Thursday, 4 March 2010


In an instant you were gone
Taken from us by another’s selfishness
He was too drunk too walk
So he drove instead
Devastation left in his wake
The children want to know why
I don’t have the answer
They look to me for a reason
They look to me for strength
They cling to me out of fear
The fear of losing me too
But they must be my reason
And they are my strength
And I cling to them out of fear
The fear of losing them too


Love alone did light
Passions flame burning bright
Emotions slowly stir
For the want of her
Only she can quench the fire
Of this burning desire
Romance in all its glory
Has written this love story


Love is not heralded
By lightning strike
Or thunders crash
Nor by Mantovanni’s Violins,
A chorus of heavenly voices
Or 21 gun salute
Love is more subtle
Love is stealthy
Love creeps up on you
When least expected
It seeps into open pores
Unnoticed and unheralded
Then spreads like a virus
Until you are defenseless
And you are hooked
And there is no cure


An exotic fragrance filled the air
A heady perfume so divine
A scent that made me giddy
Like being intoxicated on wine
It was the girl with the dazzling smile
And almost luminous eyes
When she spoke each sentence
Was like a string of sultry sighs
Each sweet honey coated word
Delivered from her luscious lips
What import may have been
The honey sound did eclipse
I was mesmerised by her
For how long I could not say
But it is to my satisfaction
That she chose not go away


Love confuses the senses
It tricks us into seeing what’s not there
We see what we want to see
Someone you love, who loves you back
In equal measure
Someone as happy, content, faithful
As you are
But love blinds us
It blinds us to the truth
It fails to register
All the tell tale signs
Of sadness, discontent and infidelity
Until it’s too late


How too choose, how to select
A film to fill that two hour slot
The bumph will big it up
Over egg the pudding like as not
So I look for key word like
“Thought provoking” or “moody”
“Poignant, “Critically acclaimed”
Or “Stunning cinematography”
And when I’ve identified them
I know they are the ones to miss
And I get the one with the cover picture
Of a girl in a state of undress


There is a ghost in my house
That haunts my every waking moment
And infiltrates my dreams
A ghost that taunts and torments
The ghost in my house is you
I am haunted by the memory of you
It is the ghost of our lost love
And I am tormented because I let you go


You sought me out
And overwhelmed me
Your directness was disarming
You were seductive and charming
But the want of you made me ache
And soon you took me to bed
Made me sweat and made me shake
As you soothed my ache
You made me whimper and moan
And grunt and groan
You used me and abused me
Until I begged for rest
You exhausted me
Till I could scarcely go on
And when I had no more to give
You wrung me out like a wet rag
And cast me aside
Then as quickly as you came into my life
You were gone from it
And I slept the clock around


They say nature is perfect
They say nature is beautiful
But they are so wrong
Nature is ugly and brutal
Oh it looks pretty in a picture
I quite accept it all looks nice
But don’t be fooled
Nature will kill you in a trice
It doesn’t matter where you go
If you look closely enough
Something is eating something else
Nature is cruel and tough
Its dog eat dog its bird eat frog
Its fish eat fish its whale eat seal
In nature it seems to me
Everything is some body’s meal
So don’t try telling to me
That nature is perfect and wonderful
I don’t need the natural world
I can go to London if I want brutal


We have an unwanted mouse in our house
But am I permitted to kill it? No is the answer
My son suggested I leave the back door open
So it could let it self out when it was ready
My wife wants me to buy a humane trap
So I can catch it, release it, and catch it again next week
How confused we are of what animals are
We have this romantic notion of the animal kingdom
That they are just like humans but in animal form
We have endowed the beasts with human qualities
Beatrix Potter’s tales are a classic example of this
Stories spoon fed to young eager minds for decades
Mice do not live in houses, watch TV or play scrabble
It’s just a mouse, its vermin, and it’s eating my food
They have been humanised in a century of cartoons
In that undignified way we have Disney-fied them
Well we need to un-Disneyfy the creatures double quick
So I have baited my trap and I will wait for the snap
Because Mice don’t live in houses especially not in mine


I have three teenage sons
With appetites like men
And it costs a fortune
Feeding all of them
But due to the economy
Times are hard you see
So as they eat like men
At dinner time I told them
“Due to the current recession
Which may lead to a depression
Tough times are ahead you know
So we will have to let you all go"


We left the stadium after awhile
Exiting though the open turnstiles
To find inappropriately clad in licra
And standing on top of a Micra
A very fat woman singing opera
From on top of that poor little car
When I heard a laugh from my lad
Who then said “It’s all over then Dad”


Love comes in many shades
Ranged as on a colour chart
From “like” to “can’t live without”
Some love knows only sunlight
Others inhabit the dark places
Some are shallow and superficial
Others deep and intensive
Love can simply be physical
Or a mere infatuation
It can be companionable, platonic
Or purely spiritual
Love is both simple and complex.
Often at the same time
It can be of the moment
Or woven through the fabric of your life
It can be merely a veneer
Or layered in strata
But the simple truth is that love
Is the glue that holds the universe together


A green eyed goddess
Pretty as a picture
With ringlets of flaming red
Cascading on to her ivory skin
Her peaches and cream complexion
Fresh as an English rose
With skin pale as porcelain
Yet passion blooms upon her cheek
Aglow with an apples blush
And as she approaches
A cloud enveloped me
Like exotically fragranced orchids
Leaving me heady and breathless
Then she just passed me by
As if I wasn’t there
Leaving me wretched in her wake


A police officer was shot
Bravely in the line of duty
And he lay bleeding in the street
From a shot gun injury
There was a lot of blood
But the wound was traced
By the attending medic
To a site below the waist
He was rushed to hospital
Where they fought for his life
And after weeks of special care
He was released to the care of his wife
Because he took the bullet
Bravely in the line of duty
The police Department decided
Despite the extent of the injury
He should not face medical retirement
His wife felt this was undeserved
As he was still able to protect
But he could no longer serve


The game of Golf is character building
In the view of certain people
Others are a little more grounded
And would describe it as a perpetual
Series of unmitigated disasters
Punctuated by an occasional miracle


The amorous King John
Took by ungentlemanly force
The woodcutter’s daughter
And put her upon his horse
He took her from Albury village
To a place called the silent pool
The girl scared and crying
Prayed the Kings ardour had cooled
He pressed his intent upon her
So into the dark lake she fled
From his horse he drove her ever deeper
Until the poor girl was dead
Now on the silent pool at midnight
The maiden can be seen there
Where the amorous King John
Did drown the life from her


Under the rich December sky
Breath plumed in the frost filled air
The winter sky sparkled with stars
Like diamonds stitched to the curtain of night
The moon was almost full
And from that December moon
The lunar light bathed the landscape
So that light sparkled on the ice crystals
Creating a myriad of twinkling stars
To mimic their celestial cousins