tears she asked
“You wanted me though?”
“Yes” I answered her truthfully
“You just didn’t want to take advantage of me?
“That’s right,” I answered truthfully again
“But I want you too take advantage of me” she announced
And she kissed me on the mouth at first I resisted but my doubts melted away and it was so nice it was like tasting forbidden fruit.
Her gangly arms wrapped serpent like around my neck
After a minute or so I fondled at her tit through the denim of the shirt and she adjusted her body position so I could get both of them in hand.
Then I undid a couple of poppers on my denim shirt and slid my hand inside onto her soft belly and impatiently slid it up to cup her small pliant titty and toyed with her rapidly erecting nipple.
The kissing was becoming intense so with my right hand occupied with her titty my right grabbed a handful of shirt and pulled it upwards until my hand was touching her firm round buttocks and her breathing was deepening with every snorting exhale through her nose.
Then my hands moved around onto her hip pausing briefly before descending through her thick mop of freshly bathed mousy pubic hair and between her tender lips
The moment my finger touched her pussy she broke away from my mouth as was moaning loudly in my ear as I stroked her through the juice.
Maisie desperately clung onto me as I fingered at her and then she lifted one leg off the floor as my attentions became more intense and with the knee bent she drew her long leg up until her thigh was almost perpendicular and l made her come.
We stood there for a few moments a strange three legged beast and I suddenly thought I was barely even hard, normally under those circumstances my cock would be bursting out of my robe hard enough to break her pelvis.
This was when I broke away from her
“This isn’t right,” I said
“What’s the matter?” she begged
“I can’t do it,” I told her
“Why?” she said with tears welling up
“You know why”
“No that’s not the reason it’s because I’m ugly and worthless”
And she turned her back on me and she cried again.
I put my hand on her shoulder.
“You don’t understand,” I said walking to my desk chair
“It’s because I want you too much”
I sat down staring at the computer screen as if it held the answer to our conundrum.
“I can’t make love to you no matter how much I want to”
“But I can make love to you” she suggested
And she was sitting on my desk wiping away a tear.
“Let me make love to you Simon” she pleaded
Then Maisie leant forward, pausing briefly, allowing me to see her tits hanging inside the denim and then she kissed me slow and tender.
I felt a tug about my waist as she attempted to undo the belt of my robe. First pulling at the wrong loose end she gave a little chuckle as she kissed me then she yanked on the other end and I was undone.
She threw to one side first one half and then the other until my cock was exposed though still reluctant to join in.
Her small, slightly calloused hands were unperturbed and tugged and pulled on my semi until it finally decided to attend.
Once I had reached full erection and she had roughly exposed my bell.
She sat back on the desk and admired her handiwork.
As she sat on my desk I stroked her outer thighs as I looked forward to her sliding onto my cock as I sat in my chair.
But at the point of potential penetration a look of doubtfulness crossed her face and she said
“I don’t know what to do”
I just squeezed her thighs and answered
”Don’t worry honey, we can stop, we don’t have to do this now there will be other times”
“No Simon, you don’t understand” Maisie said
“I want to do it, but I don’t know what to do”
“Is this your first time honey?”
She nodded shyly.
Now over the past few months I had turned into something of the resident cherry popper in the village.
Which to be quite honest I didn’t mind and nor did Georgia, India or Emily.
I know some men do and they like their partner to be well versed in the sexual arts and be as skilled as a courtesan and I’ll take them like that as well.
But equally I rather enjoy driving something with very low mileage or even straight from the showroom.
“Good” I told her and she smiled
“Now I’ll show you what to do ok?”
She nodded again more confidently this time.
I told her to brace herself and lower herself onto me.
So she placed one hand on the desk and the other on the back of my chair.
She was biting her lip and frowning a little with concentration as she lowered herself towards my purple waiting head
I gripped my shaft and held it steady
I felt my helmet touching her creamy lips and Maisie's whole body trembled as her lips enveloped my knob and she grimaced as it entered her, then she stopped,
I still had one hand on my cock while the other was on her hip
There was panic on Maisie's face and she didn’t know what to do next.
“Ease yourself up honey” I said making eye contact “then down again slowly, this time a little further
My right hand was now on her buttock
She followed my instruction and down she came another inch and she let out a nervous laugh but her expression was less concerned
“And again Hon”
Up again and down now she had another inch of me in her
This time no nervous laugh but a soft short moan
Both hands were on the chair back now and both mine were on her arse
Up again and down, another two inches
And a longer moan
Her eyes were shut as she rose again and they opened wide as she slid all the way down my shaft
“Ohhhhh” she moaned at the deepest penetration
Then her gangly arms wrapped round my neck and she kissed me
“Good girl” I said
“See you could do it”
Maisie kissed my neck and began rising and falling on my shaft again and again until she jerked to a conclusion.
“Good girl” I told her kissing her shoulder
Maisie had made love to me and it was very nice but I hadn’t come yet and I had more to give her and I would because I could have her now.
“That was amazing Maisie” I lied
Maisie was very satisfied with her performance and her orgasm but she had no benchmark.
So popping her own cherry was only the beginning and I took her into the lounge and made her come again and again before she felt me explode inside her.
After I had sullied and soiled her I soaked in the tub with her before sullying her afresh before she had to be at the village shop for work.
I would sully her again another day.

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