Thursday, 22 May 2008


If you are a City fan
Keep silent if you can
As you stand at Old Trafford
As silence falls in accord
Please don’t speak out
Please don’t scream or shout
Acknowledge the silence
For those who lived once
Don’t think about the “Babes”
Cold and dead in the carnage
If hatred in your heart and head
Stops you honouring United’s dead
Give your silence as a gift
In remembrance of Frank Swift


With exquisite touch
His brush added lustre
To the pearl
Endowing it with life
As it adorned the virgins ear
The depth of its splendour
Holds the watcher transfixed
With its ivory hue
Contrasting with the maidens flesh
Her milky complexion
Lit from the window
Her half open silent lips
Speaking to the soul
Her simple beauty
Shining from the canvas
How Vermeer the master
Captured that moment in Delft
And how the girl with a pearl earring
Captures everyone who sees her


John, in his boat one grey autumn day
Bobbing on the lakes black water
His heart gripped by blackness
As he sobbed for the loss of his daughter

His blood ran cold through his veins
As he stared at the dark water there
Water that would welcome him
And end a life filled with despair

John’s life was as empty as his heart
Now his dear little girl was gone
That sweet yellow haired angel
Without her he just couldn’t go on

Then calmness came upon the water
And he became suddenly aware
He was no longer alone in his boat
As he stared at the dark water there

The boat no longer bobbed on the lake
As he turned to look behind him
He saw God sitting in the stern
And on the shore stood two Seraphim

God sat with smiling countenance
His hair white as artic snow
His soft eyes just radiated love
And he emitted a warming glow

John stood silent before his god
As the boat drifted towards the shore
And the black despair which gripped him
Left his body through every pore

Then Gods eyes looked toward the land
To where his brace of angels stood
And John was moved to do the same
And in that instant he understood

For stood between the angels
Was his sweet yellow haired girl
Her broken body once more whole
And a hallow sat above her curls

Though the heavenly father never spoke
John understood the meaning clear
His darling child made Cherubim was safe
And his time was not yet near

Then singing the songs of paradise
The Seraphim both ascended high
While his darling girl waved to him
And ascended herself into the sky

John turned towards the stern
As the boat bobbed on the lake again
But saw only an empty space
The king had returned to his domain

John, in his boat that grey autumn day
Bobbing on the lakes black water
Now felt at peace with himself
Though he still grieved for his darling daughter

The waters were not so black any more
And love displaced despair in his heart
Though he would always miss his angel
He knew they would not always be apart


For Valentines Day
My husband, so sweet
Bought hand made chocolates
For me as a treat
In a flower covered box
Came the delicious confection
But I am at a loss to answer
A most curious question
How can two pounds of chocs
So delicious on the lips
Manage in just one night
To put 5lbs on my hips


There is a natural order in life
There are rules to be understood
For example bearing children
There is a time limit on motherhood
The term “child bearing years”
Was coined for a very simple reason
So that everything in life
Can have its time and season
A Woman over fifty is ill equipped
To show a baby proper care
As she would put the baby down
And then forget where


“I’d do anything” how apt a title
A motto for the wannabee
A catch phrase for the starstruck
And all those lacking dignity


Just another in a long line
Of talent shows from hell
Just another TV concept
Ringing out its death knell

But how clever is the Lord
To have the dear old BBC
Foot the bill for the auditions
Out of the TV license fee

Then the members of the public
Who vote as they view
Get to Pay via the phone-ins
For the shows advertising too


I’m in my middle years now
And my new car is a wow
It’s fast, new and sporty
Just the opposite of me
It is sleekly lined
With its curves well defined
It has a nice interior
The leather is quite superior
My only complaint would be
The bucket seats you see
As they are made to the design
Of a smaller bucket than mine


Wear your smile
Enjoy Life
If only for awhile

Enjoy the moment
It’s a special gift
That’s heaven sent

Life and death
Are separated
By a single breath

Then more or less
In an instant

Then the sight
At the tunnels end
Of heavens light


God’s great cycle of life’s repeating
Springtime’s annual event occurring
As distant mountain snow is thawing
Fast flowing swollen rivers causing
Dormant Mother Nature awakening
The miracle of new life into breathing
With freshly sprouting shoots arriving
And simple sights the senses pleasing
To see the early cherry blossoming
Perfection as in God’s design believing


The despot Robert Mugabe
The thorn in Africa’s side
Is not what the world envisaged
At the end of the apartheid

What hope then for the continent
When such men prosper
Ruling with a fist of iron
Colder still than the white oppressor

Yet there will always be hope
Even if the good number but a few
When God puts upon the earth
A man like Desmond Tutu


From the dark cloudless skies
Comes the engines droan
Of that unseen and menacing evil
In grim formation flown
Then comes the sirens song
Telling of impending death
As the city looks skyward
Holding a collective breath
Long beams of light
Searched out the evil flock
Criss-crossing the darkness
In every quarter of the clock
Towards the shelters
The civilian’s ant like scurry
As the guns began desperately
Trying to stop the enemy
Fire and death rains down
Upon the weary populace
In macabre equality
The walks of life feel deaths embrace
As buildings fall to the ground
In rubble and dust
Life and history instantly erased
After the bombs combust
Then come the sirens again
Calling out loud, all clear
And from underground
The jaded survivors reappear
To count the cost
Of the night at the gates of hell
Then thanking God
For keeping them safe and well
Gaps on the ravaged skyline
Missing Churches and hostelries
Fire still burns where once stood
Homes and factories
Hoping against hope
That their home survived the night
But despite all this
They never thought to give up the fight


When idle thoughts lead me back down Memory lane
I think of Mr Chamberlain stepping from the plane
Desperately clutching that piece of paper he waved
That promise of hope that Europe would be saved

How we all held that precious hope in our hearts
Before the promise of peace finally fell apart
And how that hope evaporated to leave me scared
When Chamberlains voice said war was declared

Hitler’s broken promise broke Neville’s heart
Another world war blew his appeasement apart
Then up steps Winston Churchill into the fray
His boldness and stiff resolve eventually won the day
A broken man, Chamberlains life came to an end
Many years before the war he tried so hard to prevent


Old Joe shuffled his way
Along the promenade one day
He decided it was time to stop
As he passed an ice cream shop
He moved slowly and painfully
And climbed on a stool carefully
After catching his breath a bit
Old Joe ordered a banana split
"Crushed nuts?" asked the waitress
"No," he replied, "just arthritis."


Was it the organisation?
That was to blame
Or profiteering retailers
Perhaps too greedy
Pubs and clubs to liberal?
Uninterested in consequences
A faulty screen was a factor
In the ensuing conflict
But all of the above played a part
So technology caused the spark
And Alcohol fuelled the flames
What began with scuffle and skirmish
Erupted in a volcano of hate
And then the battle commenced
As the angry and the drunk
Rampaged through the city
The police were mobilised
To quell hostilities
But hopelessly out numbered
The had to withdraw
They fell back to regroup
Pursued by packs
Of blue clad animals
In the mêlée
A lone officer, a tail ender
Already wounded by a bottle
Stumbled and fell before his pursuers
They quickly surrounded him
And kicks rained in on him
But amidst this madness, this carnage
A rangers fan, an army man
Hauled the stricken officer to his feet
And dragged him away from the fight
At first stunned the thugs looked on bemused
Then they charged on
Urged on by the soldier
The officer ran muscles burning
But for the soldier propelling him along
The officer would have fallen
Then sanctuary was in sight
A police van sat invitingly
But they must run on
The soldier yelled encouragement
The officer responded
As they reached the police van
The officer was pushed into the back
And a line of yellow coated police
Swarmed onto the attacking rangers phalanx
And in that instant the soldier was gone
Where did he go, the Good Samaritan
Who was he? This saviour
The ex soldier whose humanity
Surpassed his baser instincts
Will we ever know who he was?
Or where he came from
Should we try to find him?
To heap glory on him
Or should we just thank God for him

May 14th 2008
The events following the UEFA Cup final at the City of Manchester Stadium


Waves of Rangers blue
Relentlessly Attack
Wave upon wave
Push their opponents back

But this valiant effort
This Rangers blue tide
That moved with precision
Pushing opponents aside

Did not happen in the stadium
Nor was a ball at their feet
This game took place
On Manchesters city streets

The Waves of Rangers blue
With alcohol fuelled Fight
Brought to bear upon the police
Their vengeance and their spite

But if during the match
Such passion had been on show
Then the uefa cup
Might have gone to Glasgow

May 14th 2008
The events following the UEFA Cup final at the City of Manchester Stadium


Good bye Tommy
Celtics gentleman
Respected by professionals
Respected by the fans

Good bye Tommy
Celtic servant and friend
A rock and pillar
Until your early end

Good bye Tommy
High in our esteem
The Celtic angels now
Have a new man on the team

Tommy Burns Died May 15th 2008

Friday, 9 May 2008


No need to park your car
Before withdrawing your money
There is now a drive through ATM
For people in a hurry

Mr ATM drives up to the cash machine And before putting his card in
Winds down his window Then types in his PIN
Enters the cash amount required
Retrieves card, receipt and cashWinds up his window Then off he can dash
That’s simple enough I think
They’ve made it as easy as they can
The procedure isn’t hard
Though clearly designed for a man
Unfortunately the machines
Are not exclusively for men
And that is the only problem
With a drive through ATM

Mrs ATM drives up to the cash machine Stops then reverses the car
Then drives forward once more
Because she backed up too far
With the car window now aligned
With that of the ATM
She applies the parking brake
And is ready to begin
She grabs her handbag
And tips out everything
Onto the passenger seat
To find her card holder thing
She tells her best friend
She will call her back later
Then hangs up the phone
And finds her debit card holder
She tries to insert card
Then winds down her window
She tries to insert card
Then leans out through the window
Because of the great distance
Separating the two of them
She opens the car door
So she can reach the ATM
She inserts her card The machine makes a bleeping sound
She re-inserts her card
The right way roundShe rummages in her bag
To find her PIN
And finds her diary
That has the number written in
At last she is ready
And she enters her PIN
Then she press’s cancel
And enters the correct PIN
She enters the cash amount required
Retrieved her cash and receipt
Then checked the state of her hair
When sitting back in her seat
She empties her handbag again
And with her purse located
She places the cash inside
And the debit amount is duly recorded
She checks her makeup in the mirror
Then drives forward about a yard Before reversing back to cash machine Where she retrieves her card She empties her handbag again
And locates the card holder
Then places her card into it And checks her hair in the mirror
She redials her friend on her mobile
And gives the irate male driver
A really dirty look
For impatiently waiting behind her She pulls away from the ATM
Stops and restarts the stalled engine
Then drives for five miles Before finally releasing the hand brake again