Tuesday, 11 March 2008


The sky blackened
Dark as night
Then comes the flash
Of a Lightning strike
As the storm ensued
Panic struck me
Thunder rattled overhead
I fell upon me knees
I prayed to God
Spare me this day
I prayed to God
To chase the storm away
Then the skies lightened
And silence was all around
A gentle rain fell
As I raised from the ground
Then everywhere about me
Cherry blossoms blew
Like gentle pink snow
And immediately I knew
You had heard my prayer
You had protected me
You where there in every petal
Of that cherry blossom tree


I have left you now my love
To make my final journey
Don’t break your heart
Don’t grieve for losing me
Remember all the good times
When we were young and free
Speak your prayers aloud
In fond remembrance of me
And when your journey is made
I will be the first one you see


The sun gifts us
With warmth and light
Endowing and sustaining
The green earth with life
Then when day is done
After the setting of the sun
The Moons silvery disk appears
Boldly bright through its phases
And stars are liberally sprinkled
Across the curtain of night
These gifts from God
Make our days complete


Harry is the spare, not the heir
So he chose to follow a military career
And the ginger Prince went to war
Amidst muck and bullets, blood and gore
He is a braver man than I by some way
It’s a shame the press gave the game away
Now the prince is coming home again
To the land of his grandmothers reign
For as he bravely faced the Taliban
There were dangers for the princely man
For even under the pale winter sun
He had to wear factor ninety one


Oh to feel loves exquisite ache
That desperate longing
That naked want
Feeling so alive in the torment
While craving the fix
Of that heady foaming brew
To quench the thirst of desire
And when that significant soul
Who holds my captive heart
Is but a kiss away
I am dragged from sorrows
Unfathomable depths
And bitter anguish evaporates
Like dew in the morning sun
And euphoria fills every pore
And in that perfect ecstasy
That blissful state of love
I remain until I am again alone


I miss the place
Where I journeyed into this world
Where a loving mother
Kissed me And gently brushed my curls

I miss the place
Where mother taught me the joys of life
And my father
Taught me to seek harmony from strife

I miss the place
Where my school days first began
And those friends
That made up our inseparable band

I miss the place
Where my heart had an optimistic view
And I miss the face
Of my one and only love so true

I miss the place
Where summer days seemed without end
Where natures bounty
Spilled from the fields we had to tend

I miss the place
Where the bones of my parents lay
And the times
When our days were full with play

I miss the place
I knew before I grew into a man
And took up arms
To fight for the king in a foreign land

I miss the place
That is the home I shall never see again
Never smell the grasses green
Or taste those gentle summer rains

I miss that place
My distant home far across the sea
The place I left behind
So I could die fighting for the free


My dearest friend thank you
For caring and for sharing
For the loyalty you show me
And for helping me stand tall
When sometimes I feel small

My dearest friend thank you
For your kindness and steadfastness
For supporting and comforting
And for wiping away my tears
And allaying all my fears

My dearest friend thank you
For standing by and not asking why
For holding me and emboldening me
For being their at the beginning and the end
Thank you for being my friend