Monday, 9 June 2008


Once upon a time in a land far away,
Long, long ago on a far distant day
There lived a beautiful princess
An independent, self-assured noblesse
She strolled the shores of the lake
On her beautifully green castle estate
Contemplating issues of this and that
Then came upon a frog as she sat
The frog hopped onto the girls knee
And said Oh beautiful Elegant Lady
I was once handsome and princely
Until an evil witch cast a spell on me
But Princess just one kiss from you
And you will break the spells hoodoo
I will again be handsome and princely
And then, my dearest, we can marry
We’ll live in your castle with my mother
My seven sisters and all my brothers
You can cook clean and do the laundry
And we can raise an enormous family
You will always be happy and grateful
And forever after you will be dutiful
All this with just one kiss from you
A future together for me and you
That night the princess dined in solitude
On the sumptuously prepared food
Smiling as she recalled the prince beg
As she ate the delicious sautéed frogs leg

1 comment:

Mohamed Salman Faris said...

LMOA.....that's another version of the story!!!Nice one mate!!