Monday, 28 January 2008


As by way of a general ruling
I have made this to be my doctrine
To dislike, distrust or fear
Any creature meeting these criteria
Anything with more limbs than I
Anything that moves faster than I
Anything with scales or feathers
Anything surviving extreme weathers
Anything having more teeth than I do
Any creature covered in goo
Anything that growls and grunts
That isn’t engaged in sexual stunts
Anything with claws and talons
Anything that drools by the gallons
Anything that’s excessively hairy
Anyt creature whose eyes are starey
Anything that bites or stings
Anything that uses wings
Anything with horns or armour
Anything with an aggressive demeanour
Anything too small to see
Anything that’s bigger than me
If you think of anything I've missed
Then I will add them to the list


The distant mountains
Pale in the mist
Reach up to the sky like children
Waiting to be kissed

As the sun comes slowly into view
It turns the vast sky blue
Birds awaken bright as the day
As if to chase the night away


Rose’s are red
Violet’s are blue
Daisy’s are white
Lily’s are too

Poppy’s are red
Iris’s are blue
Panzy’s are varied
Petunia’s are too

Ruby’s are red
Saphire’s are blue
Pearls are white
Jazmin’s are too

Marigold’s are orange
Hyacinth’s are blue
Holly’s are scratchy
Heather’s are too

May’s are white
Fern’s are green
Ivy’s are variegated
And very often seen

Busy Lizzie’s
Colours are many
And Honeysuckle
Doesn’t wear any


I walked along a hill top path
With my old dog Jake
Beneath a cloudless sky of azure blue
The path led us into a sparsely wooden copse
Its leafy canopy defused the strong sun
And provided welcome shade
I decided to rest a while in the cool shadows
I slipped off my back pack
And sat against a trees trunk
I wiped the sweat from my brow
Before taking a bottle from my pack
I poured water into a bowl for Jake
And took a generous swallow for myself
Then I lit my pipe and relaxed
In an aromatic cloud and enjoyed the scene
Specks of sunlight dappled the ground
And midges danced around the sunbeams
As Jake chased the shadows
The time came to move along
And we followed the path back into the sun
And onward along the ridge
After a long slow crawl up the ever steepening path
We reached the summit and were duly rewarded
To see the countryside stretching far to the south
Spread like a great patchwork quilt
This perfect view from the Surrey hills


Like a ribbon of pure white silk
The road crossed the dale
Frost coated the window pains
While the moonlight bathed the vale

Under the star filled winter sky
Icicles are illuminated by moonlight
The stark beauty of the landscape
Is best viewed in the glow of the firelight


Snow falling softly - silently
Covered landscapes - evenly
Turning darkness into light
Shrouded in clinical white
Days of blue sky’s bright
Clear frost filled night


Stinging sleet on north winds blow
Biting wind brings driving snow
Freezing fog with bitter chill
Frost and ice over vale and hill
Long cold nights and short dark days
These are winters unfriendly ways


Gnats as big as Bats
Bats as big as Rats
Rats as big as Cats
Fleas as big as Bees
Bees that eat the Trees
Trees that eat the Cheese
Fly’s that eat pork Pies
Pies that wear bow Ties
Ties that tell you Lies
I see with eyes blinking
Things to get me thinking
God I must stop drinking


Like surreal yellow oceans
Vast fields of yellow rape
Stretch across the landscape
To an unseen infinity
The breeze ripples their surface
Whipping them up like waves
Ahead of an offshore wind
Driving them ever onward
Towards the hedgerow shore
While birds appear to dance
Above the custard coloured sea


I am the smoke
That will simply float away
Drift away powerless to stop
There is a kind of beauty about me
Also there is danger in me. I am mercurial
I am thick like pea soup fog
Or thin and translucent like a veil
I have no purpose
I am only an after thought
I am the villain
A bi product of something usefulI am the smoke


Butterflies flutter by
On a balmy summer afternoon
An earthy fragrance in the air
After a shower of summer rain
Mingles with jasmine and honeysuckle
And you doze on the patio
Only to be awoken
By the more powerful fragrance
Eminating from the BBQ
And the chink of ice in a G & T


A reed moves
Under a birds meagre weight
The reed disturbs the calm water
Ripples echo outwards
Across the lake
Flat calm on a balmy eve
Each ripple expands out
And with each inch it grows
It stretches and diminishes
Until it is no more
Until another bird settles
On another reeds stem


Nature fills the world with sound
An infinite orchestra free to air
The wind can caress the trees
Rustling the leaves gently
Or make them beat like a tambourine
It can whistle through canyons
And talk in the high grass
Then add the percussion of distant thunder
Water tumbling down stream
Waves crashing on a rocky shore
And rain falling on a leafy canopy
Then a chorus made up from every creature
The bird world, myriad in variety
From humming bird to nightingale
To rooks and crows
And then the insects from
Rhythmic crickets to buzzing bees
And animal kind contribute
Howling hounds, roaring big cats
Trumpeting elephants and squeaking mice
And when the elements really get going
They can bring the house down


We walk together hand in hand
As we stroll across wet sand
The sun sets, as the day grows old
Turning silver seas to shining gold
We continue our walk in twilight
As the moon illuminates the night
And the stars adorn the heavens
The sea breeze soon then freshens
Surf moves higher up the shore
We head back to home once more


The sheltered lowlands
In valleys by the acre
Dusted white as if
Sugared by a cake decorator
A picturesque fairyland
A scene of pure delight
Viewed through a window
You avoid the winter’s bite
Trees stripped bare
Dressed now in ice and frost
Shiver in the wind
Longing for the summer lost

Monday, 21 January 2008


In the flower of youth cut down
Pals in regiments from every town
Sent to fight in the Nations name
Sent to die to the General’s shame
On foreign fields a generation falls
Heroes for whom the last post calls
Heroes sent to fight across the seas
Names now whispered on the breeze
Gathered as the bell of tribute tolls
Now call with pride the honor rolls


A hero, a myth a legend
An idea? A tale or fable
With a grain of truth
And come the time
He will be there
At the right time
To rescue us all
What hero?
A name gently whispered on the breeze
Or shouted on the wind
Arthur? Robin? Horatio?
Heroes all
Our real hero, neither myth or legend
Not an idea or tale or fable
But is the truth
And come the time
He will be there
At the right time
To rescue us from ourselves
A name gently whispered in reverence
And shouted in rejoicing
A name embedded in our soulsOur lord god


A surgeon was in deep discussion with a horticulturist
On whether or not the immortal soul does actually exist
The medic began “I have been a surgeon for many a year
And after many operations I would like to make it clear
After having cut every consievable part of a human being
I can say without doubt that I don’t remember ever seeing
Or finding anything that you could possibly ever compare
To an immortal soul within the human body anywhere”
The horticulturist then responded to him in this form
Saying “If I were to cut into a flower bulb, tuber or corm
I would not be able to see any sign of a flower anywhere
But we both know a beautiful flower dwells within there”


I am twenty one years old
And was raised in the proper way
To abide by the laws of land
And to live by the rules every day

I was raised to apply common sense
To any action I might make
And to use my own judgment
And not to fear making a mistake

I was raised to respect myself
And respect others at the same time
I was raised to respect the law
And not to resort to crime

I was raised to think for myself
And given the tools to do so
I was taught the right from wrong
And how to behave and how to say no

I loved my life and I was happy
I had a good job which paid very well
A large circle of great friends
And a shiny new car I called Annabel

So when I went to a party with friends
To celebrate a twenty first birthday
I drove their in my beloved Annabel
And drank only coke to my friends dismay

I remembered what I was taught
And I didn't drink and drive
Despite pressure from my piers
I made a conscious choice to stay alive

I had a good time at the party
And I was proud of myself for my stance
I had a good time at the party
Though friends teased me for my abstinence

All too soon the party ended
And we hugged and kissed our goodnights
Then we all went our separate ways
I got into Annabel and turned on the lights

I drove off safe in the knowledge
I had done the right thing staying dry
I observed all the speed restrictions
Not realizing I was soon about to die

I’m standing on the roadside
And see my broken body on the ground
Poor Annabel is smashed to pieces
With men in uniforms all around

A young man was led away in handcuffs
It seems he was a drink driver
All his passengers were also dead
He was drunk and the only survivor

If he had been taught as I was
I would not now be lying dead
If he had been taught as I was
The road would not be coloured red

In my short life I was a good person
I was a good daughter to my parents
A good sister to my young brother
And good to my friends and confidents

There is so much I will now never do
My life will never be fulfilled
I was a good citizen until today
When through selfishness I was killed

Monday, 14 January 2008


Bright burnished copper shields
Shined bright as gold in the midday sun
Spear points glinted in the sun
Like a myriad of dancing fire flies
Silver lights blinked from polished
Buckles and embellishments
The clink of metal on metal
The snort of impatient horses
The barking of impatient sergeants
Leather creaked and strained
On soldier and beast
All the sights brought back to mind
Vivid remembrances
And the sounds spoke a familiar tongue
To the battle hardened
Anticipation dried the mouth
Almost as much as the dust
Banners fluttered lightly in the breeze
Some standing as tall as trees
And carrion eaters waited unseen
For the coming banquet
Then the battle commenced
With an ensuing cacophony
Many died quickly, painlessly
Not even seeing the fatal blow
Equally many died slowly
In agony from their wounds
Others lay on the bloody field
For hours and survived
Only to fight and die another day
The victors write the history
Of the bloody days events
The truth also lies dying
On the bloody field of battle



Soldiers stand in contemplation
Young faces etched in concentration
NCO’s keep them holding steady

A mounted officer comes prancing
Upon his steed nervously dancing
Then comes the order to be ready

nervpously awaiting engagement
Standing firm for the regiment
Then artillery is exchanged

Just standfast and hold the line
Just do that lads and all is fine
Then the bugles tune is changed

The air fills with acrid smoke
And men must stand and choke
After the muskets flash

Across the open ground
The heavy horses pound
And then the sabres clash

The lancers Bodies tumble
As the legs of horses crumple
And lie on the battleground

Wounded cut and bleeding
Their Precious life receding
The lucky die without a sound

Remember the fallen brothers
Dying for you and others
Remember the forgotten

On foreign fields they lay
Buried deep beneath the clay
Remember the forgotten

Remember the forgotten
Beneath the earth and rotten
They’re heroes one and all

So tell the valiant story
Let us remember them in glory
For those who stand and fall


On the horizon the eastern sky was lightening
But the over cast skies were not brightening
The dawn had little effect on the Grey sky
It was certainly a miserable morning to die

The sounds of the long range guns was absent
And the chorus of birdsong had not been vent
Just the cloud scudding across the murky sky
It was certainly a peaceful morning to die

The young soldier was led out in the silence
To face the firing squad to serve his sentence
The last cigarette signaled the end was nigh
What an undignified manner in which to die

The young man wanted to face his fate bravely
If he must die then he would do so with dignity
He would meet his maker with head held high
Though it was such an ignominious way to die

He did not run away and he was not a deserter
Nor a coward and could not be called traitor
But still he stood blindfold neath the dawn sky
In battle would have been a better way to die

His crime was to be blown over by an explosion
To lose his weapon and to suffer a concussion
His only visible injury was a cut above his eye
Its ironic really he was very lucky not to die

He was found wandering out of no mans land
Half senseless and with no weapon in his hand
His only injury was just that cut above his eye
It really is ironic how lucky he was not to die

Little did he know as he marched proudly away
What would become of him on a cold Grey day
When he kissed his love and then said goodbye
Little did he know how he would come to die

Crying out in fear is what filled him with dread
Before the shot was heard he was already dead
A new dawn breaking under the slate Grey sky
Why exactly did this young soldier have to die?

History would show that he was without blame
A young soldier no longer associated with shame
In the war to end all wars this you cannot deny
To be shot at dawn was a ridiculous way to die


If not the lord
Then what?
Or feng shui
Worshiping the elements
The sun and the moon
A return to chaos
Pagan times
Before the fisher of men
Cast his net

If not our lord
Then who?
What idol?
What fad or fashion
Plastic surgeons
The new gods
And colonic irrigation
Or wannabee’s
Worshiping celebrity
At the alter of fame

If not the Christ
Then what?
Loss of faith
Loss of belief
But they don’t stop believing
Because they have a need
A desperate need
To believe in something
So they believe
In everything and anything
Except the risen Christ



Isn’t that how it all began?
Scientists tell us so
Like the gospels
Darwin’s disciples preach it
Talking of the creation myth
And the big bang theory
As if a theory has more weight
Than a myth
God didn’t create the universe
They say
But science with its big bang
I find it hard to believe
It cannot be so
Science cannot create a world
Or a universe
They can only end it
With a big bang
Science will ultimately destroy
What they play with life like a toy
They try to play god
With their own creations
Science gave us gun powder
Nuclear weaponry
Choking carbon monoxide
Acid rain
Holes in the ozone layer
I believe in the creation
And the creator
God created us all
With all our faults and frailties
And god gave us great abilities
But he also gave us reason
And the common good sense when not to use them
Just because we can do something
Doesn’t mean that we should
I believe god created a world to love
But if it all began
With that big bang
And nothing existed
Before that moment
Who lit the match?
Who pressed the button?
Who flicked the switch?
That caused the explosion
The bang
The ignition of life
In all its forms
Perhaps we are an experiment
In some cosmic crucible
Or the universe is contained
Within a dirty goldfish bowl
Whose water could imminently be refreshed?
It doesn’t really matter
How it started
Either by the creation myth
Or the big bang theory
The argument is like the universe
A question of balance
Good and bad
Great and small
Searing heat and freezing cold
High and low
There has to be an opposite
To give credence to either
All I know of the universe
The world
This life
Is its very special
Very precious
And finite
Which begs another question?
How will it end?
Will it be with a


The babe angelically reposed
Cherubic and smartly clothed
Apparent parental joy and pride
God parents standing side by side
As all around the font arrayed
With love and harmony displayed
And when the spoken words allow
The holy waters cross her brow
Then after the ritual is satisfied
Anna, in Christ’s family is baptized


Unflinching faith is much admired
To pass with dignity is what’s desired
Slipping quietly away in to the light
And with passed loved ones, reunite
Let slip the earthly bonds, external
And embrace the love of god eternal

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


The most wonderful girl
To ever draw the breath of life
How honored I would be
If she agreed to be my wife
We will navigate together
Through adversity and strife
To be parted from her love
Would cut me like a knife
I will take my place beside her
And we will make ourselves a life

The most wonderful woman
To draw the breath of life
How honored I was that she
Agreed to be my wife
We did navigate together
Through adversity and strife
To be parted from her love
Would cut me like a knife
I took my place beside her
And we have made ourselves a life


She fills my thoughts before I sleep
And she’s there again when I awake

I have given my heart without regret
I gave it to her for my hearts sake

We have found an all-embracing love
If I lost her now my heart would break


I keep your beauty in my eyes
Your vision adorns my mind
I keep the taste of you on my lips
Your sweetness taints my pallet
I keep your fragrance in my nose
Where it pervades my senses
I keep your tender tones in my ears
Your laughter fills my heart
I keep the touch of you on my skin
The warmth of you in my fingers
I keep the essence of you in my soul
I keep your love in the haven of my heart


That first date, The Anticipation
Butterflies in the stomach
Would she come, would she stand me up?
Then the elation when I see her
Excitement tinged with fear
Nervous laughter punctuates nervous silences
Then relaxed conversation
The touch of her hand
Exchanged knowing glances
The end of the evening
A slow walk home, holding hands
At her door the first kiss
Then goodnight

Before our second date
The empty ache of longing
Stomach in knots, head spinning
The doubts and insecurities
Analyzing every second
Of our first meeting
Looking for signs, reassurances
Then the day came and all was well again
At a family function, her sisters wedding
Stolen kisses And Knowing looks

Then as the days past
More doubts, more insecurities
Should I say I love her Is it too soon
Does she feel the same as I?
Am I rushing it Will I scare her off
Then when we meet again
All my fears melt away
And on that first morning
We woke together
The touch of her hand
The warmth of her smile
I thought I would never doubt again
Then came the next day
When we weren’t due to meet up


My tears ran like autumn rain
When cupids love was slain
In my heart there was only pain
I turn my back upon the world

My world was shattered
When I lost all that mattered
And my dreams were scattered
I turn my back upon the world

My heart has been broken
Her love for me was only token
All her promises now forsaken
I turn my back upon the world

The loss of my hearts desire
Cold embers where once was fire
To love again I can only aspire
I turn my back upon the world

But with head high I went forward
Feeling not a little awkward
And I found my just reward
When I went again into the world

Though my love ended in tears
It’s never as dark as it appears
I’ve put aside my darkest Fears
And I must go again out into the world

Now back from the brink of madness
With Only distant memories of Sadness
My heart no resounds in gladness
Now I’m back again into the world


Who is this vision in the summer’s light?
Adorned in cotton dress of white
Shrouded in the scents of summer days
The vision backlit by the summer rays
The sunlight makes her naked in my eyes
A vision of beauty under summer skies


Time on my hands, so much time on my hands
Remorse and sorrow fill my days
Since she returned the golden band

Time to reflect, so much time to reflect
On the bitter words spoken
Causing tears I now regret

Long lonely hours, Such long lonely hours
Spent alone with my thoughts
About a sweet love turned sour

Long empty days, such long empty days
Seeing people and places
We had seen in happier ways

Long lonely nights, such long lonely nights
Sadly waking cold and alone
In the dawns unfriendly light

Time on my hands, so much time on my hands
Spending the hours of my solitude
Trying hard to understand


For sale
One broken heart
Good buy
One careless owner
For sale
My happy dreams
Good bye

No sale
Our golden memories
Good buy
My love on sale
For sale
Love I once treasured
Good bye

No sale
Loves fond Remembrance
Don’t sigh
Too late for sorry
For sale
One broken heart
Good bye


Color lives where once was only monochrome
A symphony resounding instead of monotone
Tranquility resides where once the tempest raged
A life both rich and warm like a fine wine aged
A light illuminating what was darkly shrouded
Blue skies prevail when once they were clouded
A world with no more madness as I return to sanity
A life with no more uncertainty only simple clarity
Abiding warmth replacing the chill winters cold
Dormant senses come alive when your hand I hold
Happiness has banished anguish pain and sorrow
Happiness with you yesterday today and tomorrow


I loved Sally a lot though just platonic
You might even say we were symbiotic
Friendship stemming from times historic
Always together like something comic
Our thoughts and desires were esoteric
Finding partners was the normal topic
We both needed a relationship romantic
The search was fast becoming frantic

She started feeling like an old neurotic
Personally I was bordering on psychotic
So we planned a holiday to places tropic
On the stylish concord flying supersonic
It was our first time travelling avionic
To North America first via transatlantic
Then past the Indies to the south pacific
To a tropical desert island once volcanic

Our search for love is now quite chronic
If we find no one will we begin to panic
Could we search the area topographic
Should we view the island panoramic
Or should we relax and not be pathetic
Going on the beach doing things athletic
Going in the sea doing things aquatic
Enjoying ourselves lets not be pedantic

Alone in each others company harmonic
The evening birdsong sounds symphonic
The sultry air heavy with scents exotic
Fresh ice cubes cracking in gin and tonic
Her smiling countenance at once hypnotic
Deep passions stir with thoughts erotic
Knowing smiles exchanged but not sardonic
Confusion turmoil and thoughts chaotic

I want her now like a strong narcotic
We can resist no more this desire titanic
Our joint surrender is almost telepathic
We then make love to be more specific
Fulfillment reaching heights ecstatic
Loves consummated passions quite prolific
To give more details would not be politic
As my feelings for her now are honorific

Her inner beauty exposed and optimistic
Our hearts filled with a love gigantic
Our minds awash with thoughts poetic
Our future sealed and that's fantastic
Finding hearts desire so close is ironic
How was it possible we were so myopic
We had to cross the globe how idiotic
Our soul mates found that's terrific


The first thing I noticed
Was the sun on her red hair
Turning it to blazing fire
As it tumbled
Onto the white flesh of her shoulders
The pastel shades
Of her meagre top
Struggled to contain the vibrancy of her breasts
And her naked midriff tantalized
The waistband of her skirt sat on her hips
While the white cotton below
Encased her rolling buttocks and strong thighs
A gust of summer breeze
Lifted her skirt allowing glimpses of her white thighs
Then as she walked
The sunlight behind her illuminated her form
More than hinting at the delights
Contained within the cotton of her skirt
My thoughts then turned
From her flaming red hair
To a burning desire


She crouched down, almost squatting
To stroke a small dog in the park
As she did her full buttocks
Strained the fabric of her shorts
And I wanted her
When she stood up
She through back her hair from her face
As she did the sunlight caught
The fine blonde strands
And I wanted her
She reached behind her head
To tie back her loose hair
Which pushed her breasts tightly
Against her cotton shirt
And I wanted her
She saw me looking at her
And smiled at me coyly
Then she waved to me, smiling
And I wanted her
Luckily she was my wife


From the moment I first saw you
I knew you were the one
From the moment I first held you
I knew my heart you'd won
From the moment I first kissed you
I found what I had yearned
From the moment I first touched you
I felt my love returned
From the moment I first loved you
I've known the warmth of love
From the moment I first saw you
I've thanked the lord above


Angels from on high
Behold we bring news
Christ is coming
Do not be afraid
Emmanuel is coming
Follow yonder star
Go to Bethlehem
Hosanna God be praised

In the town of Bethlehem
Jesus was born
Kneeling shepherds before him
Lowing beasts in attendance
Magi from the east
Noel, noel, noel

On the first morning
Peace came to the world
Quelling fear and pain
Rekindling the light
Saviour son of God
The prince of peace was born
Uniting the world

Verily the most
Wondrous of times
Xmas festival of love
Yule tide of good will
Zion brought to earth


The three wise men
Traveled for days before reaching Bethlehem
And arrived after the birth
They stood and viewed the scene in awe
And knelt reverently in the lords presence
Then gave their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

The three wise women
Would have stopped to ask directions
And arrived before the birth
They would have delivered the baby
Then they would have cleaned the stable and cooked a meal
Before giving the baby really useful gifts