Thursday, 28 April 2011


Every one loves an iPod
A w x and y Pod
And an I say I say Pod
A meat and potato pie Pod

The all at sea aye aye Pod
The he made me cry Pod
And I’ve got to fly Pod
And the bye bye Pod

The I’m going to die Pod,
The my mate Dai Pod
The must keep it dry Pod
And the lady Di Pod,

The di diddly di Pod
The one in the eye Pod
The just for a guy Pod
And the Isle of Skye Pod

The bridge over the river Kwai Pod
The pig in his sty Pod
The vale of Wye Pod
And the Jamiroquai Pod

The Geordie why eye Pod
The Scottish ocheye Pod
The end is nigh Pod
And the x-ray eye Pod

The I can’t tell a lie Pod
The New Zealanders kai Pod
The I spy with my little iPod
Every one loves their iPod

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