Tuesday, 9 February 2010


We all think that when we were young
The sun shone for 23 hours a day
Not altogether true
But it seems that way in hindsight
But things always look better looking back
They were more innocent times
More naïve times
There were things that were not said
Or not discussed in mixed company
Now anything goes
For example we didn’t have to endure
Endless TV ads for sanitary products and pantie liners
Thrush medicine or haemorrhoid cream
Or women discussing their bladder weakness or blocked bowels
Way back then we only had the three TV channels,
Which was enough
And the network shut down at 10.30
So we knew when to go to bed
And there was no such thing as daytime telly
The soap of the day was “Coronation Street“
And from America “Peyton Place”
For the kids “Noggin the Nog”
“Mr. Pastry” or the “Wombles”
“Captain Pugwash” with seaman Stanes
And Roger the cabin boy
Comedy like “Sykes”, “The Good Life”
And “Morecambe and Wise”
Sid and Hattie in the “Carry Ons
Grass hopper in “Kung Fu”
“Land of the giants”, “Blake’s Seven” and “Dr Who”
You could still watch sport on terrestrial
With “Grandstand” on the Beeb
And on ITV, Dickie Davis with “World of sport”
Now we have hundreds of channels
Showing the same programs we used to watch on three channels
In the music world the “Rolling Stones”
Were closer to puberty than senility
Music came on vinyl though we just called them records
The first record I bought was “Good news week”
By Hedgehoppers Anonymous
You could buy LP’s, singles and audio cassettes
Even 8 track though not very long lived
Petrol was only five bob a gallon
While beer was just 10p a pint
Penny chews and sweets in a jar
Oh for the time when you could still get
Treats, opal fruits and spangles
Back then gay still meant happy
And everyone wore a ticka ticka Timex on their wrist,
That you had to wind up.
It was a time when we all wanted to be in love
Like Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard in “Brief Encounter”
And we didn’t think it was corny when Bette said
“Gerry lets not ask for the moon we already have the stars”
It was a time when we all wanted to be suave and debonair
Just like Fred Astaire
And dance with panache and savoir fare
Its not that I’m a cup half empty kind of guy
But things do look better looking back
At a time before political correctness was invented
And you could laugh at a joke and not worry
That someone you have never met and probably will never meet
Might be offended by it
Or more likely upset someone who got offended on their behalf
Take me back to simpler times

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