Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Words on Love # 5


You have awoken the sleeping beast
That was my heart of black
You have awakened the feelings
That died in me a long time back

You have made my senses tingle
You have made my pulses race
You have filled me with a glow
And brought a smile back to my face

Now the sleeping beast has awoken
I just thought you should know
You have given me new life
And I will always love you so


We are at the beginning
We are barely on our way
Love is still new and fresh
But I would just like to say
I want to grow old with you
Till we are both old and grey
I want us both to be together
Until our far off dying day


I like to sit and reminisce
About that first, of many, kiss
We weren’t even a couple yet
We hadn’t really properly met
Two complete novices in the art
Yet we kissed from the start
Like masters of the kissing craft
With a passionate abiding graft
I like to sit and reminisce
About our special first kiss


Give up babe
Forget about me
Marry him
I know you want me baby
But it’s over
Don’t call me
Don't tell me you love me
Don’t be a bunny boiler
Don't speak
Don't ask me why
I don’t want to be cruel
The sun has gone down on us
It doesn’t make me feel good
That we’ve thrown it all away
So walk away
Don’t stop
Don’t look back


I’m holding you in my arms,
Staring into your green eyes,
And a feeling washes over me
A feeling of intense love
And it makes me smile
Then your eyes meet mine
In an intense gaze
And I see in the depths of your eyes
Recognition and I know
You love me the same


I see you differently tonight
Not the bookish librarian
No beige sweater and slacks
No tied back hair
And sensible shoes
Tonight you are no quiet librarian
Tonight you prowl
On four inch heels
Tonight you are the huntress
On the black stockined legs
A lioness in a cocktail dress
Hair flowing like a mane
Who knew what lay beneath?
The shapeless beige
And baggy trousers
A woman hid beneath the drab
A woman with shape and form
Curves and undulations
Look under S for sexy


I’m in love with a 50’s teen
I’m in love with my Bobby Soxer.
Pony tail bobbing
Wearing my Letterman
Over her white blouse
Then the free-swinging
Poodle skirt
Defining her waist
And accentuating those hips.
A flattering swirl of skirt
Covers her skinny legs
She looks so cute
In her bobby socks
And saddle shoes
How I love it
When she kicks up
Her Mary Jane’s
As we bop at the sock hop


Nobody filled a sweater
Quite like my sweater girl
And no one in a poodle skirt
Could match her swing and swirl

Nobody could cut a rug
Like my sweater girl could do
And when it came to necking
She’d be the one for you

It didn’t matter what she wore
She was the cutest by a mile
In PF Fliers and pedal pushers
Or at the hop putting on the style

Nobody filled a sweater
Like my sweater girl could
And if I could go back fifty years
Then I promise you I would


On the longest day in June
The songsters croon
Beneath the summer moon
But lovers play a different tune
In the quiet of the dune
Finds loves passions strewn
Where lovers fondly spoon
And Terry makes love to June
He begs the morn not to come to soon
She similarly begs him to attune

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