Thursday, 26 July 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 13) The Estate Of Georgia

Despite the fact I was raised as a Christian by practising Christian parents who were and indeed still are very active in their church I had never been a particularly spiritual person, not surprising you may say given my positively loose morals.
I do however believe in a power greater than myself and I am not uncomfortable calling him God
The church however has always been a different matter and I have always been dismissive about those interfering Christian do-gooders doing good works and muttering on about their relationship with God.
I never had a relationship with God other than the fact I know he exists and he knows I exist and we have always left it at that.
I had not been a regular visitor to his house since I was sixteen when I was given the option to follow my own path; my parents thought optimistically I would choose to continue on the path they had led me along but they were disappointed.
So my interactions with the church were restricted to hatches matches and dispatches and the odd Christmas carol service, that was of course until I moved to Bushy Down.
I’m still not sure what prompted me to attend St Lucy’s back in February, it may have been to mourn dear Uncle John, and it might have been the despair at my writer’s block or perhaps just a need to reset my compass.
Whatever the reason was it reawakened something in me and every five or six weeks I would find myself standing at the back of St Lucy’s yodelling out “how great thou art”.
This news of my redemption somehow reached my mothers ears sometime in July and I became a little less of a pariah.
So when in August I took Georgia up to London for the weekend to visit my parents to introduce my girlfriend to the family I was treated as the prodigal son.
There was no fatted calf but as it was my favourite there was a very nice meat loaf.
You probably think, given my obvious philandering bent, it a rather old fashioned convention introducing my girlfriend to the family but I thought it was important.
You will doubtless also suggest that someone with the morals of an alley cat like myself has no place leading on a girl like Georgia Gregory.
Well the truth is I love her; mind you I also love every woman I sleep with when I’m with them,
But Georgia is the only one I love when we are apart.
So hence the long weekend visit to the parents, a trip I don’t take often or lightly.
It all went off quite well really all things considered the family all loved Georgia to bits, not that I thought for a moment they wouldn’t, even cousin Molly popped in on Sunday afternoon and the two of them got on like a house on fire.
The only downside to the whole weekend was my mother’s insistence that we sleep in separate rooms.
If not for the fact my mother was a good Christian woman then for the simple reason that as a writer of pornography, even if its disguised as adult literature, I could not be relied upon not to disgrace and degrade Georgia under their roof.
The result of this enforced separation and the fact that we didn’t have a moment to ourselves for two days, was that by the time we left on Sunday evening we were both horny as hell.
According to the satnav the time from Muswell Hill to Kiddingstone was forty-seven minutes on that Sunday night driving the Gregory’s Peugeot estate I would have done it in thirty-five.
But when we were about ten minutes from home Georgia said urgently pointing
“Pull in here”
She was pointing at a little lay-by set back from the road.
“Quick I need to pee”
So I pulled off the road as instructed and came to a halt.
Georgie got out and headed to the nearest bush, so I got out to stretch my legs and I could hear her pissing behind a bush, I walked a little closer, and it was really loud like a horse.
Just then a car went past on the other side of the road and for a split second I could actually see her peeing.
Why did I think that so exciting? God I was getting a semi on.
I never used to get aroused by such things; it must have been the incident with Camilla the squirting lawyer that had affected me.
Georgia finished and stood up so I went back to the car.
When she got in the passenger seat she was holding her knickers and tights in her hand,
“What did you take those off for?” I asked
“Why do you think?” she answered
“Did you pee on them?”
”No I didn’t,” she said indignantly
“So we can have sex” she corrected me
Then she kissed me and put her hand on my semi.
“God it doesn’t take much for you does it?”
Georgia unzipped my fly and yanked my cock out
Then she went down on me and sucked me hard
When she came up for air I asked
“Remind me why we’re having sex in the car when we can do it at mine in less than ten minutes”
“Because I’m horny now” she said wriggling out of her dress
“No self control” I told her
“That’s rich” she retorted pulling off her sweater
“I was a virgin until I met you”
“God I’ve created a monster,” I said sucking her tits while slipping her two fingers.
That did it for her, not only could she not wait until we got home for a good fuck but she couldn’t wait for the foreplay.
She clambered up the seat as a shortcut to the back seat
"Don’t be daft,” I said, “get out and use the back door,
“I’m naked” she said
“Its dark no one will see” I told her
“Sod that, I’m climbing over” she persisted
“I cant wait” she said “I want it now, get your arse in the back seat”
In her haste to get into the back seat before me she managed to get her left foot stuck between the driver’s seat and the centre console.
It was stuck fast
“I said “get out and walk round” but horny Georgie knew better” I said rubbing it in
“Just get it out Simon”
“Ok just try to relax,” I said
“Very funny”
Well I tried my best to free her foot but it wouldn’t budge, then I slipped myself and ended up with my face two inches from her hot cunny so obviously I noshed it
Her initial protests were quickly replaced by whorish moans
As I frigged her hole with two fingers and lapped up the resulting juice with my tongue
“Fuck me Simon Fuck Me,” she screamed
That was going to be easier said than done I thought.
Then I had an idea
“Hold on while I move the seat”
I reached down and grabbed the handle, yanking it up as I pushed the seat and Georgia shot back about eight inches,
I couldn’t move the driver’s seat because of her trapped foot
But moving the passenger seat afforded me just enough space to be able to get my head and shoulders through the sunroof and with my feet in the passenger foot well I slid my cock into her burning pussy.
All I could do was put my hands on her hips to steady her and just fuck her hard and fast, which I did and we both came in a matter of minutes.
I withdrew from her and slithered back down into the car, I couldn’t resist a quick suck on her cunny lips before I opened the car door and went into the back seat.
I found Georgia half in the back looking like she’d been dragged backwards through a hedge.
Her hair was a mess and her tits were just dangling there
“Hi” I said, “How are you doing?”
“Wow” she said, “That was amazing”
And laughed so I leant forward and kissed her.
“Lets get you unstuck” I said “then I’ll take you home and finish the job”
It took about thirty seconds to free her foot it seems that once Georgia had cum her lot she relaxed and her foot pretty much freed itself.
“Done” I said sitting in the middle of the back seat.
She kind of slithered into the back of the car like a snake and latched straight onto my serpent
“I thought we’d finish at home”
She stopped sucking for a second to say
“I’m going to finish you here”
Then she slurped on me again.
I finally got her into my bed at 3.00am.
The next morning Georgia had to be up early for work so after briefly spooning her I gave her the benefit of my early riser then she left me in bed, showered and went to work.

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