Thursday, 25 February 2010


If I had not let you go
What would we be now?
The perfect couple?
Mr and Mrs Right?
Or sad reflections of ourselves

If I had not seen
That we were not right together
We would now be
Bitter and resentful
Fighting like old dogs
Scratching at each others wounds

Love made us blind
Your love for me was deeper
And so you were blinder
So it hurt you more
When I let you go

I was right to let you go
I didn’t want to hurt you
Though I know I did
But I would have hurt you more
And I would not have regretted it
If I had stayed

If I had not let you go
I would have broken you
Broken your spirit
As well as your heart
You would not now know
Loves true face
So I can tolerate your hate
To know you are truly happy

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