Monday, 26 February 2007


We watch on TV
As the horror unfolds
It’s Breakfast in America
Lunchtime in England
We watch as the towers burn
Great plumes of smoke
Blackening the sky
Flames burn unchecked
Metal buckles and windows break
Bodies fall like rag dolls
Tumbling earthward
And hit the portico
We watch the pictures
Dumbstruck at this surreal scene
And await news
Of other flying bombs
We watch through tear stung eyes
As a tower falls
Collapsing like a house of cards
Killing the rescued and the rescuers
While in Palestine they dance
The women cheer
The men shoot guns
The children jump with joy
And laughter rings round
In the echoes of the gunfire
As the innocent die
Palestine Dance’s



It was Monday morning again
The kids were back to school
And I sat in a jam
No better or worse
Than any other Monday
My car came to a stop
Beside the drive of a large house
Long past its best
And I saw fixed to the crumbling masonry
Of the once grand gateway, a sign
“Eland Place”
I laughed to myself
And pondered just how many
Eland run free
Along the A247
Then the traffic inched forward
And I looked again
This time the sign read
“Elan Place”
So I pondered again
At work I sort the definition of “Elan”
“Enthusiastic and assured vigor and liveliness”
Distinctive and stylish elegance”
“A feeling of strong eagerness”
And picturing in my mind
The dingy ramshackled house again
It occurred to me that
The prospect of African antelope
With their short spirally twisted horns
Making their way towards Byfleet
Seemed more appropriate


On the seventh day
Of the seventh month
Londoners paid the price
The ultimate price
in blood and death
In part only they paid
On that July morning
For years of liberalism
Historically Opening our doors
To the world
Offering Succor
To every race and creed
And on July 7th
Our kindness was repaid
Not in like kind
But in bloody vengeance
By the terror of Islam
They bit viciously
At the hand that fed them
A hand offered in friendship
Torn to shreads
Instead of embracing us
And returning in kind
They choose instead
To embrace terror
We should beware
Of giving of our hearts
To the heartless ones
Who plot to destroy us
This was only a warning
They will come again


The channel glistened
With silver strands
Beneath the early summer sun
Its waves broke gently white
Below the green topped cliffs of chalk
The sky of azure blue
Was clear and appeared limitless
But on the distant horizon
Storm clouds gathered
Though these clouds bore no rain
And would not bring a summer squall
Storm and tempest were imminent
The sky became filled with sinister formations
Like foreboding flocks
Of migrating duck or geese
But these were not of natures sending
This malevolent swarm
Scarring the clear June sky
These were of mans conception
Heading for England’s shores
To cross its wondrous tapestry
Spread casually across the land
Like a vast quilted patchwork
And when upon this landscape
Easy on the eye
Did the bombs of evil fall
Shattering the peace
Of our rugged isle
Splitting the earth
And breaking bodies
Its spirit did not break
Its people stood firm
Defiant in Satan's face
Withstanding hells fire
And brimstone smoke
And spat in Hitler’s eye


Her eyes of velvet hazel brown
Looked at me and then look down
Her nose twitched and she bit her lip
Then she composed herself and took a sip
She fought to suppress it for a while
Then her full lips broke into a smile
I stared at the curvaciousness in her gown
Then her brow furrowed into a frown
Under my gaze her lashes fluttered nervously
her eyebrows raised disapprovingly
as I looked at her figure shamelessly
Picturing her body naked before me
The skin of her cheeks flushed deep red
Then proudly she held up her head
She flicks the brunette strands of hair
Off her face as I stand and stare
I love the beautiful things in life
So what’s wrong with ogling my own wife


The scent of jasmine and honeysuckle was
Everywhere, drifting on the afternoon breeze
Filling my nostrils and catching in my dry throat
The ice in my drink chinked out a melody and
Beckoned me, my companion sat on the veranda
She turned her head to me as I approached
I leant down and kissed the nape of her neck
The downy hairs stood up and I kissed again
She met my gaze and smiled coyly then looked down
At her lap, so my eyes wandered to the
Gaping fabric of her silk dress and the soft
Roundness of her within. I watched as
Her nipples aroused either by the cooling
Air or at the knowledge of my gaze, no matter
I felt no shame at the beholding of her
She looked up at me with beguiling eyes
Her eyes said our drinks could wait awhile
I took her hand and returned her smile


I sat in my comforable chair
Looking out at the greyness
Comfortable and warm
And my thoughts strayed to distant days
And i began to reflect
I had reached a point in my life
Where there was more behind me
Than there was to come
And i looked back on a life
Stretching back across the decades
To simpler times and people
With simpler hopes dreams and aspirations
And I am drawn to the dustiest reaches of the attic
In search of half forgotten memories
In half forgotten boxes
Hidden in the dark and dingy recesses
Of a seldom visited place
Rummaging amidst the dusty flotsam
Accumulated after a long life
They sit untidy and disarranged
As the cobweb covered corners of my mind
Behind the old discarded toys
No longer cool in this electronic age
An old gramophone, a sewing machine
An old rocking chair and pictures long out of fashion
And countless hatboxes
My search is rewarded when I find a box
Beneath the thickest covering of dust
And open it with bated breath
To reveal the accumulated papers of my life
Cards, programs, tickets, souvenirs,
Snapshots of lost moments
And items once to precious to part with
On top football programs
My first England game when we beat Hungary 4 – 1
And Tony Curry scored from outside the box
Assorted United games home and away
The FA cup final when we lost to Arsenal in the last minute
Then my eyes were drawn to a white box
The sort that special greetings card came in
It was immediately familiar
Reminding me of first love
Carefully boxed and kept
The love letters from Janice
Scented with cheap perfume
Full of young girls chatter
About favourite pop groups and fashions
And the days “must haves”
Talk of adolescent love and longing
Kept in the same box fondly remembered
The perfume still evocative
Though faded like the memory
But I could see her pretty face
Framed with fine brown hair
Bobbed so it kissed her neck as she moved
Her developing figure that hinted at what would be
Her gentle laugh that made you turn your eyes to her
The soft delicate hands that felt so good in mine
That first kiss that lingered on my lips
Long after we parted
I wonder how her life went
What kind of woman did she become
Did her aspirations bear fruit?
Or did she muddle through the years like all of us
Best not to know probably
The truth might diminish the memory
Of sweet young Janice
I set the box aside and rummage deeper
I come to another box and look inside
It’s full of photos of long forgotten friends
And souvenirs of a day trip to France
When we had to carry John back to the boat
I laughed to myself
Beneath that box was a party invitation
The party where I first met Fiona
A beautiful girl in a woman’s body
Who chose me despite a host of suitors
And we danced into the night
Her firm body pressed against mine
Arms clinging tightly to me
Her breath against my neck
In full view of envious eyes
And later in passionate embrace
Just the two of us in the darkness
I paused briefly at the memory and sighed
Then delved deeper into the box
Where Beneath the invitation was an envelope
I opened it tipping out its contents
Half a dozen photos and a Wimbledon program
Fell into my lap, I turned over the top photo
And Yvonne’s sweet face
Smiled at me from a discoloured print
I recalled the day instantly
It was at Wimbledon long long ago
She had begged me to take her
I liked tennis but I liked her more so I agreed
Suddenly I could smell her
And hear the infectious little giggle
And feel her touch on my skin
Her lips on mine
The memory of the day was so vivid
And of the days of unbridled passion that followed
When the wonders of her soft body
Were yielded to me
Then I put everything back into the box
And left the dusty confines of the attic
I returned to my armchair
And continued in my reflection
My searching had left me feeling both happy and sad
Happy at the rekindled memories
Sad because they were only that
Happy to have experienced them
And sad because I would never again


I stood in the bathroom doorway
And watched her stir
The afternoon sunlight
Painted patterns on her naked contours
As it shone through the billowing curtains
Her hair, still damp from our passionate exertions
Clung to her face and neck
And beads of sweat sparkled on her skin
She lay on her side
Knees drawn up to her belly
Showing off the wonderful sweep
From narrow waist to curvaceous hip
And the perfect roundness of sumptuous buttocks
Then she rolled on to her back as she stirred again
And the magnificence of her was there before me
With patterns of light and dark dancing over her form
Her nipples aroused as the soft breeze wafted over her
Her eyes opened and she smiled when she saw me
She sat up and brushed the hair from her face
Then moved onto her knees and stretched
Leaning back until her hands touched the bed behind her
Supporting herself on clenched fists
And throwing her head right back
Until her black hair tumbled down her back
My eyes slowly scanned the beauty of her
From the cascading black hair
Down the cords and sinews of her neck
To the fine structure of her shoulders
Dwelling on her firm breasts and proud nipples
Before continuing to the soft down on her flat belly
And her round hips and buttocks
Before reaching the thick black triangle
And her long taught thighs either side
I left the doorway and picked my way
Through the discarded clothing on the floor
To reach the bed where she now sat
Sitting on her haunches she looked at me
A radiant smile illuminating her face
With eyes that said “again”


She sits before the mirror
Head inclined
Fine brown hair falls off her shoulders
Cascading down one side
The evening sun shimmering on the fine strands
The lustrous skin of her shoulders and back,
Naked but for the slender straps of her dress
Silently invites my caress
Her heady perfume filled the room
Invading my senses like a fragrant garden after summer rain
The fabric of her dress hugs the wondrous contours I know so well
In the mirror her hazel eyes look back at me
As she sees me watching her
And knowing my thoughts her reflection smiles
And at its radiance my heart soars
Making me want her
I don’t ask why she loves me
I just thank god for her
For her elegant beauty
And for the greater beauty inside
This evening I must share her
But later she will be mine alone
So for now I bath in the reflected glory of her


As I drive home from work, with the evening
sun still beating down hot on the windscreen, I
come to an abhorrent obstruction in the
road, a cyclist the worst site to any driver with
somewhere to go and a finite time
to get there. I was driving down a very
narrow lane following a cyclist that I
knew I couldn’t pass when I noticed the cyclist
for the first time, her brown hair dancing across
her shoulders contrasting starkly with the white of
the cotton blouse which tapered down to her
narrow waist before disappearing into
the waist band of her gray checked skirt.
I pondered briefly on the name of the pattern
was it “Hounds tooth, Prince of Wales then the cloth
stretched tight against her cheeks as she was stood
up in the saddle as we climbed the hill, her long
tanned legs powering her on and her
buttocks reshaped themselves again
and again, I could only imagine what
was happening in front of her out of my
view, then the material was tight against her
curves once more as her bottom perched
back on the saddle and every bump in the road
brought a new quiver to her plaid clad cheeks
and a delicious new tingling to my loins
then all at once the lane ended and she was gone
down a path went the girl and the bike she sat upon


I sat drinking black coffee alone in the café
I noticed her instantly as she entered
powerless my eyes, like magnets were drawn
towards the striking young woman’s beauty, her hair
black as a raven’s wing caressed the dark
skin of her shoulders, its dark lustre framed
the simple beauty of her face, which I studied.
Firstly her full moist lipped smile, the delicate
curve of her nose and finally the depth of her
dark brown eyes, she looked back at me holding
my gaze, as if reading my thoughts and touching my soul.
My eyes wandered the soft brown nakedness
of her neck and shoulders until reaching
her bountiful breasts where white lace fringed
their fullness, her smile broadened and her
cheeks flushed as if she could feel the stirring of
my loins, she turned away and I continued my
journey, the cloth of her trousers fitted her
firm buttocks like a second skin hugging
her contours as I wanted to. As she sat down
opposite me my gaze once more returned
to the plumpness of her fine young breasts as they
rearranged themselves within their lacy
confines. Then our eyes met again and she
smiled knowing my thoughts and revelling in
them. She paused and opened her bag and
took out a cigarette and holding it
in her slender fingers for a moment
before placing it between her moist lips
envying its intimacy as I lit it
I bought her coffee and we talked and laughed
drank more coffee talked and laughed some more
Although her fine young body gave rise to sighs
I was held captive by her Spanish eyes

Thursday, 22 February 2007


I meet her gaze I help her stand
I hold my breath and kiss her hand
I see her blush her cheeks red now
I smell her hair and kiss her brow
It brings me joy to hear her speak
I take her hand and kiss her cheek
I feel her skin neath my finger tips
I hold her face and kiss her lips
Our loves true passions now begin
I caress her form and kiss her skin
Our passions flow like summer rain
Our loves fulfilled as we kiss again
In the afterglow in fond embrace
We speak of love and I kiss her face


Slenderly petite in stature
Adorned in shades of pastel nature
Hair the hue of copper red
Held with ribbon atop her head
Beneath her crimson fringe she views
Through shining eyes of brightest blue
With smiling confidence she speaks
Though with a blush upon her cheeks
Her lips soft pink and parted slightly
Aglow with luster and smiling brightly
She moves with elegance and grace
On dainty feet from place to place
Ivory hands of delicate softness
Fine fingers move with subtle deftness
No ring adorns her left hand finger
No marriage for this sweet joy bringer
Her eyes light up this radiant beauty
Her mouth turns up at corner cutely
Her countenance becomes breathtaking
It stops my heart but not from breaking
So who’s this angel you enquire?
Who’s this paragon of sweet desire?
So who’s this angel you ask again?
Why the angels name is simply Jane
An angel true from heaven above
Sent to touch my life with love
This capturer of hearts divine
I hope one day to make her mine

Thursday, 15 February 2007


It was on a family holiday in Spain
When I was seventeen and my cousin was fifteen
Karen had followed me around with puppy dog eyes
For as long as I could remember
But had suddenly become aware of her sexuality
And Karen flirted with me outrageously
From the moment we set off for the airport
But I wasn’t really interested
I already had a steady girlfriend plus a spare or two
So I tried my best to ignore her
But that was easier said than done
When she spent most of the day in a scanty bikini
And she was extremely fit and flaunted it
So I weakened after all I was only seventeen
I took my chance one afternoon
When our parents had gone off on a visit somewhere
A vineyard or monastery or shrine somewhere
I made an excuse and stayed at the apartment
I knew Karen was up for it when she did the same
Once the parents were well on their way
I walked into her bedroom wearing only a towel
She was stood with her back to me
And was wearing only black satin underwear
Matching pants and camisole
I knew she had borrowed them
Because I caught a glimpse of her mum in them
The day we arrived at the resort
I walked up behind her and dropped my towel
Wrapped my arm around her
Her arms aliped over mine and she leant back into me
And hugged me back my loins responded immediately
And my erection was quickly digging into her back
I inclined my head and kissed her
She responded and our tongues explored each others mouths
Squeezing each other tightly
Then I released my grip on her
Resting my hands lightly on her waist
As I moved slowly onto my knees
She visibly trembled as my fingerers found her panties
And I hooked them inside the waistband
I pulled her satin knickers over her slim hips
They slipped with ease against her silky skin
And over her tight young cheeks
Then they tumbled quickly to her ankles
I kissed the small of her back
My lips brushing the downy hairs
And then I fondled her perfect round cheeks
I moved my hands up onto her hips as I stood
Then they moved across her soft flat belly
And upwards beneath her camisole
And cupped her firm little breasts
Teasing her nipples to erection
I kissed the nape of her neck, still caressing her breasts
Then I whispered in her ear
And she pulled her camisole off over her head
Naked and blushing she turned to look at me
And I kissed her mouth eagerly
Then I pushed her gently forward
So she would kneel on the bed
Then my hands moved back to her hips
As I bent her over at the waist
She was like putty to me totally compliant
I could have done anything I wanted, which I was about to do
I teased at her wet lips with my erection
Before thrusting into her
She gasped first in pain as I broke her hymen
Then again in pleasure as I thrust again more deeply
Her body ebbed and flowed with my rhythm
Until she came one, twice, three times
When I had finished I bent down and kissed the small of her back
Then picked up her panties and wiped myself with them
And discarded them on the bed next to her sweating body
And then I walked away whistling


She lay serenely in the afterglow
The sweat of passion spent
Vaporized and no more
Her hair tousled, Frames a peaceful face
The red glow of the cheeks still visible
Her eyes resting, her mouth open slightly
Her full lips still moist, her pale skin smooth
No hint remains of what passed
The contortions of orgasm
Which were etched into her innocent face
Linger no more but shall again soon
She lies beneath a silken sheet
Stretched more tightly across her breasts
Showing them in sharp relief
The cool air from the open window
Arouses her nipples
Which stand proud through the silk
She murmurs in her sleep and squirms in unison
As her arousal continues elsewhere
If her lover does not return
Her satisfaction will be in her own hand


To the tune of “The gypsy girls dream” (I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls)
From an opera The Bohemian Girl composed by Michael Balfe.

Oh God in heaven Lord above all
Looks upon us with grace
He is with us when we triumph
He is with us when we fail
And when the time comes and I join him on high
I will touch his loving face
Oh God in heaven Lord above all
Watch and protect us until that day

Please watch us, protect us, until that day
God save us, Lord save us until that day

Oh god in heaven always loves us
Even when we may stray
He will support us and guide usas through life we navigate
And when the time comes and I join him on high
I will take His loving hand
Oh God in heaven Lord above all
Watch and protect us until that day

Please watch us, protect us, until that day
God save us, Lord save us until that day


It is said that a woman
Never forgets the men she could have had
While a man
Never forgets the women that he couldn't
I’m not sure that’s true
Well not in my case anyway
For me I never forget the girls I could have had
I’m not sure either if too much soul searching is good for a person
Looking back always tends to be done through rose tinted spectacles
So it’s probably best not to dwell too much
On missed opportunities
If I knew then what I know now
I would have asked out Brenda
Braw Brenda from the glens
With the roundest most perfect bottom
I have ever seen
If I knew then what I know now
I would have asked out Stephanie
Stunning little Steffie
Her small buttocks incased in her jodhpurs
The most beautiful creature I ever held in my arms
She would hug me and bury her head in my chest
The smell of her hair was heaven
If I knew then what I know now
I would have asked out Lisa
Lisa with the perfect combination
Of come to bed eyes and a gaping blouse
If I knew then what I know now
I would have asked out Joanne
Jo the brunette from marketing
With the perfect tan
And the beautiful white toothed smile
All of these wonderful girls
Could have been mine
But at the time I couldn’t read the signs
My eyesight now has began to fail
Along with my appeal
But no regrets
Because decisions made
Rightly or wrongly
Made me who I am today
And anyway it wasn’t all bad
I haven’t led a celibate life
There were girls in my life
Little Clair at the disco kissing in the dark
When we left we made love in the park
Nicky all tits and dimples from the golf club
Reassuringly curvaceous in all the right places
We made love on the eighteenth green
Fiona more mature than her years
Jacky the older woman twenty years my senior
Seducing me in a Dublin hotel
Jail bait Gaynor the horny little cow
Jo with the deep voice but no Adams apple
Big mo with the well filled blouse
Joan the Irish fun bundle
Joanne a Willowy woman
Willing and welcoming
With the 18 inch waist
And the 40 inch bust
Dawn from Glasgow who I couldn’t understand
The only word I could make out was yes
Denise my best friend’s stepsister
Yvonne cute and naive
Doreen who people unkindly called plain
Plain and freckled with the chestnut hair
And the eyes that smiled
Debbie well everyone’s had a Debbie
Pat in the stockroom
Sue the slapper just about everywhere
Ellie at the Christmas party
And the three sisters who must remain nameless
So I haven’t had an empty life


If I knew then what I know now
I would have asked out Vicky
Young Plain little Vicky
Plain yet still alluring
A skinny little thing
With small pert breasts
How I wanted her but I held back
Because she was half my age
I know now that she didn’t care
If only I’d known then what I know now of life


If I knew then what I know now
I would have asked out Sharon
Sharon with the big sad eyes
And the big round breasts
What a game we could have had
But I held back
Because she was my best friends ex
I know now that he wouldn’t have cared
If only I’d known then what I know now of life


If I knew then what I know now
I would have made Linda mine
Lovely Linda how I loved her
Her smile long remembered still affects me
That Christmas at the taxi rank
My lips hold her kisses still
My heart still yearns for her
I let her go because in the back ground was Roger
I thought it best to let it run its course
Or he would forever be between us
I was wrong and I lost her
I know now she was the one
My soul mate my Linda
What a life we could have had together
What a life we could still be having
If only I’d known then what I know now of life


If I knew then what I know now
I would have pursued little Tina
Posh totty Tina
Tina with the short blonde curls
Always exquisitely dressed
And the sensible shoes
With twinkling eyes
A fragrance to stir the soul
And the most perfect smile
But I held back because I’m common
I know now she didn’t care
If only I’d known then what I know now of life


But If I knew then what I know now
When I was thirteen
I would have got to grips with Maria
Oh big busty Maria at the Durnsford Lido
A full year older than me
Big soft and round everywhere that important
What a great summer it was
How much better it might have been
If I’d realized what was going on in my trunks
Was due to her close proximity
Then the summer was over
And I let her get away
That winter we moved away
And I never saw another summer with Maria again
If only I’d known then what I know now of life


If I knew then what I know now
I would have taken my chance
And I would have asked out Sharon
She was at the college were I worked
Sharon with the freckles and Auburn hair
And that lovely smile that could light up a room
She wanted me I knew that
It was obvious that Saturday in the Longship
But I let her slip through my fingers
What a summer we could have had
Exploring every freckled inch of her
In the long summer grass
But instead I went in vein pursuit of Theresa
Her best friend
And I broke her heart
If only I’d known then what I know now of life


If I knew then what I know now
I would not have hesitated for a second
I would have asked out Anne
Lovely self conscious Anne
Who never saw the beauty in herself
The brunette hair that framed her face
Her fabulous legs which she often kept covered
Her intoxicating laugh
The little scar on her cheek
That went red when she was tipsy
Anne who never saw what we all saw when we looked at her
Who always thought herself ordinary
Nothing could have been further from the truth
If only I’d asked her
But I dithered and I was too late
And I lost her to another
So instead I ended up dating her younger sister
Just to stay close, which was torture
And if I knew then what I know now
That night after the dance
When I sat alone with her in the lounge
With Marion asleep in her bed
I would have crossed the room
And rummaged in that awful baggy caftan
That she always wore wrestling her out of it
And I would have spent every precious minute
Caressing her naked flesh
Playing her body like an instrument
While my girlfriend slept above
If only I’d known then what I know now of life


There’s something about a cellist
That really turns me on
A female cellist obviously
In a low cut evening dress
Of emerald green velvet
The great polished instrument
Between her long black stockined legs
Her long brunette hair
Dancing across her naked shoulders
Brushing her alabaster skin
In frantic rhythm to her playing
Sat in the lavish surroundings
Of a grand hotel lobby
A pale willowy figure called Deidre
Purposefully thrashing out a piece by Elgar
Or music to slash your wrists by
To a disinterested audience
Ok its not cellists that turns me on
But there’s something about Deidre
That definitely does
When she’s playing the cello


It was on a beach on a Grecian island
We met on a warm and balmy night
First we walked together hand in hand
Then soon indulged in carnal delight
I was quickly inside her clothes
She tore at my shorts with eager hands
I pull her knickers off over her feet
Then we were both naked in the sands
I squeezed and sucked at her breasts
As I rummage through her thicket
She chewed and tongued at my ear
As her fingers played along my wicket
I peeked between her private curtains
Drawing them then began to sup
Her body writhed and moaned
As I drank deeply from her velvet cup
She positioned her head beside my root
As I brought her to a rhythmic climax
She played on my organ like a flute
And I took my turn at oral ecstasy
Having concluded our oral conversation
Panting and sweating in the darkness
We began in earnest our fornication
We writhed and moaned and grunted
While I gave her a good rut and tup
And we drank and smoked in the afterglow
Before I thrust again into her furry cup


Sung to the tune of the traditional German folk song “Kinderlied”

Oh my lord way above
God in heaven, king of love
Please look down, from your throne
Look on us with love.

God of gods, king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord bless our lives
Christ the saviour guiding light
Please look down, from your throne
Bless us with your light

God of gods, king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord fill our hearts
Up in heaven where love starts
Please look down, from your throne
Please lord fill our hearts.

God of gods, king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord way above
God in heaven, king of love
Please look down, from your throne
Look on us with love.

God of gods, king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord guide our hand
God the father king of man
Please look down, from your throne
Dear lord guide our hand

God of gods , king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love

Oh my lord way above
God in heaven, king of love
Please look down, from your throne
Look on us with love

God of gods , king of kings
God in heaven where angels sing
Oh my lord, Way above
Look on us with love


A new beginning
A brand new start
Starting afresh
With a mended heart
Tentative steps
Best foot forward
Opening myself up
Wondering if I should
But I go anyway
Out into the world
Taking a chance again
On another girl
If my heart gets broken
Maybe this time it will die
Even with that at stake
Still I know I must try


I entered the living room from the garden
To a scene which gave me a hard on
My housekeeper’s daughter was there
Sitting in a leather winged back chair
Unaware of my presence by the garden door
Her pants discarded nearby on the floor
One leg draped over the arm of the chair
Happily pleasuring herself without a care
Her eyes closed thinking she was alone
Writhing gently with each successive moan
Between her lips fingers worked eagerly
And her pink flesh responded moistly
I slipped off my swim shorts right there
And began tugging on my organ before her
She opened her eyes and gasped in surprise
Her eyes looking at me pulling on my rise
She continued masturbating with me watching
And I matched the rhythm of her fingering
Then she motioned me to her in the chair
Still tugging on my organ I approached her
With her free hand she grabbed my erection
Taking it in her mouth to my satisfaction
With one hand I braced myself on the chair
While the other one caressed her red hair
Her thighs drew together as she came loudly
Moaning and writhing, still sucking on me
She jumped up and knelt in the chair quickly
Gripping the leather back offering herself to me
I pulled up her short skirt quickly by the hem
Exposing her buttocks then I fondled them
Her Round firm buttocks confronted me
As I knelt down to lick her moist cunny
“I want you in me now” she said in haste
“Don’t worry” I replied, “I just want a taste”
I stood, hands on her cheeks caressing her
Kneading them before penetrating her
Once inside her I pulled at her summer vest
Then my hands played with her breasts
I thrust into her tight pussy again and again
Gripping her tits as I gave her my cane
Then her taught body gave a shudder as she came
Then another and another then I did the same
After withdrawal she was all coy and beguiling
She put on her pants and went away smiling
After one session I looked forward to another
In the mean time I went off to have her mother

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


The dark lake at midnight reflected back
Her own image, she knew this to be her
Bu why was she at the lake at midnight
Why did she not know how she got there?
And why was she naked one the lake shore
A cool breeze blew off the quiet water
It played gently with her auburn curls
Caressing her velvet skin, arousing her
She felt her nipples erect then shivered
But not from the cold, she felt a passion
Welling up within her, a heat she had
Not felt before and may never feel again
Was everything as it appeared to seem
Or was it in fact just a vivid dream


I approached a stranger, a woman
Though not a stranger, some how familiar
In some way, In her pale eyes I saw what?
Recognition? There was something but what
We held each other’s gaze and then she stood
We faced each other in silence, watching
She offered her hand to me smiling
I took it and smiled back, in silence
Her hand soft and gentle lay on my own
Then her fine delicate fingers fitted
Between mine like pieces of a puzzle
Placed to fit perfectly, completing
A picture of lost moments found once more
She spoke and opened an eternal door


The soft pale skin of her face was hidden
Beneath the large brim of hew broad straw hat
This cast a dappled shadow across her
Which touched her shoulders, arms and her breasts
The straw hat contained her strawberry curls
While white cotton confined her young breasts
The cotton of her dress hid her figure
It billowed around her, fitting only
Where it touched, her young body a mystery
A vision in white causing men to stare
As a shaft of light burst through the trees
Backlighting her form for us all to see
Everything exposed by the summer light
Set all men’s pulses racing at the sight


Suited and booted he sat waiting there
Perched on the edge of his seat, restless
He sat watching the great clock hands moving
Slowly as they ticked off the minutes
His palms sweated and his heart pounded
As he waited beneath the great clock face
He asked himself “what was he doing”?
A blind date what was he thinking, madness
He was too old for blind dates far too old
Why did he agree, what would they talk about
He wasn’t young, he wasn’t cool, he was
More Wilson Philips than Wilson picket
But there she was not too young and lovely
His mouth was dry and he felt a bit faint
“I was terribly nervous about tonight”
She said putting him straight at his ease
She slipped off her coat effortlessly
With an easy grace and elegance
When he took off his coat, he hit his arm
On the wall, hit a woman on the back
And knocked over a lamp, she laughed
Sympathetically and she bad him sit


She was beautiful, elegant, graceful
She held herself with dignity and poise
Yet was unaware of her own attraction
At school, boys of her age, for want of her
Cried themselves to sleep, she was unaware
She turned heads and yet did not notice
This was not arrogance or even aloofness
She did not see herself as others did
It had always been so, Her innocence
Not that she did not date boys or even men
She was neither virginal nor chaste
She was chased and pursued but not caught
Her heart when given went to the one man
Who saw beneath as only a soul mate can


Her hair was dirty blonde, shoulder length
Curly like loose ringlets cascading down
Her face was Mediterranean, dark, dusky
Eyes black as the night sky in winter, brows
Thick and dark, nose pert, mouth full and pouty
Her skin smooth as polished wood, her figure
Like a Rodin carving of perfection
Dress this in silk and lace, you have passion
Her soft breasts hidden within delicate lace
Hips, buttocks, femininity similarly
Her legs sheathed in stocking of black silk
Stiletto heels shaping them perfectly
A vision as this is not as it seems
It’s the airbrushed woman of my dreams


Anne stood on a still riverbank at peace
A silent and untroubled location
She knew well that then was the very last time
She would stand in that special place alone
A joining of hearts in the days to come
Meant her life would be forever altered
Remembrances filled her young head
Of when her own council was all she had
No more, since he entered her life
A soul mate and kindred spirit, lover
A friend and yet so much more besides
The other half of her found at long last
And with this new stranger reunited
They will share the love that is requited


If you fall in love
And get your fingers burnt
If you give all of yourself
And end up broken hearted
Don’t withdraw from life
Get back in the saddle
Dip your toe once more into the mire
Don’t deny yourself the chance
To swim again in an ocean of desire
You must be immersed
In an ocean of emotional tempest
To feel alive, to be alive
You must take off your vest
Before May is out
Take a risk, take a gamble
If you don’t buy a ticket
You can never win the jackpot
Its better to open up to danger
Take the knocks and live


Where Sunlight defused by the leaf canopy
Dappled the ground
Gladys rested, quietly
Beneath an English sky
Peacefully sleeping
In a quiet place
But for the church bells echo
In the steeples shadow
A place that was familiar
That had become so to her
It was familiar through all the seasons
She shared an intimacy with the daffodils
That danced in the spring
She was well acquainted with the summer air
Heady and fragranced
She knew the place beneath the carpet
Of golden autumn leaves
And the linen white shroud of winter
Amidst family and friends
Completely at peace
Undisturbed she lay
Unconcerned with affairs of the day
Unmoved by events
Untroubled by stress or strain
Untouched by evil
Unworried by the world
Uninvolved in life
Under the good earth she lay
At peace since her passing
Until she was wrenched away
Awoken from her slumber
Taken from an English churchyard
Her resting place desecrated
By despicable savagery
By the compassionate?
Those with social conscience
Who claim the moral high ground
For their own
Torn from her place of rest
To be unwillingly used as a pawn
In a despicable game
A game of blackmail
And intimidation
To force her families hand
And to be discarded like rubbish
Fly tipped as by gypsies
Or cast like runes by a careless seer
Left to the elements
The old bones of an old lady
Who in life earned eternal peace
Left Like unwanted trash
Unceremoniously dumped
Strewn amongst a hedgerow
In the name of animal rights

RIP Gladys Hammond


John Ellis worked hard
And spent his leisure time
Pubbing and Clubbing
Till late
Very late
This night didn’t differ
When he crawled into his pit
Much the worse for drink
It was late
Very late
When he awoke in the morning
Thick head pounding
He stared bleary eyed at the clock
It was late
Very late
Slowly what he saw permeated the haze
Dawning on him in the half light
And he cursed
I’m late
I’m late
He hurriedly scraped the ice
Then when he got in the car
The radio confirmed
He was late
Very late
He was a safe driver normally
But today he drove too fast
He took too many chances
Because he was late
Very late
He raced on to the motorway
Despite the spray and patchy mist
He raced on ever conscious
He was late
Very late
Bright red lights
Pierced through the mist suddenly
He braced himself and braked
Too late
Too late
His mangled body sat motionless
In the tangle of mangled metal
And his life ebbed away
Late, late
The late John Ellis


At the funeral on the remembrance lawn
Looking at her all in black gave me the horn
This may well be regarded as shocking
But I pictured her wearing only stockings
I offered her my condolences and good wishes
And later after flirting we exchanged kisses
I removed her from her smart black suit
Peeling her like a piece of ripe fruit
Once divested of her widows weeds
My attentions turned to sowing my seeds
Naked but for stockings and suspender belt
I fondled her breasts as before her I knelt
Her nipples stood proud and swollen
No hint of innocence to be stolen
I kissed her from mouth to stocking top
And below her belly I took a pause to stop
Gently I kissed her pale pink haven
Silkily soft to touch and freshly shaven
She opened like a flower before me
And I tasted her sweet nectar eagerly
I explored amidst the petals tenderly
Before i worked at her more rythmically
She moaned in explosive climax loudly
My throbbing organ stood out proudly
She lay before me a tattoo on her hip
And with piercing's in ears, nose and lip
I lay to pierce her flesh with myself too
And on her beat out a passionate tattoo
Then after great mutual consummation
Further pleasures were the expectation
Her eager mouth was so well employed
Rendering oral pleasure well enjoyed
Then came the gift for naughty girls
When she wore my necklace of pearls
With no chance she would lay serenely
She begged for more quite wantonly
Mutual oral satisfaction was one way
And toys and lotions came in to play
Then not tiring of our copulations
She offered herself again for penetration
More times after that I entered her
Until I was only shooting dust and air
Finally she let me sleep but just till dawn
When I awoke to her mouth about my horn


I like them in the rain
I like them in sunshine
I like them after whisky
I like them after wine
I like them when they ignore me
And I like them when they pine
I like them narrow
I like them wide
I like them from the front
I like them from the side
I like them button nosed
And I like them almond eyed
I like them in the dark
I like them in the light
I like them in the day
I like them in the night
I like them from the left
And I like them from the right
I like them in the winter
I like them in the spring
I like them if they’re dowdy
I like them if they’re bling
I like them if they’re distant
And I like them if they cling
I like them fragrant
I like them farty
I like them demure
I like them tarty
I like them homespun
And I like them at a party
I like them blonde
I like them red
I like them single
I like them wed
I like them common
And I like them well bred
I like them black
I like them brown
I like them in a dress
I like them in a gown
I like them with a smile
And I like them with a frown
I like them straight
I like them round
I like them free
I like them bound
I like them by the inch
And I like them by the pound
I like them small
I like them pert
I like them in shorts
I like them in a skirt
I like them coy
And I like them when they flirt
I like them big
I like them small
I like them short
I like them tall
But I like them willing
Most of all


I saw her across the room
A vision of beauty to the beholder
I was struck, instantly
By her loveliness, by her elegance
The way she held herself
I was spellbound by the image
I was physically altered by her
Was this love at first sight?
Or mere infatuation
She was really lovely
And I doubtless felt something
What I saw was a rare beauty
A precious thing
Like a work of art
Treasured on a gallery wall
A painting seen from a distance
But what I felt wasn’t love
Not from the first sight of her
Desire yes, feelings of passion also yes
Want and need certainly
But real depth of love no
This comes later, after closer study
Examining the canvas
Every nuance, each brushstroke
Form, colours, composition, perspectives
Seeing beneath the beautiful façade
To find beneath the painted layers
To where true beauty resides
Only after this patient study
Can you find true depth of feeling
And claim to be in love


Since I was a young man,
Little more than a boy
I searched for it, my holy grail
The key, which will unlock me
The piece of the puzzle, which will complete me
My reflection, my soul mate
I looked everywhere
But no love at first sight
No lightning bolts, no electric shocks
I searched for years for my perfect other
But that’s not right I didn’t seek perfection
I didn’t have a set of criteria
Not Hair colour, eyes, height, shape
Accent, social background, interests or age
I didn’t have a vision of her
I didn’t even know what I sought
But when I saw her I would know
Not that I went hunting
I didn’t engage in quests or pursuits
I knew that if it was suppose to happen it would
If I were fated to be alone, then so be it
So I went about my living my life
Work, friends, family holidays in the lakes
And I had a very happy life
Not an empty existence
Just a feeling of incompleteness
One of the pleasures of life for me
Was inhabiting books shops
Proper bookshops with rows of leather and vellum
Shelves full of old friends
Dickens, Buchan, Lewis, Too many to name
One day I stood thumbing a well-read volume
And I dropped it to the floor inexplicably
I stooped to retrieve it
But another hand reached it first
As we both stood up
I breathed her scent then I met her gaze
And saw the smile on her lips and in her eyes
As she placed the book in my hand
Our fingers touched for the briefest moment
And a tingle of electricity passed between us
“Ah there you are,” I said to myself


It took only seconds, after he saw her
For him to adore her
And In a week of having rated her
He went on and dated her
When he said good night after kissing her
Straight away he was missing her
And when he started to caress her
He wanted to possess her
And even before he made love to her
He was deeply in love with her
Then In a month of having bedded her
He went on and wedded her
They went together like hand in glove
How lucky to land in love


You are there
When I face adversity
And in times of conflict
When I encounter trajedy or loss
You are there
When I experience joy
And at times of happiness
When I feel pride and count my blessings
You were there
When my children entered the world
And at their baptisms
When they married and when loved ones passed
You are always there
Dear lord


He is the earth
The wind and the fire
He is the sun
That rises in the east
And sets in the west
He is the tree in bud
And the mare in foal
He is the rain that gently falls
He is the birdsong
And the cockcrow
He is the staff of life
He is the Son of God
The prince of peace

Tuesday, 13 February 2007


When your heart
Has been broken
And stepped on
It leaves you hesitant
Reluctant to try
To give in once more
To open up To emotion
To dip your toe
Into the mire
Into the ocean
Of desire
To dip your toe
Into the ocean
Of unknown emotion
If you don’t
Enter the water
You wont get wet
There is no danger
Of being dragged under
Should you take a chance?
On love again
Throw caution to the wind
Open yourself up to the pain
Or the pleasure
Feel the love
Washing over you
Immersing yourself
The waves washing over you
It may drown you
If you do
If you resist the temptation
You will be safe
Unharmed in your segregation
Yet a single moment spent
In the refreshing waters
Stood on the ocean floor
Is worth a lifetime
Spent safely on the shore


I lie in the first light of dawn
Alone, thinking of her
Wishing her next to me
Feeling her breath
Against my skin
Her breasts
Pressed against me
In the quiet of the new day
Hearing her breathing
I ache for her touch
I long for her soft body
Against mine
In the dawns pale light
And in the darkness
I want her
But she is gone
She is mine no more
Never again will my hands
Caress her form
Never again will I hear
Her murmur and sigh in pleasure
She is mine no more
My angel of the night
Has left my side
And dwells now
With others of her kind


It’s such a small word
A misused word
A throw away word
Used as a panacea
Tell someone “I love you”
And everything is supposed to be forgiven
But love
Is too small a word
For what I feel
Too small for what I want to express
The love I feel
Is immeasurable, infinite
In its depth
In its quality
In time
In it’s all encompassing nature
It colours everything
All I say, all I do
Yet to express my feeling all I can say is
“I love you”
It’s just so inadequate
For what I want to express
My need for you
My never being parted from you
To be joined forever
In everyway
But I don’t have the word to express it
I don’t have the vocabulary
I just have love


I have tried to find the words
To tell you how I feel
The words that will convince you
That what I feel is real

I know that you’ve been hurt by love
And I’ve been wounded too
But together we can heal the scars
Of loves which made us blue

I had spent some time avoiding love
With its anguish and its pain
But since the moment I first saw you
I’ve learned to love again

If you could only see with my eyes
The beauty you would behold
And with my heart you’d really know
The love of which I’ve told

I know you feel the same as I
When in your arms I lie
I can feel the love that’s in your heart
And I’m yours until I die


The empty ache of loneliness
A hollow emptiness
A desperate want
For their caress
To fill the void
Left by invisibility
Butterflies flutter
When you meet their gaze
Knees weaken, just for a second
As they brush past
Then light-headedness
When you smell their scent
Then later
In the quiet of the night
The empty void of want
Loins aching for them
Then hollow emptiness
The constant companion
The loneliness
Of unrequited love


I never knew
When I wished for you
That the wish I wished
Would soon come true

I never knew
When I dreamed of you
In the dreams I dreamed
You would love me too


That first time
Long ago
When your hand
Slipped into mine
I felt instantly at peace
And when I looked down
At our interlocking hands
I was unable to detect a join
They were as one
When first we kissed
And we held each other tightly
We never wanted to part
When first we embraced
In that burning passionate embrace
Our hearts and souls joined
They are joined still


I fell in love with you
When you were eight, I was eight too
You had no front teeth
And you were freckled and chubby too
I loved you
But I never ever told you

I didn’t love you
Because of how you looked you see
I loved you because
Of what I could see inside, deeply
I loved you
But I never ever told you

I couldn’t help loving you
I loved you irresistibly
I hid my feelings
Loving you in secret and invisibly
I loved you
But I never ever told you

When you were thirteen
You changed overnight from pupae
And transformed
Magically into a beautiful butterfly
I loved you
But I never ever told you

Had the ugly duckling
Still been here today
I would have swept you up
And carried you away
I love you
But I will never ever tell you
I will keep my love locked away
But I will love you
Until my dying day


A hero, a myth a legend
An idea? A tale or fable
With a grain of truth
And come the time
He will be there
At the right time
To rescue us all
What hero?
A name gently whispered on the breeze
Or shouted on the wind
Arthur? Robin? Horatio?
Heroes all
Our real hero, neither myth or legend
Not an idea or tale or fable
But is the truth
And come the time
He will be there
At the right time
To rescue us from ourselves
A name gently whispered in reverence
And shouted in rejoicing
A name embedded in our souls
Our lord god


The first time I took her hand
It trembled faintly
Yet noticeably
Like a wild birds fluttering heart
In the hand of its captor
The first time I kissed her
Her heart raced
And when I touched her skin
I felt her pounding heart
Through my fingers
The first time we made love
Was the first time
For us both
And in our passionate embraces
Our senses were over loaded
The first time
Became many times
Though we are older now
The passion is stronger
Our senses fine-tuned
We are one, soul mates
We share the same shadow


I want, I need, a woman to look at me
Just a glance
The way Sha’uri looked at Jackson
In “Stargate”
A look of passion
Of want and desire
Telling me all
In that one look

I want, I need, a woman to smile at me
Her face to light up
The way Donna Reed smiled at Jimmy Stewart
In “it’s a wonderful life”
A smile of passion
Of want and desire
Telling me all
In that one smile

I want, I need, a woman to love me
Come what may
The way Greer Garson loved Coleman
In “Random Harvest”
A deep enduring love
Wanting and desiring
Answering all my doubts
In that all consuming love

I want, I need, to be in love with a woman
But no ordinary love
Special like Bogey and Bacall
Tracy and Hepburn in life and on screen
I want to see my love
Reflected back in her face
Reflecting want and desire
Telling all
In that requited love


H hour approached
And we waited
Some men hummed
Tunelessly, nervously
Others muttered a prayer
A few were sick with nerves
Some shuffled from foot to foot
Some men were eager
Some reluctant
There was fear
And anticipation
Also a kind of excitement
Some knew this was their time
Yet no one faltered
They didn’t want to kill
Or be killed
But still no one faltered
The tension mounted
As the hour long barrage ceased
The guns fell silent
The sky cleared
And there was even birdsong
The shrill sound of whistles
Echoed through the trenches
And it was time
With the whistles still ringing in our ears
Up we went
Over the top
We covered half the distance
In silence un-resisted
Then still in silence
Men began to fall
At first only the zipping overhead
Of passing bullets was audible
Then crying and screaming
Then no one was standing
The generals, four miles behind the lines
Pointed at maps and read dispatches
As we lay in the mud dieing


Dear lord protect
The soldiers on the line
And grapes upon the vine
The policemen on the beat
The homeless on the street
The elderly and the frail
The Transgressors in the jail
The young and the vulnerable
The well off and comfortable
Fire fighters at their station
Carers with their dedication
The judiciary and the medics
The believers and the sceptics
Those in planes and boats and cars
The planets and the stars
Crops growing in the soil
Those hard about their toil
The river, the lake and the dam
The lion the wolf and the lamb
The animals on the farm
Protect them Lord from harm


Each November
We remember
At the Royal Albert Hall
And we remember

With dignity
With respect
They stand in silence
And we remember

In silence
Petals fall
Like crimson snow flakes
And we remember

Gently falling
They settle
Upon hat and tunic
And we remember

Each petal
Once a life
Floats in silent homage
And we remember

Red poppies
Springing eternally
From the bloodied fields
And we remember

Falling petals
Falling in millions
To recall the fallen
And we remember


I remember
Those with no future, But only a gallant past
I remember
Those who never lived, To enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice
I remember
Those who will be forever young, Those who will never be old
I remember
When the sun sets on their past, And rises brilliantly for our future
I remember
Father’s, sons and brothers, Husband’s, friends and lovers
I remember
That lost generation of men, Who went to war for our tomorrow
I remember
Poor man, gentleman and scholar, Who stood shoulder to shoulder
I remember
Those who fell before the foe, For a future they wouldn’t know


We walked towards the enemy
Hidden in the mist
That lay like a silent shroud
We picked our way
Across the open ground
Until the silence was broken
As overhead, a shell burst
Raining death and shrapnel
Knocking us to the ground
Throwing us hither and thither
Like skittles in an alley
Broken bodies lay in the Flanders mud
Of “no mans land”
Before me Tommy hung on the wire
His body vivid red
Cut from neck to groin
Even a baker such as I, knew
He was beyond earthy aid
“Shoot me” he pleaded
His face etched deep with pain
I knelt before him contemplating his request
Then his face relaxed
And he called out “mother”
Though not in pain or anguish
Not a cry for help, but a greeting
An exclamation of joy
As he was returned to her arms
War had diminished my faith
But in that instant it was restored
By a single death, my friend Tommy


They fell
Like ripened corn
Cut with scythe’s stroke
In seasoned hands
They fell
Like cherry blossom
Set free
By an April breeze
They fell
Like skittles toppled
By a wooden ball
Skilfully played
They fell
Like mighty English oak
Cut in thousands
To build the mighty fleet
They fell
Proudly and unwavering
Before their enemy
Uncompromising in their duty
They fell
Like the valiant
Cut down before their time
A generation forever lost


John Holt 1887-1916

“Your country needs you”
We heard Kitchener say to us
We took the Kings shilling
Without any fuss

Lads and Pals all marched
Crowds cheering jubilantly
Then crossed the English Channel
To halt the advancing enemy

The distant we gain in battle
Against the loss of a comrade
Is measured in inches at best
As we play out Hague’s Charade

We came as proud young men
To halt the invaders advance
Only to live and die
In the mud of western France

In the cloying mud of France
Once rich and fertile soil
No longer appears like earth
And now is as slippery as oil

The mud colours everything
Even we try and fail to stay clean
Mud has consumed the landscape
And hides the dead unseen

Subtle hints of another time
Some old Tree stumps remain
A jagged piece of wall sometimes
Will it ever be normal again?

Trenches have become home
Trench foot and rats our companion’s
Shellfire is our music hall
Mortars and rifles our musicians

We escape the daily horror
But only within our own minds
Where we explore familiar places
Far beyond the wars confines

The enemy are much like us
Their thoughts take them away
To a peaceful quiet land
On a peaceful quiet day

I sit in my muddy trench
My eyes closed to all but my wife
My sweet and beloved Tilly
The most important part of my life

Many fallen comrades lie
Where they fell upon the field
They saw no sense to fight
But still they refused to yield

After three long years
In the vile and muddy hell
I climbed out of my trench
And with my comrades fell


At once she understood
When she heard the words
Their meaning clear
And in that instant
Her voice broke
And then in her throat
A lump formed
Behind her eyes
She felt the stinging
And a tear formed
Then rolled down her cheek
Followed by another
Then another
The salt taste was in her mouth
Her shoulders shook
And her mouth opened wide
But know sound escaped
Tears continued down her cheeks
And her nose
Then her legs buckled
And she fell to her knees
In total despair
Now the sound came
With her love lost
Her heart was broken
With her love betrayed
Her heart was discarded
But with all the weeping
She knew inside
That all her tears
Would never extinguish her love


Beneath autumnal skies
The suns strength diminishes
With each passing day
Then foliage turns slowly
From green to gold
And finally to red and brown
Before fluttering to earth
The gentle late summer breezes
Make them dance
And when breeze turns to raging storm
They’re sent swirling
As if court in some frenetic snow globe
The lucky ones escape this chaos
And ends their short lives
Trapped Beneath hedgerows
Or blown into quiet corners
The rest whirl like dervishes
Hither and thither
Until the winter rains
Turn them to mush under foot


The crystal waters
Wash gently onto
Virgin white sand
Untrod by man
Unspoiled by technology
And no vapour trails
Mark the azure sky

The trees untended
Lay where they fell
The coconuts un-harvested
But for the wind
Lay untouched also

They beach stretched
As far as the eye could see
Far into the distance
Un-marked and un-scarred
No buildings
No phone masts
No pylons
No wind farms
Or streetlights
The only sounds to be heard
Were the waves breaking,
The gentle breeze in the palms
And assorted birdcalls
No gunfire
No car alarms
No train whistles
No sonic booms
Or traffic
Just a perfect silence

No flotsam of plastics and tins
Littered the beach
Just endless white sand’s
And perfect blue skies
The rustles of palm fronds
And warm scented breezes
So where is this paradise?
It’s in the long distant past

Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Harry’s mind wandered
As he wend his way
Through crowded streets
He would see her that night
Anna, his new love
He could smell her hair
Feel the softness of her skin
He could even taste her
He longed for her
As he remembered
Her smile, her kiss
Her writhing body
Then Harry stepped off the curb
And was struck
By a car unseen
Tossing him like a rag doll
Depositing him unceremoniously
Between car and gutter
As his body lay broken
And bleeding
Where it came to rest
On the unforgiving street
The last image in his mind
Was not the killer car
But his Anna, His new love
As his life ebbed away
His heart beat its last
The paramedic’s best efforts
Were to no avail
A moment’s carelessness
Had cost a young life
His heart beat no more
In his broken body
Only to beat once more
And reanimate
In another’s chest
To bring new hope
To rekindle another’s existence
Bringing a new beginning for Sally
Which like a phoenix
Rose from the ashes
Of another families grief


Tears stung her eyes
And her voice cracked
As she remembered
Her loss hung heavy
Since he, what?
Even now she can’t say it
Could not utter the word
Euphemisms fill her head
Crossed over, left the world,
Gone to a better place
He’s in the next room
Passed away
Other people can say dead
But she cannot
Seven years have passed
Since it happened, her loss
And she lost so much
A husband, lover, friend
Partner, confident
Soul mate
And even now it hurt
Though the wound
Is an old one
It is still unhealed
Still vivid red, angry
Time is a great healer
They said to help her
To comfort her
But she thinks they lied


Laughter rings now
In the once empty caverns
Of my heart
Sweet wine now
Replaces the bitter brew
Which once coursed
Through narrow streams
My senses once dulled by time
Are now sharp, concise
Vision like an eagle soaring
Able to hear the beat
Of a humming birds wings
Nostrils filled with exotic scent
Heady and cloying
Exquisite tastes tantalize
An unsophisticated palate
And the reason
For my transformation
My metamorphosis
Is an angel
Who has energized an old man
Invigorated my senses
She has re-awakened me
Stirred my soul
But she will never know
Must never know
How she has affected me
I will view her from a distance
And exchange polite greetings
A warm smile, A familiar nod
I will keep my own council
And I will feel contentment
My love unrequited


Fast food packaging
Hits the ground
As a car passes
Paper cups dance
In the artificial breeze
As a lorry passes
In the shrubbery
Tin cans and wrappers lie
As a pedestrian passes
Tickets, receipts, cartons
Bottles, tins and old refrigerators
Each successive piece surpasses
But nature will overcome
Our laziness and contempt
When our tenancy passes


Sun light pierced the darkness
Through unmet curtains
Spilling gentle early morning sun
On her quiet restful countenance
Facing the dawn
She lay on her side
Her hand supporting her pail cheek
She was at peace
Her three score year and ten served
Age and weariness had left her
And the pain, which hardens our features, was no more
As I held her cold hand
I remembered her warmth
And my mind was at once filled
With a lifetimes memories
Good memories
Warm and rich beyond price
Memories So vivid they might have been yesterday
My lips quivered
And my eyes filled with the sting of tears
Happy for the memories
But so sad for the loss
Then Suddenly The peace was broken
With the doctors heavy footfall on the stairs
So I kissed her gentle hand
And said my last goodbye to mum.


If not the lord
Then what?
Or feng shui
Worshiping the elements
The sun and the moon
A return to chaos
Pagan times
Before the fisher of men
Cast his net

If not our lord
Then who?
What idol?
What fad or fashion
Plastic surgeons
The new gods
And colonic irrigation
Or wannabee’s
Worshiping celebrity
At the alter of fame

If not the Christ
Then what?
Loss of faith
Loss of belief
But they don’t stop believing
Because they have a need
A desperate need
To believe in something
So they believe
In everything and anything
Except the risen Christ


I stood in a strange village
Or rather a village
Where I was a stranger
Stood in front of a cottage
In need of a lick of paint
It was the home of my aunt
An aunt, not unknown
But not spoken of
Except in hushed whispers
Because of a love
The love that dare not speak its name
In a different time
A less understanding time
She had lived her twilight years
In a nursing home
Frail of body but sharp of mind
She had long out lived
All her family and others
Who had shunned her
“Something to be said for a deviant life style”
My father would have said
And now she was no more
But she had left me her cottage
Aunt Alice, my godmother
So I stand on the threshold
Key in hand which I put in the lock
On opening the door I enter
Although dusty and stale
The house bears all the marks
Of a person loved
So she found happiness then!
I move from room to room
Looking for Alice
Feeling like a burglar
But as I search
I feel less and less like a stranger
Familiar faces in the photos
My mother and other aunts
Older than they should have been
They did not shun her totally then
Finally I reach the kitchen
I unbolt the back door
And pulled it hard
It opened reluctantly
To reveal the garden
Where the photos were taken
It was clearly once well cared for
But no longer,
Shrubs and trees
Have broken the bonds of cultivation
To create a wilderness
Through knee high grass
I followed the path
Un trod for many summers
Past remnants of the old garden
Glimpses of ornamental masonry
A birdbath, a sun dial
The vague outline of a bench
At the bottom of the garden
Rotting In one corner
An ivy clad shed stood
In the other Barely visible at first
Hidden amidst the foliage
Of nettles and tangled brambles
I see on closer inspection
A wishing well
First to appear was the roof
Cloaked in a cascade of ivy
In its eaves silken web’s
Fine spun like lace
Hold prisoner drops of dew
Which glint in the morning sun
I can see, as I get closer
The crumbling masonry
And the flag stones at its base
Fractured by tree roots
To one side Lies the wooden bucket
Rotting in the grass
Its metal bands rust brown
I thrust my hand deep in my pocket
Taking out a coin
And turned it slowly in my fingers
Before tossing it into the well
And I made my wish.
Then after a moment I turned
Then paused when a thought crossed my mind
When Alice stood on this very spot
In the dappled sunlight
Of her cottage garden
What did she wish for?


I am the gentle warmth
Of a soft spring day
I am the sunlight
Glinting on the morning dew
I am the summer breeze
In a field of ripened corn
I am the aromatic air
Of a summer night
I am the autumn wind
Stripping bare the trees
I am the howling wind
In the teeth of a gale
I am the biting sting
Of icy rain and sleet
I am the silence
In the softly falling snow
I am silent
And invisible in the mists
I am the storm and tempest
I am the peace and quiet
I am the green man
I am the green goddess
I am the mother


She sat on an eternal shore, silent
Calm unexpressive face, still like granite
Contemplating her destiny, knowing
The path she chooses she must take alone
Upon the expected cross roads she came
It arrived suddenly, but then not so
The long awaited, long dreamed of moment
Choices when made can extend far beyond
Like ripples in the water from a stone
Inside herself she must look for the answer
A deep breath, a sigh and she plants her foot
Upon the chosen trail to who knows where
With confidence she sets off on her way
Has she made the right choice who can say?


At dusk we walk slowly by the shore line
The waves lapping at the sand break gently
While children play among the craggy rock pools
Or happily skimming stones on the sea
Dogs chase balls as we stand to consider,
The tide is it in, or out, no matter
The setting sun lights up the western sky
Illuminating stray clouds with gold strands
Then surrounding them with bright bursting rays
This sunburst silhouettes the beachcombers
Then blinds us all as it hits the wet sand
As quickly as it burst on us it was gone
Until we are blinded by the next one
Before the horizon swallows the sun


Let god within your heart
Fill the void of darkness
Filled with love and joy
Let his love envelope
Your being
Let him bring light
Where dark once dwelt
Let him bring love
Where hate once ruled
Let him bring happiness
Where sadness held dominion


The selfish
Self deluding
Act of release
At the end
The point of serenity
Marking an end
And a beginning
For the one
A perfect painless peace
An end of heart ache
Physical pain
Emotional sorrow
Loneliness perhaps
For those remaining
Pain begins
Picking up threads
Of a self extinguished life
Tying loose ends
Cleaning up the mess
Hating them
While mourning them
Loving them
While despising them
Coming to termsWith the loss


What darkness
Leads a tortured soul
To break the bonds
Which hold us

What illusion
So influences
A mind once so rational
To plot its own

What delusion
That to escape sorrow
Convinces totally
You reach euphoria
By self release

What question
Asked of a soul
Is so composed
That the answer be

Thursday, 1 February 2007


Broken arrow
Broken lance
Broken treaty
Wasted chance

Broken thought
Broken thread
Broken silence
Too much said

Broken vow
Broken chain
Broken promise
Alone again

Broken wing
Broken spirit
Broken heart
We wasted it

Broken wing
Broken mirror
Broken glass
I so miss her


I could not weep
As I sat at his side
His hand once as strong as atlas
Now to weak to grip
Weak like a babe
More so

I could not weep
As I watched the frown
Furrowing his weathered face
Grey, expressionless
And as his frown faded,
As the morphine takes control

I could not weep
As he lays motionless,
Breath shallow
Silent, almost
But for the occasional groan
Beneath the morphine

I could not weep
At his deathbed
As the monster within
Crept through his organs
Hastening the end
For him and for itself

I could not weep
As his muscles relaxed
And the pain was no more
As he exhaled his last
And his soul passed
When he was at peace

I could not weep
Not because it wasn’t macho
Nor for lack of love
It was perhaps numbness
Or a need to be strong
For family, others

I could not weep
Not when he was diagnosed
Nor when he released his grip on life
Not even at his funeral
I could not weep
When my father died


Standing in the hushed silence
Breath pluming in the frost filled air
Beneath the deep velvet blue of the night sky
Broken only by the myriad of glistening stars
My futile thoughts are lost in its enormity
I’m suddenly startled by my own insignificance
I feel alone, hopeless and helpless
A bitter chill touches my bones
I walk on over the linen shrouded land
Footsteps treading crisply in the white
My breath still plumes though less so
The velvet curtain of night has gone
Hidden behind grey brown clouds
Then the cold frosty night was no more
As the wind freshens against my cheek
And in that instant fresh snow falls
Seemingly silencing my footfalls
Large soft flakes drifting haphazardly
Like confetti on a wedding day
Or cherry blossom in springtime
It fell faster, then faster still
Quickly obscuring my footprints
And blinding my view, disorienting
A bitter chill again touched my bones
The wind now stung my face with snow
As the blizzard of bridle white blew
I bent into the northerly gale
Head down eyes narrowed almost closed
I stopped briefly to catch my breath
Insignificance washed over me again
I knew I must go north into the mouth of it
The silent hush was no more as the blizzard blew
My feet no longer crunched on frost and ice
The deepening snow slowing my progress
Each step I must drag my feet from the snows grip
With each step I grow wearier
Feeling hopeless and helpless
Alone, insignificant and small,
Smaller than a single snow flake
Smaller than the snowflakes around me
A bitter chill again touched my bones
Then suddenly I am again filled with hope
As I pass between the old wrought iron gates
Into the city street beyond and home