Thursday, 19 August 2010



You think you are an important employee
You think to yourself “they can’t replace me”
Indispensability is in your frame of mind
Always on hand, one of the reliable kind
You never take vacations your work is your life
You work every weekend no time for a wife
There is more to life than work, no don’t scoff
Work is a means to an end, take some time off
You may think you are indispensible but you’re not
You think your contribution will never be forgot
But the thing that you will find most incredible
Is that the graveyard is full of the indispensible


All work and no play
Makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play
Makes a life without joy

Don’t live to work
Take time for leisure
You should work to live
Life should be a pleasure

You don’t have to work
Every hour that God sends
Spend precious time
With family and friends

Don’t work all the time Jack
Get this into your head
You’re only alive for a short time
But you’re a long time dead

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