Tuesday, 9 February 2010


From the moment I met you
I’ve been on a high
A natural high
I feel like I’m walking on air
I giggle to my self
Or laugh out loud
For no reason
And if I start to come down
And I need a fix
I think back to our first kiss
Or the first time I held your hand
Or I re read your love letters
And I’m floating again
Or I’ll call you on the phone
Just to hear your sweet voice
And the call will last for hours
Since falling in love with you
You’ve made me feel young again
With your joy of life
As we run through sprinklers
And swing on the swings
Or make sand castles on the beach
Everything is a joy when I’m with you
Driving in the country
Queuing at the supermarket
Every moment is filled
With good conversation
Punctuated with special glances
We share each other
We share a hot shower
We share a bubble bath. We share a bed
We lie in bed and listen to the rain
My fingers playing with your hair
And I look into your eyes
And I know you love me
I see it looking back at me
Since we fell in love
I’ve been on a high
A natural high
And I never want to come down

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