Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I miss the place
Where I journeyed into this world
Where a loving mother
Kissed me And gently brushed my curls

I miss the place
Where mother taught me the joys of life
And my father
Taught me to seek harmony from strife

I miss the place
Where my school days first began
And those friends
That made up our inseparable band

I miss the place
Where my heart had an optimistic view
And I miss the face
Of my one and only love so true

I miss the place
Where summer days seemed without end
Where natures bounty
Spilled from the fields we had to tend

I miss the place
Where the bones of my parents lay
And the times
When our days were full with play

I miss the place
I knew before I grew into a man
And took up arms
To fight for the king in a foreign land

I miss the place
That is the home I shall never see again
Never smell the grasses green
Or taste those gentle summer rains

I miss that place
My distant home far across the sea
The place I left behind
So I could die fighting for the free

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