Friday, 11 February 2011

LOVE IS.....

Love is…
The beginning
And the end
And everything in between

Love is…
Taking moments
And making memories

Love is…
The unspoken,
The unwritten,
All the things
We don’t have to say

Love is…
The golden thread
Binding us together

Love is…
The mundane,
The ordinary
And the everyday
Made extraordinary

Love is…
Not making promises
Its keeping them

Love is…
Being comfortable
With each other
Even in the silence

Love is…
Is a dream fulfilled
Or a wish come true

Love is…
Not fearing the quiet
Not doubting in the silence
Not feeding your insecurities
Not being jealous
Jealousy is not love

Love is…
Not a metaphor
Nor is it figurative
Or expressed in symbols
Love just is

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