Thursday, 10 December 2009


Proudly standing there
In the town’s main square
The Christmas tree stands tall
Admired by one and all
Decked with coloured lights
Of red and green and blue and white
And every kind of coloured bauble
Short and long, large and small
Candy canes and bows adorn it
And myriad forms of other trinkets
This wonder easily catches the eye
Of every busy passer by
Who simply marvel at the sight
With open mouthed delight
Who before they continue on their way
Have to wipe a tear away
But it’s not the tree reaching to the sky
That brings a tear to the eye
But the parcels of every shape and size
A festive feast for weary eyes
A testament to people’s generosity
Sitting beneath this wondrous tree
Such a generous response to the endeavour
Thank God for those who know the answer
When want and need begs the question
Praise be to those who never forget
With hearts so full of Christmas spirit

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