Thursday, 21 June 2012

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 03) Opening Pandora’s Box

I am a writer of erotic novels; bodice rippers and slutty romances and being a writer, of any kind, suited me very well indeed.
It suited in many ways, but the main benefit was that I was able to work at home, so had no tedious commute every day and my working day was flexible to the point that some days I didn’t write at all.
This afforded me the opportunity of playing a round of Golf during the working week when most people had their noses to the grindstone.
And it was on such a day, a Tuesday in fact, at the end of May when I had arranged to make up a foursome with Pandora Parkinson-Brown, wife of the club captain, Victoria Braithwaite a slim plain middle-aged little woman and a big red haired unit by the name of Dawn Symonds.
Well imagine my disappointment when on my arrival at the clubhouse I was met with the news that the prudish Miss Braithwaite and the well stacked Miss Symonds wouldn’t be playing today and it was just Pandora and I.
I wasn’t too disappointed by the absence of the bookish spinster but I was particularly looking forward to getting to know the well-built six-foot tall redhead with the massive mammals a little better. I would be lying if I said the thought of getting up at the crack of Dawn had not crossed my mind.
I have never had a “type” when it comes to women but
I know what I like, unfortunately, knowing what you like and getting it are quite often incompatible.
However it was not to be today, I’m sure there will me another opportunity and besides I liked Pandy a lot and she was great company.

It was a pleasant morning; warmer than it had been the previous few days, with the skies mainly blue expanse broken only by the occasional passing cloud.
The wind that had been affecting everyone’s scorecards of the past week had finally died away so I was expecting a pleasant round.
Considering the clement weather the course was very quiet,
We tee-ed off at 10.30 with no one waiting behind us and the twosome in front of us were probably two holes ahead.
Pandora was looking as lovely as the weather; she was wearing a large peaked white cap with her shortish blonde hair scraped into a pony tail sticking out the back.
The rest of her outfit was all matching, predominately white with yellow trim, Polo shirt, short flared skirt and ankle socks.
Her ensemble was then finished off with white Golf shoes and a yellow glove.
It was as she retrieved her ball from the cup on the first green I noticed that even her knickers were white with yellow piping.

Now I had noticed that since I had started writing bodice rippers, which is according to my mother effectively soft porn
I seemed to be permanently horny and I looked at almost every woman with a renewed appreciation if not with a pornographers eye, Victoria Braithwaite being the exception that proves the rule.

However my horniness aside, Pandora was still undoubtedly a very attractive woman and even if I was not a scribbler of slutty romances I would still appreciate her finer points like the way her hips moved when she strikes the ball they way her tits kept moving after the ball had gone, the way she wiggled as she walked down the fairway and the way her buttocks clenched when she was preparing to putt.
So as we played our way around the course I came to appreciate just how attractive she was, her body was nicely toned and she had a nice shape and over all was in very good order for a woman just turned forty.
But despite my recent penchant for all things crumpet I have always tried to avoid fishing in someone else’s pond no matter how attractive the body of water might be and the lovely Pandora was married to the club Capt and apart from the moral issue he was a big bloke.

Well despite my horniness and the distraction of Pandy
I had managed to card a pretty fair score all in all but Pandora was having a great round and by the time we reached the 17th tee Pandy was 7 shots ahead of me.
Which didn’t bother me on any level, I am not a macho man who can’t bear to lose to a woman and quite frankly I have just never been a competitor.
It has never mattered to me who wins as long as its enjoyable and playing with Pandora had been fun.
I can hear my mother saying now “it’s only a game”
to some of course its more than that and winning is all that matters I always avoid playing with people like that if I can help it.
Pandy I’m pleased to say was not one of them.

The 17th was a blind hole, although it was a par three it was a very tricky hole.
You had to hit off an elevated tee over some 90 yards of nasty rough culminating in a hundred foot drop down a sandstone cliff to the green below which had bunkers on three sides.
As you follow the path from the 16th green it passes close to the cliff edge and affords you a clear view of the green, if the green is in use you make your way to the tee and wait for the bell to ring before you play on.
As we looked down from the path the green was empty so we knew we were safe to play.
I went first as I had won the previous hole and I hit a very decent shot right down the middle.
Then Pandy hit hers and although she cleared the rough she uncharacteristically sliced it off to the right.
"Oh shit,” she exclaimed also uncharacteristic
"Never mind Pand" I said, “you might be safe there”
We collected our trolleys and followed the long winding path down to the green.
When we got there my ball was on the edge of the green and I thought to myself I should easily make par.
Pandy’s ball though was no where to be seen, so we left our trolleys at the front of the green and we went in search of it Pandy in front of me a short iron in hand in case she had to hack the ball out.
Once passed the apron we entered the woods, after the long walk down from the tee it was nice to get out of the sun for a minute and enjoy the cool dappled shade.
After an initial clearing the woods got very thick very quickly.
There was an old fallen tree halting our progress with gaps beneath it clearly visible.
"It must have rolled under here" she said as she stood on tiptoe and lent over the trunk amongst the tangle of branches
the result of which was a perfect view of her pristine white pants.
She was thrashing about at the undergrowth the other side of the tree with her club in an effort to find her ball and having no luck and with each whack resulted in a delightful quiver of her buttocks.
Now if I had been a gentleman I would have offered to find her ball for her but I would then have been denied the magnificent view of her white clad buttocks jiggling before my lascivious eyes.
“It must be in here” she said thrashing about some more
“Can you see anything from where you are?
“No I can’t see it yet” I replied when actually seeing quite a lot from where I was.
She wriggled forward slightly until her toes were off the floor
And more of her lovely arse was visible.
Then to my absolute delight in an effort to prevent her overbalancing her left leg shot out side ways and the resulting rearrangement of her buttocks caused her left cheek to become completely exposed as the knicker leg rolled between her cheeks.
Here we go again I thought.
I could hear Pandora muttering as she wriggled again on the log and wispy strands of curly hair appeared visible against her white panties.
This told me three important things firstly she kept her beaver wild and untamed, very sexy to me, second she was a natural blonde, not important but generally I like the collar and cuffs to match and thirdly we had passed the point of no return.
I moved in closer.
“Can you see it yet?” Was Pandora’s muffled shout
“No not yet” I replied lustfully staring at her crotch
Then another wriggle and there it was I was staring libidinously at her glistening Minge, My first glimpse of Pandora’s Box
“I can see it now” I said,
“Oh good, do you think you can reach it?”
“Oh yes Pandy no problem I’ll have my hand on it any second”
I prepared my approach so I could slip my two fingers straight between her lips before she knew what was happening.
“There I’ve got it” I said as my fingers entered her damp crack
“oh Simon, what…? Mm”
She was only slightly moist when I first fingered her gash but she lathered up very quickly to my ministrations and soon she was dripping.
She started to wriggle backwards and at first I thought she wanted me to stop so I hesitated and prepared to withdraw my now wet fingers.
But to my delight she just wanted to gain some purchase.
Her gloved hand gripped a branch and her right hand discarded the club and was now supporting her weight on the main trunk.
Then she began rubbing her pussy against my static fingers.
As I continued she was moaning rhythmically to my touch the tone of her moans was as syrupy as her pussy.
Then I brought her to climax and it was time to fuck her.
As I continued to stroke her quim, I dropped my trousers and took out my cock, pulling on it to expose my purple helmet.
Then I pushed my thumb inside the elastic of her panties and pulled the fabric aside to fully exposed her hairy cunny, she moaned as I then rubbed my knob along her wet slit and her juice glistened in the dappled sunlight and I repeated this again and again and each time her moan grew louder then she could wait no longer and she wriggled back towards me like a fish and slid down my shaft letting out the loudest moan of pleasure as I entered, her velvet juices immersed my member like warm honey and she moaned audibly with pleasure.
As she gripped on to the tree and I pounded her pussy from behind I reached up and yanked her shirt from her waist band then quickly scooped up the front of her sports bra to release her ripe fruits which I greedily groped and squeezed.
Her moans gave way to yelps and squeals growing ever more intense as my rhythm increased until she screamed and her body shuddered and then I shot into her, my cock was still twitching inside her hot pussy as she relaxed and let out a long languorous sigh.
After a moment or two, I kissed her on the neck as I slowly withdrew my cock from her comfortable cunt and she sighed again.
As I redressed myself Pandora was still clinging onto the tree completely spent.
Pandy was still periodically sighing as she lay in exactly the same position as she was when I pulled out of her and with each sigh her left leg would twitch.
I tucked a folded hankie in my pants to make sure I completed the round without sporting a wet patch on my trousers.
I smiled wryly and thought to myself as I stared at the exhausted Pandora and the bejeweled patch around her Minge that she was going to be wet all the way back to the club house and then some.
After a few minutes and several more satisfied sighs she slid herself off the tree trunk and her legs almost gave way, she giggled.
The extent and depth of her convulsive orgasms had left her unsteady on her feet.
“Are you ok” I asked
“Oh yes” she said very definitely and smiled coyly
Once she regained the full use of her legs she turned away from the tree and she was completely disheveled.
Her cap was all askew, her sports bra was almost up around her neck, she had one magnificent breast exposed its teat pink and proud, it’s neighbour although covered could not conceal its equally erect nipple.
She eventually got herself redressed and relatively tidy though to me she did still have the look of a woman, who had just had a good seeing to.
Then she suddenly remembered her discarded club, which she managed to reach through one of the gaps under the tree. However once on hands and knees I could see clearly her knickers were still well up her crack.
She stood up and brushed the dirt off her knees and straightened her clothes
“Knickers” I said
I put my hand up her skirt and squeezed her ample cheek.
“Oh” she said, laughed and then blushed, then in a perfectly executed movement, not unlike a ballet step, involving her leg swinging sideways, both knees bending and the introduction of one hand up her skirt, her pants were reset to their original setting.
So with both of us fully redressed we were ready to leave the wood.
“Wait a minute” I said
“What? What?” she said frantically rechecking her clothes
“What have I forgotten?” she said pleadingly
“This” I said planting a kiss on her lips
“Oh” Pandora said, “I’m glad we didn’t forget that”
And then she kissed me back in a long warm liquid kiss.
Then we broke away and smiled at each other briefly then emerged into the sunlight.
Then she stopped suddenly
“What about my ball?” she asked, “Should I take a drop?”
I looked at her and smiled
“No that’s fine lets just call it a Gimme” I replied
And she blushed deeply
As she walked towards her trolley I could see she was still a little unsteady on her feet, which for some reason caused my cock to twitch.
I followed her down the path and watched her stop by the bell
I walked up and stood directly behind her.
Beside the bell was a sign
“Ring the bell once, when finished”
“Go on then Pandy” I said
“They must be referring to you”
She blushed and turned away
Her gloved hand grabbed the bell rope
Her right hand reached behind her to hold mine.
And she rang the bell 5 times

On the par 5, 18th Pandora’s game deserted her and she dropped six shots but she still beat me by one stroke.
When we got to the clubhouse we sat on the terrace having a drink,.
We were sitting quietly reflecting on the day’s events, Pandora with a self-satisfied smile about her lips, when Judith Hunt, my next-door neighbour, joined us.
“Hello you two, have you had a good round?”
She asked picking up our scorecards
“Bless me Pandy what happened on the 18th you really went to pieces”
“My mind was obviously elsewhere” she replied
“Back in the woods” I whispered
Pandora kicked me under the table
“What was that?” asked Judith
“Nothing” I said.
“And what about you” Judith said perusing my card
“You got a par on 17?” she said in astonishment
“Yes” I said, “I think I’ve found my fauvourite hole”
Pandy sprayed the mouthful of drink she was about to swallow all over a passing waiter.
And immediately went scarlet, though everyone assumed it because she nearly choked.

Judith went on to say my application had been accepted and
I was the latest “Member of the Club” I think it’s going to be a big title to live up to but I felt I had made a passable start.

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