Wednesday, 24 September 2008


In the lochs reflection
Could be glimpsed
The gentle caress of clouds
Atop the granite peaks
Before they thickened
To hide the Ben
Then separated like parting friends
To reveal the stark silhouette
Against the blue
And through these inconsistent clouds
The sun would burst
Illuminating the glen
And its heathered hills
As the clouds moved west
The sunbeam moved
Like a torches light
And in the distance
The hills appeared to move
As if in a lantern show
Then on the freshening wind
From the west
Squally showers blew in
And the sun painted
A rainbow across the sky
And as quickly as it had arrived
The showers blew away
And the rainbow faded
Evaporating to nothing
Then the sun began to set
Beyond the western isles
And turned the sky red
With streaks of pink and gold
Decorating the whole sky
And when the sun sank
Beyond those misty isles
The night wrapped the glen
In its dark shroud

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