Wednesday, 13 June 2007


I imagine the scent of you
Because you are far away
I imagine your hand in mine
Because you are out of reach
I imagine you in my arms
Because you’re no longer there
I imagine your sweet smile
Because now you look at me with scorn
I imagine your lovely voice
Because now you speak only bitter words
I imagine that you love me
Because your love for me is past
I imagine myself in your heart
Because you no longer love me


Young and beautiful
She looked at the life ahead
With hope and optimism
But a life was planned for her instead
A loveless marriage
With a distant stranger
Arranged by her family
She decided was not for her

She gave her heart
To the love of her life

She listened to her heart
And not her fathers voice
She simply fell in love
With a man of her choice

She wanted too make a life
With the love of her life

The consequence of this love
So precious to her
Was shame on her family
And death for the dishonour

She risked her life
For the love of her life

Her cries for help
Went sadly unheeded
The cruellest punishments
For the love she needed

She gave her life
For the love of her life
Her father wanted to arrange her life
And cursed the love of her life
Her father took her life
Because of the love of her life
She wanted to live her life
With the love of her life
Make her safe in paradise
God protect her in the afterlife

Friday, 8 June 2007


Bird song abounds like a symphony
Scripted by natures unseen composer
Conducted by the baton of an invisible maestro
The shrill woodwinds
Of Blackbirds, Finches, Thrush and the Tit family
While the Cuckoo sets the time
And a Woodpecker beats a rhythm
The breeze move the leafy canopy
Like vibrant cascading strings
Timbers creek and strain adding percussion
Rutting Stags and distant plaintive cries
A Fox cry and a Peacock’s call
Water fowl and cooing Doves
Underscored by the beating wings of birds in flight
Insects join the improvised symphony
Droning Bees and Dragonfly
A symbol crash as a Duck enter the water
A waterfall adds the rolling kettle drum
Distant thunder booms like a bass drum
And Xylophonic drops of rain hit the lake
While a Swan gracefully dances
Across the water in perfect harmony
God in heaven the impresario
Of mother natures philharmonic company


It’s so good to be loved
To be essential to someone
To be the breath of their life
The beat in their heart
The fire in their blood
Seeing love in their eyes
Knowing you are the one
Being in their every thought
It’s so good to be loved
Except when you love another


She was nature’s child
The most special one
Her smile as warm
As the summer sun
Yet Fragile and delicate
Like an early spring bloom
Bright as shaft of sunlight
Illuminating the gloom
Spectacular and exiting
As the days first dawning
Yet simple and refreshing
As a clear winter morning
Tempestuous like
An autumn gale blowing wild
The most special one
She was nature’s child


She had been on my mind
A great deal of late it seems
Images and moments of her
Vividly filling my dreams

Though thirty years had passed
All too quickly as a matter of fact
I decided I would Google her
And that’s not a euphemistic sexual act
Though that is a delicious thought
But a global search on internet
Producing the usual multitude of hits
Most of them spurious you can bet
Amongst the list before me I found
A teacher very well respect they say
A dancer and a musician but not her
But apparently I could buy her on eBay

So I thought I might just Yell
Not at anyone necessarily
But search through the online
Comprehensive yellow pages directories
However it proved fruitless
As I didn’t know what town she was in
Or if her name had changed
It was difficult even to begin

Then I had a brain wave
And I went to Friends Reunited
There at least I may have a chance
After login in I actually got exited

First I Checked work places,
We worked together for a while
But no entry of her name
Not to worry the site is versatile

Then I checked the schools
All the schools within 20 miles
But no entry of her name
Not to worry the site is versatile

I checked the Armed forces,
The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme
College and university
And then clubs and teams

That only left streets to check
I knew where she lived long ago
30 years ago at least
But the name and number, no
I could have driven straight to it
But it was 100 miles away
It was so frustrating
And I almost gave up that day

Then I suddenly realized
I could find the street on Multimap
I traced the route I would have taken
And I found her street on Multimap

So quickly I entered the street name
On Friends Reunited
And lo and behold there was her name
And I got really exited

Quickly I sent her a message
I hope it’s not treated as spam
Or even worse than that
She doesn’t remember who I am

Then every day I check my mail
Hoping for a reply from her
And look on the site at my inbox
And every day there is nothing there

Weeks had gone by and nothing came
Then a message from her so sweet
She did remember who I was
And she wants us to meet

I’m a bit nervous and apprehensive
And worried about the event
Anyway nothing ventured, nothing gained
I’ll let you know how it went