Thursday, 4 September 2008


The crystal waters
Wash gently onto
Virgin white sand
Untrod by man
Unspoiled by technology
And no vapour trails
Mark the azure sky

The trees untended
Lay where they fell
The coconuts un-harvested
But for the wind
Lay untouched also

They beach stretched
As far as the eye could see
Far into the distance
Un-marked and un-scarred
No buildings
No phone masts
No pylons
No wind farms
Or streetlights
The only sounds to be heard
Were the waves breaking,
The gentle breeze in the palms
And assorted birdcalls
No gunfire
No car alarms
No train whistles
No sonic booms
Or traffic
Just a perfect silence

No flotsam of plastics and tins
Littered the beach
Just endless white sand’s
And perfect blue skies
The rustles of palm fronds
And warm scented breezes
So where is this paradise?
It’s in the long distant past

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