Thursday, 21 July 2011

Love Collection # 3


Radiance and beauty
Seeps out from your every pore,
Pure loveliness


I feel such a love
Pulsating through my lonely heart
Rippling through my soul


When you sit next to me
The skies seem to brighten
I feel sunlight on my skin
And all my senses heighten
Just being in such close proximity
Makes my old heart lighten
Just imagine if you only knew me
Then I’d be as invisible as a titan


If only you could mix and match
To build the perfect girl
It would be great fun
I think I’ll give it a whirl

Bits may be out of proportion
She may look odd I guess
But she will only have eyes for me
And she will only answer yes


If I could make
The perfect wife
To keep with me
All of my life

If I was able to
Build the perfect one
I would chose Charlie’s legs
And Brenda’s bum
Laura’s breasts
And Eliza’s back
Annie’s arms
And Connie’s neck
Jenny’s hands
And Sarah’s toes
Cassie’s ears
And Karen’s nose
Maureen’s mouth
And Stephanie’s grin
Doreen’s hair
And Patricia’s skin
Charlotte’s voice
And Debbie’s eyes
Joanne’s teeth
And Susan’s thighs
Emma’s grace
And Christine’s hips
Diane’s heart
And Penny’s lips

If this was something
That I could do
She would still not
Be as good as you


Do you know why,
Even after all these years,
When I close my eyes
Its your face I see
Even after all these years
My thoughts are of you
My dreams are of you
Its because I still love you
And I am stuck
In this mind set
Of not being able to love another
While I’m still in love with you
It’s a wasted love
Because you moved on
When I could not
Your heart is cold to me
While mine still burns for you
I've known that for years
But I cannot break free
And when my eyelids close
You are there behind them


Beneath the moonlit sky
I looked at a star and wished
Then later that moonlit night
Beneath the moon we kissed


I have always been content
To live in the shadows
Avoiding the limelight
Keeping out of the sun
Living on the fringes of life
Bathing in the reflected glory of my peers
Living life vicariously
Keeping the world at arms length
And keeping a low profile
Laughing at other peoples jokes
Rejoicing in other peoples good fortune
Cheering on other peoples success
Crying at other peoples weddings
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride
Always the uncle, never the father
Always the friend, never the lover
And why not? no harm no foul
Its safe wrapping yourself in Clingfilm
Living a sterile life, protected
Against the pain and hurt
That fills the world
And I was more than happy to do it
And I thought myself the better for it
But now I realise
I am incomplete
I have lived a half-life
Taking no risks
Not opening my shell
By not exposing myself to the dangers
I have denied myself the pleasures
Well no more will I be content
I will no longer inhabit the shadows
No more will I view life from the fringes
I want to be blinded by the limelight
I want to walk in the sunlight
Before it’s too late to live a full life


If only you were here
So I didn’t miss you
If only you were here
So I could kiss you
If only I had been
Granted three wishes
Then I would wish you here
And cover you in kisses


I finaly looked into the shadows
And saw where you live
Because I’ve reached the end
I have no more to give

I really loved you
And I thought you loved me
But it wasn’t love
That you wanted from me

You wanted control, of
My every thought and deed
You brow beat me and bullied
Until you got me to conceed

You've always been there
Behind my tears
Belittleing and undermining
Feeding off my fears

Deprecating me, correcting me
Telling me I’m wrong
Bleeding me until I am weak
Making yourself strong

But all those empty years
I just couldn’t see
I was blind to just how bad
You really were for me

But now my eyes are open
And I see the man within
Those dark days are behind me
And my new life can begin


It feels like only yesterday
That you first came in to view
And the world seemed to stand still
As I looked at you
It seems like only yesterday
That cupids arrow took flight
And struck me through the heart
And it was love at first sight

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