Thursday, 19 August 2010



I sat by her bedside
As she lay motionless
Cruelly aware of her incarceration
Trapped inside a broken body
Unable to move
Unable to speak
A mere shadow of what once was
And in my black despair
I prayed for her
And I heard Malachi’s words
So I prayed for her release
So she would awake with the Lord
And burst forth from her stall
Like a young calf in springtime


I find it hard to forgive
But we are taught we must
To be a good Christian
We must first forgive others
Before God can forgive us
But I find it hard to forgive
I cannot let go the bitterness
Or it’s associated baggage
The betrayal of those I thought friends
The deceit of family
The put downs and the knocks
The adversities and animosities
I cannot make that commitment to forgive
All I can do is promise to try
Try to climb that ladder of forgiveness
One painful rung at a time
And if I do succeed
In becoming a better person
A more forgiving person
If I manage to slowly climb the ladder
And earn Gods forgiveness
I will only do so with His grace
And not by some sweaty effort on my part


Angels of the choir
Is this the sound of heaven?
Such sweet emanations’
Heaven sings out
Each note
Plucks at my heart
Lifts my soul
Then elevates me
Carrying me away
On a choral wave
Of sweet rapture
Then upon the final note
Of purest clarity
I return to earth


Thank you for the morning
For the new day dawning
Thank you for the dawn chorus
Refreshing and delighting us
Thank you lord for another day
And for tomorrow if I may

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